The Computer Man…A Perverted Turd

The man we hired to clean up our computer and make it all better from the nasty viruses it picked up turned out to be a real turd.  He decided, in some maniacal egotistical moment, that my daughters and I would all love to see his genitals.  He was wrong.  Instead of winding up with a houseful of shocked or admiring females, this guy wound up with a citation from the Sheriff for indecent exposure.  He will have to put in an appearance for his court date in September.

In the meantime– all of my text documents are gone– vanished.  And when he was scheduling the appointment to bring the computer back (for that infamous day), he said:  "I saw a picture…Is your real name Amythsyt?"…What in the hell was he doing browsing my pictures????  That is not part of cleaning out someones computer virus.  We’ve contacted the Sheriff’s department with this info and they may ask a judge for a warrant to seize this guy’s computer and see what all he has in it.

And in the meantime, once more– we were advised to change our bank account number, passwords to case sensitive areas, etc. etc. etc. etc…What a royal pain this has turned out to be!!!!

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