Steampunk Bleu

The Collection


Necklace #1

Necklace #1 (Turquoise Sphere)


 Necklace #2

Necklace #2 (Peace)


Necklace #3


Necklace #3 (Eiffel Tower)


Necklace #4


Necklace #4 (Gears)



Earrings #1

Earrings #1 (Eiffel Tower)


Earrings #2


Earrings #2 (Skeleton Key)



Earrings #3

Earrings #3 (Blue Beads)


Bracelet #1

Bracelet #1 (Includes 5 strand set)

Steampunk Bleu Bracelet



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Metal Magick

I’ve got new bracelet/ring sets in at Enchanted Jewelry, beautifully handcrafted from alpaca silver, brass, and copper.  There are a variety of styles, but only five sets available at this time.  The rings average a size 8.


Energy: receptive (feminine)

Planet: Venus

Element: Water

Powers: direction energy; healing; luck; love; protection; money

During ancient times in Mesopotamia, copper was attributed to the Queen of Heaven, as well as to goddesses associated with the planet Venus (Aphrodite, Astarte, Ishtar). Copper is a conductor of electricity and is often used in magickal wands, with clear quartz crystals, to direct energy. Copper is worn by magickal practitioners, as well, for the purpose of directing energy during spell crafting and rituals. Copper has the ability to balance receptive (feminine) and projective (masculine) energies in the human body, thus facilitating healing. Copper is worn to aid in the relief of rheumatism and arthritis, but is worn for general healing and to divert illnesses of all kinds. It’s considered a lucky metal and is often worn in conjunction with gemstones geared to bring good fortune. Copper can be worn to attract a lover and is often paired with an emerald for this purpose.


Energy: projective (masculine)

Planet: Sun

Element: Fire

Powers: healing, money, protection

Brass can be used as a magickal substitution for gold, and is often used in money spells and rituals. Brass can be worn or used with stones to attract money and prosperity, such as aventurine and pyrite. It’s also used in ritual healing and can be worn to ease stomach cramps and nose bleeds. Brass is a protective metal, and can be worn to guard you against physical, emotional, or psychic attack. It can also be used for defensive magick, to send negative energy back to its source, and it can be charged and worn for this purpose.


Energy: receptive (feminine)

Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Powers: love, psychism, dreams, protection, travel (physical & astral), money

When worn, silver stimulates psychic awareness and personal abilities and is often worn during divination. You can wear silver to bed to enhance prophetic dreams and to aide in astral travel. It’s a protective talisman worn by travelers, particularly to those traveling on or over water. Silver is connected to the energy of the Moon and the Goddess (feminine divinity), and can be worn to aide in a Wiccan ritual known as “Drawing Down the Moon”.

 Bracelet 3

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May Updates: Heading into Summer

I’m happy to be back to business as usual, more or less, and I’ve resumed tarot readings, including personal private local readings. If you live in or near the Fremont, Nebraska, area, you can receive a personal reading with me by going to this page (click Here) and purchasing a private reading through the Paypal widget. After you’ve done that, call me to set up a date that will be convenient for both of us. You’ll find my number at this link.

*Note:  readings must be paid for in advance, before I’ll set up an appointment. I’ve had too many people who have either forgotten a scheduled reading, or who have been ‘no-shows’. This wastes both my time and my gas.

I finally got the new “Steampunk Bleu” jewelry collection up at my website, click  Here.  This collection includes original designs from “Creations by Isabella”.  She’s worked for months designing necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, all with the popular ‘steampunk’ theme; and this jewelry was literally selling as I’m putting it up– two pieces have already sold, so I suggest you take a look soon if you’re interested.


I’ve had so many requests for so long for magnetic healing bracelets, and I finally found a decent vendor for these items.  There are two different styles of hematite magnetic enchanted bracelets.  There are a variety of colors (accent beads) and a variety of enchantments; however, there are a limited number of bracelets. When you purchase one of these bracelets, be sure to let me know which color of accent bead you want, and you also get to choose what kind of enchantment you desire from the enchantments offered. ( If you have a special magickal need, let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you to personalize the enchantment.) …Click  Here.


