Who is Lady Amythyst?

I am a professional tarot reader who gives online, as well as video readings. I also give live readings in-house at metaphysical shops from time to time, although I would have to say you’ll get a better reading online– I prefer the stillness that comes with doing an online reading. It’s a stillness that you don’t necessarily get the luxury of experiencing with face to face readings. I incorporate automatic writing in my online readings. There’s much that comes from that deep well of stillness inside, you have only to listen to that barely audible voice…it is but a whisper.

I am an eclectic solitary Witch, quietly practicing my Craft for the past 34 years in blissful anonymity. I have very strong leanings towards Dianic Wicca, but none-the-less, I incorporate hoodoo, green witchcraft, as well as aspects of Wicca into my practice. It is a spiritual path which, I believe, comes naturally to most people, if they are so inclined towards it. I was practicing long before it was acceptable, long before there were any books telling you exactly, from a-z, ‘how’ to do it and what was ‘right’ and what was ‘wrong’. I do not have a long list of ‘degrees’ from this or that coven or group, and I don’t plan on paying big bucks and spending years backtracking over old knowledge in order for someone to hand me a piece of paper telling me that I am, indeed, a Witch. I already know what I am.

I am a Reiki practitioner. I just received my Level I Reiki attunement from my dearest friend and Reiki master this year. I can never thank her enough for the door she has opened in my life. My studies will continue as I work towards the Level II attunement. This new phase of my life embraces healing and serenity– serenity found through ancient knowledge, practices, and surprisingly…from within.

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