October Newsletter- from The Witch’s Corner

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October ’09 Newsletter



The October newsletter is my favorite.  That could be because this month and the holiday of Samhain, or Halloween, is a big favorite with our family.  This newsletter began as a germ of an idea the beginning of September and has continued to grow until its release.  I’m not sure if this month’s issue is a newsletter or an online magazine.  Definitions are sketchy, but I do know that it was a blast putting it together.




You’ll find a video detailing the history of Halloween—the real history, that is.  This holiday has nothing to do with Christianity or with candy and commercialism.  The real history of Samhain is much more interesting than any of that.




Tarot Tips



The card of the month is The Moon.  It’s one of the most beautiful and contradictory cards in the tarot, and it’s varied and sometimes disturbing meanings make themselves known on an individual basis from client to client and reading to reading. 




In this section you’ll also find:  Guidelines for live tarot readings, a schedule of my in-house readings at Next Millennium, and the paranormal phenomenon experienced by myself and one of my tarot clients during a recent live reading.




The Magic of Herbs



For the month of October, we’re going to be looking at herbs to facilitate spirit contact.  How appropriate for the holiday of Samhain.  We’ll find out what we need to call forth those things that go ‘bump’ in the night.




What’s New at Wytchy Wares



There have been some new products added to my shop, as well as new pages.  You can check out this section to find out what’s up.




Spells of the Month



This month you’ll find four spells to summon spirits— what else would you expect for October?!  Hang on to your pointy black hats and prepare yourselves for some new experiences.




In this section you’ll also find:  Green Witchcraft—How does the green Witch incorporate magick into her everyday life?, Black Magick—Do you, or don’t you?




“Witches:  An Intimate Portrait”



You will find a link to a video narrated by Angelica Houston.  I love it—and for those family members and friends who are not pagan, this will give you a good look at my world.




Favorite Books



I receive an unprecedented number of messages from people seeking knowledge—occult knowledge, spiritual knowledge, magickal knowledge, you name it.  I reply to these messages as best I can. I almost always steer these people towards books and self-examination, self-exploration, and personal research.




This list of books covers an extraordinarily wide berth of occult and spiritual topics.  If there’s a book listed here with a topic that’s of interest to you, write it down.  You can probably find inexpensive copies of these books at amazon.com, or have your local bookstore order a copy for you.



Creations by Isabella



Our Isabella (aka Anne Turrell) has been a busy witch.  She’s created oodles of new products for her online shop.  She has also created a website page that is a portfolio for her tattoo artistry.  You will find a link to that site here.




The Photo Gallery



As usual, I’ve included personal photographs of our home and family.  I try to post photos here that are not posted anywhere else.  There is a magick about this old place, and I enjoy sharing it with you.




You can view this newsletter at the following url:







Have a most wonderful October!

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