I’m pleased to say that my book, “The Gray Witch’s Grimoire”, is doing well and seems to be hitting a soft spot with a lot of gray witches and solitary witches out there.  Thank you to everyone who’s sent me personal messages.  I may not have the time to answer every email coming in, but I read them all!  If you like this book, please be sure to click the ‘Like’ button at Amazon.  If you’ve read this book and you have something to say about it, you can submit a review at the Amazon page included in the link above.  I appreciate all of the input I’ve received, it’s the most rewarding part of writing, to know that you’ve made a ‘magickal’ connection with so many people on so many levels.

The following is an excerpt from the introduction to “Spells” in “A Gray Witch’s Grimoire”:

“…The spells listed here are all taken directly from my own Book of Shadows. I’ve carefully read through and decided upon a number of spells for a variety of intentions. I’ve chosen spells which have the spirit of the gray witch about them and that will fit with the energy of this book. Some of these spells are inspired by age-old traditions and others were birthed from my own imagination, desires, and intentions.

For those of you who don’t have the heart of the gray witch, some of these spells might make you cringe; but you’ll read transfixed, nevertheless, for the pull of the wild witch is strong within us all. Some of you have just tamed her, and others have allowed her to fly free.”

The Witch’s Corner: Updates & More

Card of the Day

Eight of Swords

Someone is feeling trapped in a situation they see no resolution to. Does this mean that you give up trying to find the right answer? No. I believe that part of this problem could actually be too much introspection and not enough honest evaluation. Stop thinking of yourself, and start looking at what this situation is doing to the other people involved. Once you become aware of it, your concern for someone else may help you to arrive at the right conclusion faster.

Today’s Correspondences:

Tuesdayplanet, Mars; element, Fire; color, orange, herbs- hot (peppers, cloves, cinnamon, etc.), red or orange flowers.

Today’s energies are aggressive, warrior like, in your face, strong and persistent. This doesn’t seem very conducive to Valentine’s Day and romance, does it. But actually this is the day traditionally used for magic and spells connected to marriage. You would think that Venus would have this honor, but it makes sense. Friday/Venus is connected with that first fairy tale/prince charming aspect of love, it’s always gentle, obsessive, slightly insipid, and very fragile. Marriage, on the other hand, takes a lot of work and courage to stay successful. It’s earthy, sometimes messy, often tumultuous, and definitely not for the faint of heart. It often takes a warrior like determination to make it work. Mars is the perfect energy.

The Witch’s Corner:

Small but powerful. These adorable
poppets are packed with magickal energy,
and they come in a spell bag that includes:

the poppet
3 coffin nails
3 straight pins
1 taper candle
herbs & incense

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Alpaca silver bracelets have been restocked and the enchantments have been updated:

1. To Clear Crossed Conditions
2. Money Mojo
3. Guardian Angel Enchantment
4. Domination Enchantment
5. For Better Business
6. True Love Mojo
7. Keep Evil Spirits at Bay
8. To Trouble Your Enemies
9. Enchantment of Self-Empowerment
10. Good Health Mojo

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Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

Magnetic Therapy
Bracelet/Neclace Combos


33″ length

The bracelet/necklace combos offered below are the same style as shown above (at Enchanted Jewelry).  However, these necklaces contain genuine magnetized hematite stones in combination with colored beads.
You’ll find a link to Enchanted Jewelry below.


1HealingTherapyBracelets.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

The energy of hematite is projective (male); its planet is Saturn; the element Fire.  The powers of hematite have been traditionally used for healing, grounding, and divination.  This stone’s folk name is– ‘Volcano Spit’.

edb4824167df08dacee0d4339d6ad2f8_we.gif cat 1 picture by witch_of_endore

Pink Magnetic Therapy Bracelet/Necklace

Seal the bond of ‘forever friendship’ with a special spell to embrace this wonderful energy; to send it out into the universe; and to bring it back full circle; bonding soul sisters in past, present, and future lives.

Best Friends Forever Spell


723634nyqxcd25q7.gif flower icon 1 picture by witch_of_endore

Blue Magnetic Therapy Bracelet/Necklace

Open the magickal world to your totem animals, as well as your personal pets and the wild things, with this spell that enhances your natural ability to communicate with the animal kingdon.

