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Introductory Online Tarot Class

I’m offering my Introductory Online Tarot Class
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Online Tarot Lessons
to begin Your Tarot Journey!

I’ve developed an online tarot class comprised of three lessons to start you down the road to tarot interpretation. The first class touches on a card a day in a way that literally dismantles how you look at tarot cards, how you view traditional meanings, and the art of intuitive reading. You’ll quickly move on, learning how to put the cards together in a simple spread, discovering the story the tarot tells, as well as learning how to write your own interpretation through the cards. The third lesson will teach you how to broaden your tarot connections and add unexpected insights into a reading.

My book, “Tarot: A Witch’s Journey”, is the textbook used for these online tarot classes. You can purchase this book at amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, or Labyrinth House Publishing.

These tarot classes will be emailed to you in rich text format.

Wykid Wytch Newsletter– September!

Hi, Everyone!

My September newsletter from The Witch’s Corner has gone live this morning. You’ll find that I’ve changed up the format a bit with the addition of some new sections, including one entitled “Pagan Highlights”. You’ll find information about pagan authors, artists, activists, and other unique individuals that need to be brought into the spotlight so that we can all benefit from their wisdom, their sense of humor, their talent, and their eclectic pagan views. This month features Lunea Weatherstone, Susan Weed, Mickie Mueller, and Witches Rising.

There’s an essay on“Autumnal Holidays” and links to an article on interfaith marriage,“A Christian & A Witch”, learn how this couple handles both interfaith and inter-racial issues in their relationship. We’ll be “Makin’ Magick ‘Round the Kitchen Table” with some “Workplace Mojo”– bosses beware! And “From the Witch’s Kitchen” is a recipe for “Full Moon Biscuits”, it’s easy as pie.

I’ve also edited a photo slideshow called “Nebraska Autumn” with some new pics.

You’ll find updates and news from The Witch’s Corner with links.

The Wykid Wytch Newsletter
September 2011

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Magickal Connections: Spell Bag Instructions

Mojo Bags

At my online shop, found at my website, I offer a variety of spell bags– bags filled with the items that you need to cast specific spells. The ones I offer include: Make Him Love Me; Money Flow; Make Him Go; Shut Your Mouth.

I’ve had several people order these spell bags and then email me, unsure as to what exactly they should do with the magickal items enclosed, so I’ve decided to post some instructions. Later I may even make small instructional videos, but I like taping these videos outdoors better than anywhere else, so the weather is going to have to warm up.

The following instructions are pretty basic and will be used with any of the spell bags.

First, let’s look at the items included in these bags:  1 small taper candle, 1 bottle of magickal oil, 1 small bag of herbs, 3 incense cones, a stone, and a small porcelain candle holder*  (*not shown).

After you’ve situated yourself in a comfortable spot to work– some of you casting a circle to work in, and other’s probably opting not to do this– go ahead and light one of the incense cones.

If the herbs enclosed  are not all powdered, but include leaves and whole blossoms or petals, you’ll want to begin by crushing or pulverizing them.  I use a mortar and pestle for this, but if you don’t have a mortar and pestle, crush them up with your fingers.  If the herbs are a bit coarser than herbs ground with a mortar and pestle, that’s okay.

Next, shake up your bottle of magickal oil and open it.  You’re going to dress (anoint) your candle with the oil and then roll it in the crushed herbs.  Tip the bottle up and get some oil on your fingertips.   If you’re working magick to draw something to you, you will hold the candle in one hand while you stroke the oil onto the candle in gentle sweeping motions towards your body.  If you’re working magick to send something away, you will hold the candle in one hand while you stroke the oil on the candle in gentle sweeping motions away from your body.

After the candle is oiled, have the herbs sprinkled out on the surface you’re working on in a long pile.  Put the candle on it’s side and roll it through the herbs, several times if need be, until all or most of the herbs adhere to the candle.  Place the candle in the candle holder.

Keeping your intentions in mind, light the spell candle.  Allow the candle to burn down.  Make sure not to leave it unattended and to keep all flammable materials out of reach of the flame. 

Once this candle has burned down and the wax has cooled, you can use the large bag all of these ingredients came in to make a mojo bag.  To this bag you will add the remains of the candle wax and any of the herbs which might be left over, the stone, as well as personal items/effects that will make this magick more individualized and add to the energy of your spell.  These items could include hair, fingernails, or a photo of your target, a name paper, a small slip of paper upon which you’ve written affirmations, an item belonging to the target– such as a button, an earring, etc.

Keep this bag in a safe and secret place, giving the magickal energy time to build and work.

