From a Womyn’s Mind



The following ruminations are my own personal thoughts and original words.


 Remember when your relationship was young and you would creep out of bed to “fix yourself up a bit” before he woke up?

The nest of robins is still in the maple tree over my garden– even after the storm that passed through last night.  I’m crossing my fingers that it stays intact so that the mother robin can finish raising this brood…because if something disastrous should happen, I know that it would fall on me to finish her job.

Why is that first cup of coffee in the morning the best cup of coffee?

Stages of time pass for women with the stages of their children.

I cross my fingers and savor the time when not one of my brood has a minor or major catastrophe in the works…no fevers, no toothaches/earaches, no squabbles with life and it’s goings on, no appointments, or deadlines, or places they must be–this moment of peaceful nonhappening is rare.

My cat understands me, demands nothing more of me than an occasional saucer of cream, a warm lap to sleep in, a word of praise now and then.

Math is an acquired taste.

The Goddess created chocolate to appease that hunger that nothing else can satisfy.

There’s nothing better than a cold beer on a hot day.

A woman’s life goes through a major change about every 20 years…really.  Think about the cycles:  marriage, children, children grown, widowhood, etc.  You can expect a new phase in your journey about every 20 years, yep.

Women without boobs want boobs; women with big boobs don’t want boobs.  “The grass is always greener”, “Murphy’s Law”, etc.

Watch out for your 40s– you will be more sexual, sensuous, and easily aroused in your forties than you were in your 20s– no kidding!  I’ve been there, trust me.

When 50 hits, your body will settle down and behave itself so that you can think of other things.

Nothing makes me happier in the early morning hours than to watch a flock of beautiful blackbirds vying for the food at our feeding stations.  I think they are my favorite bird– smart, cunning, black & shimmery & beautiful.  And when they look at you with that cold gold glass eye, it’s as if they know what you’re thinking.

The older you get, the more difficult it becomes to concentrate on small details– and if you were never very good at small details to begin with, well…

It’s always the man you really want that you can’t have– until you get really mad about the incongruity of it, you dig in your heels and make the decision that nothing– and I mean nothing– will stand in your way. Then the prize is yours.

Witchcraft might be a means to an end for some…for the natural witch it is part of her being, spiritually and physically.  It is second nature, an instinct that she’s carried since birth.  It is something so natural to her that she doesn’t give it a second thought.

Don’t you hate when people delete you without an explanation?  It’s like being dismissed from the principle’s office with a swat to the head, but the principle never told you what you did wrong.  So you’re left to wonder.

The flip side of that is people who delete you and you don’t realize it till days or weeks later…and you think, “Oh, ya, that’s who it was.”, and then go on about your business.

It’s so wonderful when you finally reach a stage in your development and you realize– 1)  I don’t have to be liked by everyone.  As a matter of fact, some people are not worthy of the effort it would take to make them like me.  2)  You don’t have to follow unwritten fashion rules, you don’t have to follow fashion rules at all…your clothing is an extension of yourself, a way to express your creativity and personality, it is as individual an imprint as your finger prints.  3)  I am the boss of me– no one else can hold that title, if they do, it’s my own fault.

Dogs are needy– sometimes I think I want one and then I hesitate.  A dog would make a better companion for me if I were living all alone…I will bide my time with my cats.

I’m waiting for the cold to be gone, for the warmth of this season to be upon us.  But that means July– I hate the weather in July– the sun is too bright and intense, it’s a bully…it burns me and my children, it leaves my flowers wilting and scorches everything.  It’s in your face and won’t leave you alone, suffocating you with it’s heat.

I think I am a child of the dark.

I love autumn– after the autumnal equinox– when the days have grown so short that I can go cheerfully around the house lighting candles at 5pm and they really show up.

Don’t you hate being jarred from sleep whey you are in the midst of a dream?  The images are suddenly snatched away from you and the harder you try to bring them back, the more elusive and papery thin they become, until they are gone.


 And that’s ’bout all I have to say for today.

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