Animal Communication Spell


723634nyqxcd25q7.gif flower icon 1 picture by witch_of_endore

White Magnetic Therapy Bracelet/Necklace

The emotional and physical connection we have to a lover is an energy that sticks around for a long time, often throughout many lifetimes.  There are situations where this energy needs to be broken for the good of all, and that’s what this spell aims to do.

Post Break-Up Cleansing Spell


723634nyqxcd25q7.gif flower icon 1 picture by witch_of_endore

Brown Magnetic Therapy Bracelet/Necklace

If you’re feeling unusually ‘spacey’, off-kilter, your friends and family are complaining that you aren’t listening and seem off in another world, perhaps this is an indication that you need to ground yourself.  That’s exactly what this spell will do.

Grounding Spell


723634nyqxcd25q7.gif flower icon 1 picture by witch_of_endore

Black Magnetic Therapy Bracelet/Necklace

I’ve had so many requests for specific spells that I thought I’d give you a chance to tell me what you need.

*Request a Spell

Email me at

 Request your spell from any shown on this page (at Enchanted Jewelry).
Please type something relevent in the subject 
line so you get my attention.


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Baubles n’ Spells n’ Magickal Things

I’ve been at it again, casting enchantments on some new wytchy bling and trying to pry certain pieces that I’ve fallen in love with out of my hot little hands so that I can actually part with them!

I absolutely love the azurite, and I’m afraid that I’m going to have to find a ring or pendent for myself, as the energy from this stone is wonderful– reminds me very much of lapis.  I broke down and procured a peridot for myself…I couldn’t resist, didn’t have any, and green is my favorite color.  Moonstone– I have several pieces of personal jewelry in moonstone, and I believe this is one of the most powerful stones for women.

Anyway…There are some new pieces up at Enchanted Jewelry, and with it are some new enchantments and some previous spells that have been requested.


Azurite ring– 18X13 mm–
.925 silver– size 8– filligree design

 Third Eye Spell

AzuriteRing1.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Azurite is a beautiful, deep blue stone, long used in magic to increase psychic powers.  Wear this ring to bed at night to experience prophetic dreams, wear it when doing any divination work, or wear it simply to open that part of your sub-conscious mind that we so often ignore.  Azurite can also be used in scrying, using the stone itself, as well as in healing magicks.  Its energy is receptive (feminine), its planet Venus.  The element associated with azurite is water.

To this exquisitely handcrafted azurite ring, already instilled naturally with so much psychic potential, I’ve cast a Third Eye Spell to enhance and increase your psychic awareness, to stimulate and encourage clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience.  This magickal piece of enchanted jewelry is perfect to open the mystical third eye of the average person, or to enhance the abilities of psychic tarot readers, mediums, and clairvoyants.

AzuriteRing2.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Azurite Ring

Third Eye Spell

fairie.gif star image by Aquanuan

Dragonclaw Faceted Peridot ring–  .925 silver–
size 8–

 Spell of Prosperity

peridotring6.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Peridot was used by the ancients as a protective amulet to guard against the evil eye.  It was worn or carried for general healing purposes, and was reputed to promote healing of insect bites and to help in liver ailments.  If worn to bed it also promotes sleep and calms the nervous system.  Ancient Romans wore peridot to relieve depression.

Peridot’s energy is receptive (feminine), its planet Venus, and its element Earth. 

This beautiful green stone is also used to attract wealth and prosperity, and that’s the enchantment that I’ve cast upon this piece– that it may bring money and necessary funds to the wearer, that your purse never runs empty and your plate always be full.

Peridotring4.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Peridot Ring

Spell of Prosperity

fairie.gif star image by Aquanuan

moonstone earrings– .925 silver– post design, very dainty– 3/4"

Wedjat Eye Enchantment

MoonstoneEarrings4.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

These charming earrings are very dainty, the kind of earrings you can put in and wear comfortably without having to remove them for long periods of time.

To these earrings I’ve added a Wejat Eye Enchantment…The Wedjat Eye is the healed eye of the Egyptian god Horus, said in ancient mythologies to represent the powers of the moon.  It has long been used in spells as a protective charm, and this image was used in the spell cast upon these earrings to invoke the protective powers of Horus.  In this spell the power was raised to protect against evil from others, be that evil envy, wishing ill, or other ill feeling. 