Author’s Corner: Questions & Answers

Where are you from?  I was born in Gardena California on September 24, 1957. My parents went back to Mitchell, South Dakota, three months after I was born, for my grandfather’s funeral. They stayed, and this is where I was raised. I’ve spent the last twenty-two years here in Fremont, Nebraska, about forty miles northwest of Omaha, raising a family of seven children.

Tell us your latest news?  I’ll be at Next Millennium in Omaha, Nebraska, in April, May, and June for book signings. I’ll also be giving tarot readings. I’ll be posting more information on this, including dates/times at my Facebook author page. You can also find this information at my website, The Witch’s Corner: ladyamythyst.webs.com

When and why did you begin writing?  I’ve been writing since I started my first journal when I was 12-years-old. I was inspired by Anne Frank, and I wanted to record my life and times in order to relish everything and to forget nothing.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?  It finally dawned on me that I was a writer when I stood in the middle of my kitchen staring at a check in my hand that I had received for a short story I submitted to a magazine in Colorado. This was in the early/mid 1990s, when I was still in the process of having babies and running a very busy household. The idea that someone would actually pay me for something that I had written was mind-blowing.

What inspired you to write your first book?  I believe that it was the enlightenment and love of my spiritual path that inspired me to write my first book. The path of the pagan is so inspiring and so misunderstood by so many. I decided to write this book after a very dear high school friend, someone I thought I would be friends with the rest of my life, ended our friendship when I finally revealed to her that I collect tarot cards.

There was dead silence on the other end of the phone, and then in a very small voice she said, “That’s very dark.”

Well, no, divination and the tarot are not dark at all. The tarot is such an inspiring tool, not only for divination, but to venture into your psyche through meditation and magick. I wanted people to know this. I wanted people to understand the process of divination, how it works, when it can actually be useful in unexpected ways, and how enlightening life’s journey can be with it.

I realized that the way to do this was through a book.

Do you have a specific writing style?  I’ve been told by readers that my style is very ‘chatty and natural’. Basically, I write pretty much the way I speak– well, for the most part. The formality of style depends on who I’m writing for, what the subject needs in order to be understood; and how entranced, inspired, or magickal I feel.

How did you come up with the title?  For my last book, “Tarot: A Witch’s Journey”, it was really pretty easy…I’m a professional tarot reader, it’s been a long round-a-bout route getting to where I am today, and I’m a witch. There ya’ go!

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?  The experiences in my book are all real events from my life and the people/circumstances that I’ve encountered over years of professionally reading the tarot for the public. You meet all different kinds of people seeking answers to life’s questions, and their expectations of the tarot reader and a psychic reading are very diverse and sometimes unexpected.

In my book I’ve actually included real tarot readings I’ve done for clients, publishing them anonymously of course, to give an idea of exactly how this process works and what the end results will be like.

What books have most influenced your life most?  When I was a teen-ager, the book that most touched me and influenced me was, “The Diary of Anne Frank”. I was twelve years old the first time I read it, and I just naturally assumed it would have a happy ending…it didn’t. I was stunned. I re-read it then without the haze of innocence to shade the harsh reality.

Years later I discovered another ‘Anne’…Anne Morrow Lindbergh and her series of diaries and letters. Again, there was a tragedy included in the author’s life and these books, the kidnapping and murder of her infant son in 1932. But this time I got to read past the tragedy to see how the author learned to live with her sorrow and to rebuild her life. Anne’s books contained very poignant insights on life and how we cope so as to be able to live.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?Definitely Anne Morrow Lindbergh. I lent a friend one of Anne’s books once, and when my friend had finished reading it, her amazed response was, “This lady is pure thought.” I also greatly admire Ann Moura, as well as Ly de Angeles and her beautiful literary style.

What book are you reading now? I’m doing research now for my third book, “The Book of Magick” (working title), so my reading consists of books on topics relating to my research; books on crystals, stones, correspondences, animals, herbs, and such.

What are your current projects? I recently finished my second book, “The Gray Witch’s Grimoire”, and have it under submission with a publisher at this time. This book deals exclusively with magick from the perspective of the gray witch, which might rattle a few chains. I believe the modern witch of today, greatly influenced by a mostly Christian society, has lost site of the true wise-woman of ancient times. This book includes information on not only magick that falls in the shady area of witchcraft, taking advantage of a darker and often misunderstood energy, but it also deals with touchy Wiccan subjects, such as self-initiation.

I intend to write a companion book to “The Gray Witch’s Grimoire” sometime in the very near future, most likely a study guide..

Right now, as I’ve said, I’m working on “The Book of Magick”, which attempts to gather correspondences for all types of magick, from a variety of paths, to make it easier for the magickal practitioner to coordinate their spell work and gather the items they need to make their magick a reality.

Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members. The Mother Goddess…it’s the strength, resolution, and peace I find as a practicing witch and member of my coven that inspires me.

Do you see writing as a career? I have a feeling that very few writers, except those who’s novels are destined for movies, can depend on a writing career as their sole income. As a free-lance writer, with no other source of income, you will also run into issues and concerns such as health insurance and retirement plans.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?  Overall– no. I think my editor, Starr Price, did an amazing job at creating a wonderful book from my piles and piles of manuscript pages, coordinating all the information I presented into a magickal experience. I think an artist or writer would never stop tweaking their work if someone didn’t gently take it from their hands and say, “Okay, it’s done now.”

Who designed the cover?  The cover for “Tarot: A Witch’s Journey” was designed by Starr Price. I had no idea what she was going to do. She phoned me one day, saying that the cover was finished and she wanted me on the line when I looked at it for the first time for feedback– it blew me away! My girls were behind me squealing in delight. I can’t tell you how many comments and compliments I’ve received about the cover to this book. I tell these people I take no credit for this, it was all Starr Price’s artistic talent and magickal muse.

What advice would you give aspiring writers?  I’d tell them to keep writing, keep writing, keep writing. It’s so easy to come up with a million ideas that you never put down on paper. Don’t just dream about being a writer, but actually do it. This requires determination, discipline, and perseverance, but the rewards are worth it in the end.

A Little Magick

Today was the perfect day, literally speaking, to tweak a little magick and give it a special nudge.  Although today is Tuesday and influenced by the energy of Mars, I used the hour of Saturn…the energy I needed for my little task.  The herbs were wormwood & cloves, salt, and an old hoodoo oil (which I’ll not name here).  The candle was black.  

I love the feeling inside a cast circle.  It was exhilarating and the energy moved easily and well.  The spell candle is quietly burning itself out as we speak.

Magick was made…


Tarot Card for the day is…The Sun.

Warmth and light, bright tidings, brilliance– both mundane and magickal, physically and spiritually.  Although someone seems to have their ‘head in the clouds’– don’t get too cocksure.  If you’re always looking up, you might trip on something below.  Also, the phoenix rising from the ashes…pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes– looks like you get a second chance.

I was going through some photos from last fall and came upon this one.  I took this picture standing in my livingroom, watching my husband burn autumn leaves in the driveway.  As I came from the kitchen, I wondered what the orange glow was.  No wonder the neighbors wonder.  When we have bonfires, hubby is in charge of the firepit– I imagine he was in a past life too.

I snapped a pic of this tombstone on one of our outings to Ridge Cemetery.  It wasn’t that the tombstone was so unusual, it was the fact that this lady was buried all by herself, in a huge wide expanse of ground between the Catholic & Protestant areas.  In fact, there’s nothing else in this area except Nell and two willow trees, one of which she was buried under.  Why was she so segregated?  Perhaps she wasn’t ‘baptized’ according to Christian code?  I guess we’ll probably never know.  My girls took an immediate liking to Nell– good vibes, from the grave, though the tree.  We stayed and kept her company for sometime.  I have a feeling we would’ve loved her smile.

My boy, Salem, has claimed several unusual spots around the house for himself.  This one is literally in ‘The Witch’s Corner’– though he didn’t get to keep this cozy nest, because eventually I needed the shelf space.  He also has a penchent for sharing the bathroom and hates closed doors– he’ll beg to come in with you, even rattling the sliding door if you don’t let him have his way.  The first couple times he did this, I thought it was hubby– and I was chewing him out…I open the door– and it’s Salem.  Spoiled boy.

A Psychic Moment


tarot-2.jpg Tarot 4 picture by witch_of_endore

I had felt that an ominous message was coming for 2 or 3 weeks.  I did a tarot spread one morning, before the mail came, to see if I could expect something nasty (in-law problems, long story).


An envelope from my mother-in-law arrived.

 It gave me a terrible feeling of dread because the tarot spread had told me that “yes”, I could expect unpleasant news.  And also, the “Card of the Day” was the 10 of Swords, never a good omen—backstabbing, surgery, illness, death…that is usually what this card brings to me.  I shudder when I see it pop up in a reading.

I took the letter that my mother-in-law had sent and went to have lunch with my husband during the noon hour.  I gave the letter to him, sitting there on pins and needles while he opened it…

It was information on sporting events!

(Sigh of relief)

That night my mother-in-law called…my husband’s father was diagnosed with lymphoma.
To read more psychic experiences from Lady Amythyst,


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Ouija Boards….oooohhhh, oooogie boooogie!

