The Ten of Pentacles

The following is an abbreviated example of an online tarot reading.  This card was drawn for myself within the past two weeks and has no connection with any of my clients or readings done for them.

The events hinted at within this reading have already come to pass.

10/Pentacles (R)…The ten of coins (or pentacles) usually represents money that is somehow connected to family in some way, either through business ventures or inheritance, etc. Since the card is reversed, it points to a problem in this area– something that is not fair, or perhaps someone is not being honest, or there is some sort of legal obstruction tying this money up.

What you read above is the general meaning of this card.

Now I’ll look at it again. This time with the intention of an intuitive reading:

Upon this deck (the Universal Rider/Waite), at the bottom of the card, which is now the top of the card, there are two white hounds standing close together at their master’s feet. The white-haired master’s hand rests on the head of one of the hounds, telling me that whether this person is present or not, he still carries great influence in this matter.

There is a man and woman pictured on this card standing apart from the old man and his hounds. This group is divided, which tells methat there are divisions among family members, sides chosen with lines drawn in the sand, loyalties laid out, etc.

The image of the child hiding behind the couple leaps out at me in a blaring revelation. This ‘child’ is reaching out, from behind the couple, laying his hand on the rump of one of the white hounds. This ‘child’ represents a person who is orchestrating these events and manipulating the outcome of this legal matter from behind the scenes.

All in all, this seems to be a pretty sordid story derived from today’s card. “Dysfunctional’ probably does not begin to describe the family or group of people involved in this situation.

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