Home Videos & Photos Galore

The August newsletter from The Witch’s Corner is chock full of home videos and summer photos…

My witchlings and I were invited over to a dear friend’s home for a ‘girls night’, and I took my camera.

In her magickal backyard is a giant ‘truth tree’.  People who venture under this mysterious and beautiful tree tend to spill their deepest secrets…with the magick of video, you can follow me beneath it’s branches, into the dark recesses of this magickal spot.

Then you can enjoy the beauty and magick of her backyard with all the photos that I took.

Next, you can come to ‘Our Garden’…the fairies must be thick and busy this year because our vegetables and flowers are growing rampant.

"Just for Fun"…lot’s of pics of this and that, including the sign that will greet you when you step into my front door.

We recently celebrated John C. Fremont Days in our community, and again, with my handy little video/camera in hand, you can enjoy our day with us– including a video of the high heel race.

You’ll also find all the usual topics– spell, herb, stone of the month; tarot tips; updates for Wytchy Wares (there’s new merchandise up), and Creations by Isabella.

I hope to see you there…

Are you brave enough to venture beneath the Truth Tree with me?  What secrets might you give away?????



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