My Ouija Boards are up and ready to go! I just took photos of them on my old garden bench by the barn, and the mosquitoes were eating me alive! I’ve never taken pictures so fast. There are three boards to choose from: the primrose board, the traditional board, and the butterfly board.


1boarda.jpg board 2 picture by witch_of_endore

1boardc.jpg board 1 picture by witch_of_endore

1boardb.jpg board 3 picture by witch_of_endore

There’s a lot of hoopla and controversy over oujia boards at times.  If you want more information on ouija boards, as well as other forms of divination, follow the link:


Ghost Hunting 101

This November my coven sister Mare & I, along with some siblings/partners/friends, went on a ghost hunting adventure armed with an EMF detector, Mare’s pendulum, and lot’s of enthusiasm.  The house we were investigating had been Mare’s childhood home, and the interesting thing about this house and the hauntings connected to it is that several families who have lived there have all had similiar experiences with the same types of entities.  These spirits range from a troubled young man in a bomber jacket– who committed suicide on this property, a lonesome little boy, a man who haunts the downstairs dining room, a woman who chills the main floor bathroom, and ghosts who make things go bump in the attic. The house is a quaint white clap-board home that was built in 1886 and retains much of it’s old-world charm.  The craftsmanship in the leaded windows has been untouched, and even though it’s gone through remodeling and modernization, it still has about it the feeling of another era:
  MaresHouse2.jpg picture by witch_of_endore
 The owners of this house are very aware of their ghostly counterparts, feeling other-worldly presences at different times in specific areas of the house.  Occupants of this home have experienced moving objects, disembodied voices, banging in various rooms, scratching noises on the windows, and vibration of the kitchen table. This, of course, makes some of them uneasy, and there are those who don’t care to be alone in certain areas of this home.  One lady told me that when she arrives at the house and leaves her car to walk inside, she deliberately avoids looking up at the attic windows.  Not only does it give her an uncomfortable feeling– as though she’s being watched, she says that the windows remind her of the Amityville house of renowned movie fame.
  MaresHouse1.jpg picture by witch_of_endore
 In the following photos you will see a slew of orbs.  For those people who scoff at orbs and explain them away as ‘dust specks’ that have caught the light, I can tell you that if this were true, then every photo I take in my own home would be covered with orbs because my house is very dusty.  You should know that these orbs have manifested right where activity has been experienced and in spots where the EMF detector was going off, beeping like crazy. We had only to step into the house for the first beep of recognition, a spot between the dining room table and the china hutch.  There is the ghost of a man seen here, walking in the front door and calmly walking through the dining room.  This scenario is repeated over and over and almost sounded like one of those repetitive hauntings, where the clock seems to keep rewinding itself.  But this ghost broke that routine one day when he sat himself down to the dining room table.  It’s believed that he is the man who did the original work on the windows of this house, and he likes to stop by and admire his accomplishments.  When considering this, I find it amazing that with all the remodeling over the years, the one thing that has never been touched is the windows. In this photo, we’re in the dining room, between the china hutch & the table.  People have gathered closer to watch the EMF detector, which was very active.  Not only did it alert us of an entity in this area, we could follow its movement through the room.
 MaresHouse9.jpg picture by witch_of_endore
 These are the beautiful dining room windows, the area where the dining table sits.  The bright sunshine and the lovely plants give little hint of the paranormal activity going on around us. We were off to a good start.
 MaresHouse10.jpg picture by witch_of_endore
 Mare, her sister Rhonda, and the owner of the house are standing before the large livingroom window.  He explained to us how objects on the entertainment center to his right will suddenly come crashing down, as though thrown or swept off the shelf.  This seems to happen indiscriminatley, with objects that are sitting very close or even touching each other– one item will tumble, and the others will remain untouched. It’s in this area of the house that a little boy’s voice has been heard, his image fleetingly seen.  Perhaps the precocious ghost of a child wants to handle or play with the items on the shelf, just as a mischievous living child might do?
  MaresHouse13.jpg picture by witch_of_endore
  People using the main floor bathroom have experienced a sudden drop in temperature, the room growing extremely cold. They also experience a sudden chilling of the water, an uncomfortable feeling of being watched, and the hair standing up on the back of their necks.  The ghost haunting this room is believed to be a woman, occasionally even seen, wearing a blue dress, her hair drawn up in a bun.  The owner told us that she has the unnerving habit of sharing the shower, even brushing up against you.  This same ghost makes herself at home in the bedroom as well, gently shoving the owner over, as though she needed more room.  The bathroom and bedroom are connected through the door seen at the right.  We entered the bathroom through this door.  The EMF detector caught an energy lingering in this threshold.
  MaresHouse5.jpg picture by witch_of_endore
 We were working our way around the main floor first, here I’m just coming out of the laundry room and re-entering the kitchen.  We noticed from the EMF detector thatthe activity was very specific and that movement could be traced.  These entities were not standing still, but sometimes seemed to be following thier own path– or us.
  MaresHouse4.jpg picture by witch_of_endore
The Basement… Most people think of the basement as being dark, mysterious, and most likely prone to all kinds of things that go bump-in-the-night.  However, this didn’t seem to be the case in this house.  Although one of the adults who has her bedroom in the basement told us that she often feels that she’s not alone– that creepy, something-I-can’t-see-is-behind-me, the hair standing up on your neck feeling.  I checked her bedroom with the EMF detector and didn’t find anything.  That doesn’t mean that what she is experiencing isn’t real, only that on this day, the entity wasn’t there.
 MaresHouse8.jpg picture by witch_of_endore
The Attic… We saved the best part of the house for last…The Attic.  The attic of this house seems to be a busy place, paranormally speaking.  Occupants of the house have heard balls bouncing, as well as the sound of wheels– like a tricycle, or child’s wagon– rolling across the floor above them as they sit in the livingroom below.  In this attic, at one time, hung the brown bomber jacket belonging to the young man who committed suicide.  The jacket wouldn’t stay where it was put.  People in the room below would know when the jacket was moved–  they’d hear a loud banging sound on the floor. When we first ascended the stairs to the attic, upon reaching the top, myself and another woman both experienced nausea, dizziness, and a heavy ‘tightness’ about our chest.  I honestly thought I was going to have to go down.  We noticed, however, that once we moved to another area of the attic, these physical sensations went away. Here you see the infamous attic windows from a new perspective– from the inside looking out.
  MaresHouse3.jpg picture by witch_of_endore
The EMF detector picked up quite a bit of activity at the top of the stairs and in the west side of the room, right where you see these orbs.
  MaresHouse12.jpg picture by witch_of_endore
The attic was the only place in the house where orbs were photographed, and it was in this location of the house where many people seemed to feel the strongest sense of a paranormal presence, uneasiness, and physical sensations.
  MaresHouse11.jpg picture by witch_of_endore
We spent quite a bit of time in the attic, picking up EMF readings, asking the entities direct questions with Mare’s pendulum, goading the ghosts to respond in some way– with the movement of an object, a noise, etc., and questioning the present occupants about their experiences.  This was, by far, the most intense part of the house.  We’d been here for a while and thought we would wind up the investigation. It seemed that with a large group of people milling about, the ghosts had retreated to a quieter realm. The group was standing around in the downstairs livingroom, chatting about the events of the day and the house, when Mare’s brother Dan heard noises from the attic and quietly slipped away from the crowd.  Mare & I followed him up the steps, with the EMF detector picking up an entity in the stairwell, directly beside Mare and myself.  It lingered here between us, staying close, while Dan could hear noises coming from the east end of the attic, ahead of the attic windows.  It seemed that quiet solitude invited paranormal activity.

