Welcome to my website: The Witch’s Corner

I don’t know how I jammed so much into one newsletter, but the June newsletter is absolutely loaded this month.

The highlight is a new section I’ve added that may appear every once in a while called "Hauntings".  This month I loaded up my video/digital camera and my witchlings and we headed to the infamous ‘Barnard Park’.  What’s so unusual about a park, you might rightfully inquire.  This park just happened to be the city cemetery at one time, and when the big move was made to a new cemetery site– not all of the occupants could be located to be moved to their new resting place.  They still reside among the playground equipment, picnic tables, and park benches…and rumor has it that they make their presence known.

You’ll find a June tarot special that will be running for the entire month, as well as a featured item from Creations by Isabella, and a sale special offered from Wytchy Wares.

The June newsletter is packed with information on herbs– marigolds; stones– tiger’s eye; the June moon– the Mead Moon; tarot tips– the nine of swords.  There’s been two new pages added to The Witch’s Corner since last month, and you’ll find links to them in this month’s newsletter.  I re-posted the photos of Isabella’s latest tattoo creations, as well as a link to a video of her at work on this project from my Myspace profile– gotta’ brag on my girl!  I’m so proud of her artistic accomplishments.

Spells of the month for June include a Summer Solstice spell, as well as tips for attracting fairies– taken from my own Book of Shadows.



fairyinflowersmg3222.gif PURPLE FLOWER FAIRY image by whatevergirl_03

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