The Scent of You

July, 2009, John C. Fremont Days in our community, which means tents of vendors, open air food courts, shaved ice treats, and entertainment.

I had taken my girls to the park, and we were making the rounds, just heading over to the food court, when I suddenly stopped in my tracks. I caught a whiff of a scent, for the briefest second, a familiar scent, a very dear friend.

I raised my hands slightly to stop the girls, and I said, "I smell Lori." My 16-year-old daughter said, "That is weird, and if we run into her it will really be weird."

We made our way through the food court and couldn’t decide what we wanted. We were really waiting for the shaved ice cubicle to open, to tell you the truth. So we went around the outskirts of the park, cutting through, past the tent set up for entertainment, when we heard someone shouting ‘Hey!’

I turned around, and there was my friend, Lori,  with her partner. My 16-year-old daughter murmured, "That is so weird!"

I think it is so wonderful.

What must it say about the kind of connection we have to people who touch our lives in a genuine way.

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