Rebuttal: Or why it’s okay to celebrate Halloween

I ran across this blog yesterday from a Lady who is a little paranoid when it comes to witches, halloween, and pagan practices.  Okay, so she’s not just a little paranoid, I’d label her psycho on the subject.  I wasn’t taking her too seriously until it got so ridiculous that I felt I had to say *Something*.  I had meant to leave a brief comment in the comment box and let it go at that, but my relatively brief rebuttal turned out to be too long for the comment box…so I’m posting it here, along with a link to this woman’s article.  And I should warn you that if you go to this link, you’ll be leaving the world of reality behind.  This woman hates and fears that which she doesn’t understand, or that which is different from her own beliefs…and just for the record, at my house we don’t hex or curse the candy that we hand out at Halloween to the kiddos, though she might be onto something here. 🙂

My answer to this woman…and I kept it brief. I figured anyone who thinks like this must have the attention span of a mud fence post, and I was going to have to talk fast to
make a point before she slipped off into her own lala land:

Rebuttal Comment: topic- Halloween

My goodness woman. Do you realize how many people you have offended in your clumsy attempt to justify your contempt for a sacred pagan holiday? As the local village witch, I can tell you that, for one thing, we don’t worship Satan- we don’t even believe in him. He is an invention of christian mythology, and you can keep him, thank you. I suspect the main purpose of his inception was to frighten people and thus give those in charge some leverage and control over the population. Second, and this is so off the wall it’s difficult to address without laughing or shuddering– ritual slaughter of animals, babies, etc. Many witches I know are actually animal rights activists and vegans. If you want to witness ritual animal slaughter, you’ll have to go to your nearest slaughterhouse- and then venture on over to McDonalds or some other fast food place where you can ingest the poor critter and add to your cholesterol level. Good grief. As far as witches harming babies, you’ve watched too many ‘made for tv’ movies. I’m the mother of seven biological children, and nope, I haven’t eaten neary a one yet– though I’ve had to ground a few now and then.

Spells? Hexes? Curses?…A spell is no more than a prayer with props. The spell I might cast for a particular intention is no different than the prayer requests you make to your god. Don’t tell me that there has never been a christian who hasn’t prayed for the downfall of a foe– that would translate into a ‘hex’ or ‘curse’.

Halloween– or ‘Samhain’…is a time to reconnect with the spirit of your ancestors, a time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest and communication is easier with the spirit world, an excellent time to practice divination, and the end of the harvest season– the beginning of the dark months and the season of winter. The pagan, my dear, seems to have a reverence for Mother Earth, her turning seasons, her creatures, and her spirit that you and yours lack. Watch us closely…and learn.

Bright Blessings,

The Not-So-Wicked-Witch of the Midwest


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