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Journey of Dreams & Passion…& Skulls

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Our Isabella has been busy.  My favorite piece is the Skull Mirror.  These new items and much more can be found at:



(Each of these paintings is 14"X14" and are sold as a set.)

Aitem3paintingsDance.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

This is a unique handcrafted, herb filled, one-of-a-kind candle set:

"The Journey of Dreams and Passion" 

(The hand-crafted box is included.)

Aitem2candleset.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Skull Mirror

Height 12" X Width 9"

aitem5skullmirror.jpg picture by witch_of_endore


"Ocean Spirit"

(Each of these paintings is 14"X14" and are sold as a set.)

Aitem6paintingsOceanSpirit.jpg picture by witch_of_endore


Author: Amythyst Raine

Witchy, Pagan, Personal Stuff Author; Tarot Reader; Crazy-Cat-Lady; and mother to seven magickal individuals. Amythyst offers Spiritual Psychic Consultations using tarot cards and the art of intuitive reading. If you'd like a personal reading with her, visit her tarot website at, The Tarot Parlour at: "Magickal Connections" is her witchy, pagan, booky blog: The Witch's Corner is her very popular witchy pagan website full of witchy pagan stuff.

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