An Empowering Spell for Women

This spell is from:  "Dancing the Goddess Incarnate", co-written by Dorothy Morrison and Kristen Madden

goddessdancing.jpg Goddess Dancing image by ajr51594

The She-Who-Doesn’t-Give-A-Hoot ritual

You will need:
1 purple, red, orange, yellow candle;
2 tsp each of dried thyme, lavender, cinnamon;
1 small piece of black onyx/black tourmaline, blue goldstone (also known as blue sunstone);
1 hat (something that appeals to you, but the sassier, the better),
charcoal block,
fireproof dish filled with sand / censer,
music CD to set the mood (something with an upbeat nature)

Light the charcoal in the censer and put it in the center of your workspace. Place the purple candle behind it, the red in front of it, the orange to its right and the yellow to its left to represent the crossroads.

Light the purple candle and say:

Vigorous purple, I command your power
To rid me of all that’s severe and dour.

Light the red:

Red of passions burning high
Bring sass and attitude on the fly.

Light the orange:

Magnetic orange, I conjure thee
To attract playful energies now to me.

Light the yellow:

And successful yellow, as you burn
Bring the victories for which I yearn.

Place half of the herbs on the charcoal, saying:

Thyme for courage and lavender to free
And cinnamon to successfully
Remove unwarranted fears from me
As I will, so mote it be!

Write down all your fears. Doesn’t matter how silly you think they are. It’s important to list everything. When you are finished, toss the paper on the charcoal block and burn it to ash, saying:

By fire and herb with flaming flash
There’s nothing left but smoke and ash.
Your life is gone and I am free
Of all you did to bother me.

Add the rest of the herbs to the charcoal then smudge the hat in the smoke while saying:

Attitude come now to stay
Within this hat where you can play
And be my classy, brassy friend.
Your courage, too, I ask you lend
So I can tell the stern and dour
Who frown on me as I’m empowered
With your lovely gift of sass:
"You can all just kiss my ass!"

Put on the hat and feel its power. Let it infuse every cell of your being. Enjoy the music and dance. Be sassy. Be brassy. Dance with complete abandon until you’re out of breath and can’t dance any more. Then put the hat in front of the candles until they burn out.

When the ashes are cool, scatter them on the winds. Wear the hat as often as possible – and without worry of what others will think – but especially when you feel the need for an extra shot of sass.

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