 Moonstone is a blue, white, or pink feldspar and has long been connected to the moon, the Goddess,  and magick. Moonstone’s energy is receptive; it’s planet the Moon.  It corresponds to the element of Water, and particularly to the deities– Diana, Selene, Isis, and all lunar goddesses.


 Moonstone Earrings

Wedjat Eye Enchantment

fairie.gif star image by Aquanuan

Enchanted Jewelry


I’ve just updated Witch’s Hollow…the Secret Spell and the Secret Tarot– and I sincerely hope that whomever the individual is that these cards came up for, they find this reading and take it into consideration with an open mind. This may not be what you want to hear, but it’s something you definitely need to hear– …It’s time to lighten up.

Also, I updated the Special Sales Page…and I added a piece of Enchanted Jewelry at a whopping sales price. This is going to be the only page I offer this piece at this price, because you are getting a bargain– so you will have to travel through the mysterious and beautiful Witch’s Hollow to claim your trophy! lol!

Have a great day, everyone, I know I will… :)

Blessed Be,
Lady Amythyst

ps– You will also find the link to Witch’s Hollow in the menu at The Witch’s Corner.

4p4aejm.gif cat black 1 picture by witch_of_endore


Enchanted Jewelry…Spirit Guides & Goddesses

White Fire Opal–
.925 Silver– size 6

Guardian Angel Spell

opalring2.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Whatever the spiritual path that you follow, you most likely believe that you are watched over by a spiritual entity.  Depending upon whether you are Catholic, Pagan, follow a Native American quest, or almost any other religion, your protective spirit may come with many titles:  spirit guide, totem, teacher…or guardian angel.

To this beautiful and dainty opal ring I’ve added a spell that will consciously draw your guardian angel/spirit guide to you.  Whether you are beginning a new phase of life, a new project, embarking on a journey, or you simply need guidance and insight from a higher source, this enchantment will help you connect with the guiding spirit that stands at your shoulder.

opalring1.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Enchanted Opal Ring

Guardian Angel Spell

Animated_Candle_Burning_Real.gif White Flame image by ForMomsOnly

  garnet– .925 silver fillagree– 
french hook– drop design–

Red Tara Spell

garnetearrings1.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

The moment I saw the deep red stones in these earrings, I thought of the Hindu goddess Red Tara.  I’ve had several requests for this spell, so I assume Her essence touches other women as well.  These are very elegant and mystical looking earrings, drawing from the energy of the East.  When worn, the light shines freely through these stones, illuminating them.

Red Tara is a Tibeten goddess of love and wealth.  She is also known as "The Mother of Perfected Wisdom", and She takes delight in and is drawn to an open mind and a receptive heart.  Tara represents the virtues of success and achievment. She is a tantric deity who will help you develop certain inner qualities and understand deeply ‘compassion’.  One reason for Tara’s popularity is the fact that she became known as a Buddist deity who could be invoked directly by the common people.

And to these gorgeous garnet earrings I’ve added the Red Tara Spell, invoking this ancient goddess and summoning Her power.  From this spell, you will draw upon ancient wisdom and gather insight you never dreamed possible.

garnetearrings2.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

 Garnet Earrings

 Red Tara Spell

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Hex-breaker Curse Removal Spell & Happy Hearth Spell

From The Witch’s Corner:

Enchanted Jewelry

amber earrings– silver– stud design–
3/4" length

Hex-breaker Curse Removal Spell

AmberEarrings1.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

These amber stones are so brilliant and golden, called ‘Butter Cream Amber’, that it was actually difficult for me to get a clear photo of them.  They shine bright, like the sun, which is the planet amber is associated with.  Amber’s energy is projective (male), its elements are Fire and Akasha (Spirit).  The Deity connected to this stone is The Great Mother.  Amber is often referred to as ‘The Witch’s Stone’, and you will see it used widely in combination with jet.  It’s magick energy is often used in spells for luck, healing, strength, protection, beauty, and love.

Amber is often worn as protection against negative magick and is used to dispell negative energy.  It’s worn by witches and shamans to strengthen their spells, worn by women to enhance their beauty and natural sexuality, and has long been used to combat infertility, to attractthe right mate, and to battle impotency.

