Old Market, Omaha

Yesterday my daughter Isabella, me, and our friend Lori drove into Old Market in Omaha, Nebraska.  We spent the day shopping in some of the neat new-age shops, bustling back and forth in the brisk 40 degree breeze along the old walkways, cobbled streets, and vintage buildings.

We stopped to eat at Spaghetti Works, one of my favorite restaurants.  And, of course, I took pictures.  (All of the photos below are original photos taken by me.)

We started off with a trip through "The Passageway".  There is a myriad of shops, art museums, businesses, and a zodiac garden, etc. located in here.  Unfortunately, many of the shops do not allow photos to be taken inside their individual businesses.  But here is a view when you step right inside the front door to find yourself standing at the top of a brick staircase…



Spaghetti Works…

The ‘head waiter’ is the first to greet you when you enter the restaurant:



Directly to the right of him is a small waiting area.  Along the right side is a long old wooden church pew, where you can sit until a table is available:



The salad bars are created from vintage pickup trucks:



The whole place has such atmosphere and an exotic ambiance, very ‘vintage’ and ‘offbeat’.  This is one of my favorite wooden sculptures, Buddha of course, and a happy one at that:



The antique carousel horses dividetwo eating areas:



I had to get a shot of this incredible chandelier:



This is the wood Indian sentinel, his arm raised in a silent salute.  He’s right by the bar and you pass him on the way out:



For more information on Old Market in Omaha, Nebraska, follow the link to their website:



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