The Witch’s Journal

Hubby has today off and he’s taking me out to eat later.  I gave him a haircut yesterday and he’s all spoofed up– handsome man, this will be fun.

My two oldest witchlings are off on their commutes into the city for work and school– will I ever be able to relax and stop worrying about this?  I doubt it, especially as all this is so new to my son.  He’s not had that much driving experience, although he’s sure going to get it now.

Homeschooling– my youngest child and the last one that I will teach to read:  Everyone learns at a different speed for different subjects, and some pick things up much faster than others.  I’m waiting for that invisible light-bulb to snap on in her head, that ‘ah-ha’ moment, when she will take off reading at a hundred miles an hour.

I think my cat has fleas– since I have six cats, this is not good.  Pyewacket is allergic to fleas.  I get him an allergy shot about every three months, just so he doesn’t get the itchy twitchies and scratch his luxurious black coat off.  He’s antsy anyway, and he’s driving me nuts this morning– repeatedly jumping up on the table ahead of the computer screen, meowing loudly to demand attention.  I finally shooed him away.

Now, the big question– should I go back to bed for a while, since it’s not even 6am yet, or should I stay up and make coffee…life is one big decision.

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