A Question About Fairy Dust

I was asked a question today, basically, whether fairy dust is “real” or not.  It was a good question.  This is my answer:

All “magic” is mental.  It all stems from the mind– the ability to perform magic is inherent within us all, but most people have lost the capacity to accomplish magic because they’ve lost the ability to “believe” and the ability to “visualize”.

That is where the “fairy dust” comes in– it is a magickal “prop”, as are candles and cauldrons, athames, and other items used to cast spells.

The majority of pagans need these “visual aids” to perform magic.

There are, however, a few rare people who don’t need all the ‘trappings’ of witchcraft– their mental abilities are such that they can cast spells and work magic without all the props– these people are called ‘adepts’.

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