Merry Meet


Greetings to all who enter my realm.

I am a wildly eclectic, self-initiated, solitary Witch. If an old path isn’t working, new paths can always be forged. Don’t hold yourself back from spiritual endeavors and growth because of someone else’s obsolete rules or mental hang-ups. Forge your own path, walk your own way. I have extremely strong leanings towards Dianic Wicca, but none-the-less, I also incorporate hoodoo, green witchcraft, as well as aspects of Wicca into my practice.

I am a Reiki practicioner, receiving my Reiki Level I Attunement this year from my closest friend and Reiki Master, which made the experience even more meaningful. This is a fascinating world of healing and serenity, and I feel I will be a student of Reiki throughout this lifetime and many lifetimes to come. I’m delving into the vast cauldron of knowledge to investigate and learn about other holistic healing methods as well– cyrstal healing, aromatherapy, reflexology, etc. Reiki opened the door to a whole new world for me.

I am a professional tarot reader, offering various spreads as well as video tarot readings at my tarot sites. I use the intuitive method of reading the cards, promise no clouds with silver linings, try my best to help people find the light at the end of the tunnel, and I take absolutely no responsibility for the individual choices people make about their lives– Some people are determined to go down the wrong road and make the wrong choices; no matter what the cards, the gods, or common sense tells them. At the other end of the spectrum are those people who manage to pull it all together after a little tap on the shoulder from Destiny and a new perspective from a tarot reading. Tarot reading is incredible. Sometimes I get to know more than I care to about someone; and then again, I may wind up learning one of Life’s lessons right along with them!

I am a legally ordained member of the clergy, but at this time do not do weddings, handfastings, sagings, etc. I will never say ‘never’, though, you don’t always know exactly what direction you’re going to go until you get to the crossroads.

I have been a home schooling mother for the past 20 years or so, the mother of a large brood, I might add– seven of my birth children, two step-sons (with lovely wives), and two grandbabies.

My life is neither glamorous nor exotic– it consists of mountains of laundry, piles and piles of dishes, an often cluttered living space, lots of cats, heavy traffic, conflicting schedules, and always in the background– that wonderful steady ‘hum’ that is Life.

I’m also a hit and miss housekeeper, avid reader, rock hound, chocoholic, master procrastinator, dreamer and visionary, the typical ‘crazy cat lady’, and a very stubborn independent wife– just ask my husband.

Just a Note:

Greetings…from this old hag’s cauldron!

This is just a note to let my readers know that all material posted at this site is copyrighted and protected under copyright laws. It cannot be reproduced without my permission, so if you want to quote me– email me first:

To those who would steal my work– especially those who would try to pass it off as their own– just remember that this old witch practices black magick…Do you really want to tempt fate? How do you know I haven’t placed a curse upon those who would unflinchingly wield the copy/paste button?

Witches who play fair, finish last.


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