MaresHouse15.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

 Dan snapped this picture then, catching an orb hovering over Mare.  Was this the spirit of the mischevious little boy?…the tragic young man, perhaps searching for his jacket?…the woman in blue, a previous lady of this house, going about her daily activities?  Or was this the craftsman, the carpenter, checking on the attic windows, making sure his work was in order?

  MaresHouse14.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Below are three siblings who grew up in this lovely quaint house, coming home to recapture childhood memories, to embrace a moment of nostalgia for loved ones who have passed on, and to reconnect once more with the spirit entities that were very much a part of their life in this house.

MaresHouse16.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

*Note:  I’d like to thank Mare’s brother, Dan, for manning the camera during
our investigation and taking photos.

© Amythyst Raine/The Witch’s Corner  2009
All of the photos on this page are original/personal photos
and are protected under copyright law.

A Question About Fairy Dust

I was asked a question today, basically, whether fairy dust is “real” or not.  It was a good question.  This is my answer:

All “magic” is mental.  It all stems from the mind– the ability to perform magic is inherent within us all, but most people have lost the capacity to accomplish magic because they’ve lost the ability to “believe” and the ability to “visualize”.

That is where the “fairy dust” comes in– it is a magickal “prop”, as are candles and cauldrons, athames, and other items used to cast spells.

The majority of pagans need these “visual aids” to perform magic.

There are, however, a few rare people who don’t need all the ‘trappings’ of witchcraft– their mental abilities are such that they can cast spells and work magic without all the props– these people are called ‘adepts’.