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Public Chat Room Added

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The 12 Ladies of Bristolwicks & I have our own private chatroom for the coven. This has turned into one of the most important and fun features at our private site.

I thought it would be nice to add a chatroom in the public section of Bristolwicks for everyone’s use.  You can set a time to meet someone here, you can discuss personal or occult topics, and it’s just nice to have the option of real time chat with other witches/pagans that may be wandering through Bristolwicks.

Follow the url:

The public pages of Coven of Bristolwicks are under construction & probably will be for some time.  I work on it in my spare time, as life allows.


Author: Amythyst Raine

Witchy, Pagan, Personal Stuff Amythyst Raine is an author; a professional tarot reader; the mother to 7 magickal individuals; a major procrastinator; Crazy-Cat-Lady; and chocoholic. She writes books on witchcraft, the tarot, and Feminine Spirituality (published by Labyrinth House, Moon Books, and Dodona Books). She's an avid blogger; a pagan activist; a holistic healer through crystals and stones-- by means of crystal grids and chakra balancing. Amythyst offers Spiritual Psychic Consultations using tarot cards and the art of intuitive reading. If you'd like a personal reading with her, visit her tarot website at: "Every Cat Has a Tale" is her Personal-Blog-Spot, which includes everyday life and its dilemmas, as well as victories, memoirs, opinions, along with inspiration for mundane life, with personal photos and videos. "Magickal Connections" is her witchy, pagan, booky BlogSpot. "The Witch's Corner" is her very popular witchy pagan website full of witchy pagan stuff.

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