To these beautiful amber earrings I have added a spell to break hexes or curses cast your way– either purposefully by the magickally crafted, or unwittingly by those who may be jealous, petty, have ulterior motives, or are just plain mean-spirited.

With the help of this spell and these earrings, you will now be able to bounce any negative energy sent your way back to the sender and seal it there. 

AmberEarrings3.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

 Amber Earrings

Hex-breaker Curse Removal Spell


To purchase these earrings, or to view other available items, follow this link:

 fairie.gif star image by Aquanuan

moonstone earrings– .925 silver– french hook, drop design

Happy Hearth Spell

MoonstoneEarrings1.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

The wonderful feeling of warmth, contentment, and security that you feel seated around the kitchen table with your family, or gathered in the backyard for a summer’s barbecue can be enhanced and maintained with the help of a Happy Hearth Spell.  This spell acts as a protective barrier against negative energy and influences that may cause friction and upheaval in your home.  It binds the positive energy of the occupants to create a stronger alliance and loyalty.

To these elegant moonstone earrings, I have cast a Happy Hearth Spell.  The essence of the Goddess and the female energy of the homemaker and hearth keeper have been instilled within this enchanted piece of jewelry.  This is a spell/blessing that can be passed down from mother to daughter, for generations to come.

Moonstone is a blue, white, or pink feldspar and has long been connected to the moon, the Goddess, and magick. Moonstone’s energy is receptive; it’s planet the Moon.  It corresponds to the element of Water, and particularly to the deities– Diana, Selene, Isis, and all lunar goddesses. 

MoonstoneEarrings2.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

 Moonstone Earrings

Happy Hearth Spell


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Surviving the Cursed Winter Wonderland

We made it through this last major winter storm, none the worse for wear, but a little frayed where the nerves are concerned– six kids, two adults, and seven cats– all hunkered down while the winds howl and the snow blows and the storm rages outside our humble cottage.

Gawds, I hate winter. I don’t know how/why I’ve managed to stay in the upper mid-west all of my 52 years…insanity or lack of ambition, it must be one of those. Personally, I’d vote for insanity, as lack of ambition would be embarrassing.

Anyway, the sun is shining once more, but the temperature has taken a nose dive, and we woke up this morning to well below zero temps– actual temps, not that crazy windchill ‘this-is-what-it-feels-like’ spiel.

In winter, I do believe that Mother Nature is out to kill us– or to weed out the weaklings, that only the strongest may survive. Egads. Survival of the fittest.

Anyway…I’ve added a new set of earrings to Enchanted Jewelry, and to these I’ve cast a Good Luck Spell– and we may need it before spring!

Bright Blessings to you All,

Tigers Eye earrings– .925 silver– stud design (dainty)

Good Luck Spell

Tigerseyeearrings1.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Tigers Eye has been carried to promote good luck, wealth, courage, and energy. It is considered a stone reputed to aid you in court cases, long used in the old hoodoo tradition for this purpose. This warm stone promotes healthy energy flow in the body and is used in crystal healing to promote good health. It’s a stone considered very beneficial for those with health issues. This stone, powerful in it’s radiance, ruled by the sun and the element of Fire, is also worn to strengthen courage and convictions and to create self-confidence in the one who wears it. It’s energy is projective, and it’s power and magickal uses are extensive.

To these beautiful earrings, I have cast a Good Luck Spell, using roots and herbs from the hoodoo tradition. These earrings are charged with the power to bring the wearer good fortune in all areas of life, including good luck in financial matters, matters of the heart, and matters of health and well-being.

Tigerseyeearrings2.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Enchanted Tigers Eye Earrings

Good Luck Spell


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I’ve been a busy witch…

I’ve been a busy witch today.

You’ll find a new handfasting box up and waiting at the following url– I love the chalice that goes with this one…silver, with an engraved Celtic Triquetta. Click Here to view the other beautiful items included with this special ritual box.

Handfastingbox2c.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

At Enchanted Jewelry you’ll find a couple magickal pieces up and available, just waiting for the right person, imbued with magickal spells to add power for the priestess and to hone and sharpen your psychic abilities. Click Here to follow the magick.

MoonstoneRing1b.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

May the magick find you…