Tarot…The Horoscope Spread

Below is an example of The Horoscope Spread.  This is a very in-depth spread of 36 cards covering a 12 month period.  I’d like to thank my tarot client for graciously permitting me to post this reading anonymously.

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Blessed Be,
Lady Amythyst

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Tarot Reading

Horoscope Spread

October ‘09

Ace/wands 2/swords Ace/swords

The Aces are cards of beginnings, and you were given two of them for this month. The Ace of wands often heralds new beginnings in business ventures, partnerships that have some connection to money and finances, or those ventures that you are especially passionate about—be it business or personal…The wands are associated with the element of fire. Fire equals passion, heat, and tremendous energy. Although these ventures have potential for success, caution is still needed to avoid pitfalls or storms.

The two of swords is a card of decision, and this card generally emphasizes the fact that you must have all the necessary information before you can make an informed decision. The two of swords also implies in many readings that the querent (you) may be having a difficult time making a decision about a subject at hand. In any case, you’ve come to a crossroads and any further progression will not take place until you choose which direction you’re going to go.

The Ace of swords deals primarily with mental endeavors—writing, composing, school, studies, etc. Again, the Aces are beginnings. This card speaks of pursuing those ventures that you’ve kept tucked away in the dark recesses of your mind.

The cards seem to tell us that this month will be a month of decisions for you, and the choices you make now will determine the path you will find yourself on a few months down the road. Choose carefully.

November ‘09

6/wands Temperance ® 10/wands ®

The six of wands is a card of victory, accomplishment, and accolades. Whatever your decisions in the previous month, you seem to have blossomed and reached a pinnacle of success. This can be a big open in-your-face success that the world can see, or it can mean that deep within you have the quiet feeling “this is where I’m suppose to be, and this is what I’m suppose to be doing”.

Temperance is a card of balance. When this card comes up reversed, it often points to an imbalance somewhere inyour life. This imbalance may be something big, or it may be something small that you might even view as insignificant. In either case, stop and take a closer look. Any imbalance will throw the foundation off kilter. It’s wisest to have all aspects of our lives on an even keel. The types of things that often come up can mean something as simple as concentrating too much in one area, work for example, and not enough in other areas of your life. This card tells us that balance in all things insures a greater chance of success.

The ten of wands is a card that denotes hard work and burdens. In its reversed state it implies a lessening of the load—a lightening of those burdens. This month you may well find that things begin to get easier near the end of November.

The month of November will be a successful month for you, in many respects, but you will still have to take stock of your life and restore balance to all aspects. Upon doing this, you will notice that life’s burdens are lighter.

December ‘09

4/pentacles ® 4/swords ® 4/wands ®

The four of pentacles is generally a card of the miser. This card tells us to watch our spending, stick to our budget, don’t spend frivolously. In this reading, however, the four of pentacles is reversed. The figure on this card is having quite a time hanging onto his coins, and you probably will have quite a time hanging onto yours as well. At this time of year, spending takes on new significance.

The four of swords in its reversed state implies that it may be time to lift your head from your work and join in the festivities around you. This card often tells us that the time for solitude and introspection is not this time. Be aware of the merriment planned by friends, family, and co-workers. Now is the time to join in. There will be time in the future to withdraw once more inside oneself and meditate and think. On very rare occasions– very rare, indeed—this card may point to the possibility of surgery or hospitalization.

The four of wands is a card of cornerstones and foundations. It is also a card that often heralds celebrations—weddings, graduations, and parties. When it comes up reversed, it’s often telling us that there will be a postponement or cancellation of such planned events. The reversed four of wands also suggest that our own foundation may not be as stable as we think. It’s time for a reassessment of various areas of your life. Are you standing strong? No cracks or fissures in the foundation? Is your base strong? If not, it’s time to determine where you need strengthening and where your strong points are.

January ‘10

8/swords The Hierophant King/cups

The eight of swords is a card that often comes up when someone is feeling trapped. The figure on this card, usually a woman, is blindfolded and bound. She’s encircled by eight standing swords. This card is an illusion, although the person it represents often doesn’t realize this. As trapped a you may feel by a particular situation or character, all you have to do is open your eyes to see the way out. Once in a while, this card comes up in my readings when a querent is inadvertently keeping himself or herself trapped by their own decisions or inability to act in a situation.

The Hierophant is a card that reeks of conventionality. It represents the morality of the masses, religious institutions, and sometimes our own conscience. For the month of January you may find yourself faced with a moral dilemma or question. Whatever the choice you make, it should feel right to You.

The King of cups may represent an actual person, a man of course, a man who tends to be a quiet dreamer, often a more mature version of the Knight of cups. He tends to be gentle, is often psychic or at least highly intuitive, and is usually easy going. The downside to his character is that he often lacks ambition and has a tendency to be lazy. I feel that this man may play a major part in this month’s cards.

February ‘10

3/wands Judgment Wheel of Fortune

The three of wands is generally viewed as a positive card. This card traditionally heralds successful business ventures and partnerships. It often comes up when job opportunities are positive, and it can often predict a waiting period. Not everything in life happens instantly, very few things do actually. This card tells us to be patient, but not inactive in our efforts to achieve what we desire. Once in a rare while, this card discloses an affair, or an unexpected third party popping up in a situation.

Judgment…this card often comes up when we are being judged, fairly or unfairly, or when we are being judgmental towards someone around us. This card has also come up in readings when my clients are being too hard on themselves. Sometimes we humans tend to push ourselves in the eternal quest for perfectionism. This card may be telling you to relax a bit; you can’t do everything all at once for everyone. Once in a while, you must put yourself first.

The Wheel of Fortune usually announces a change of luck; a shift in the subtle nuance of life, light where it was dark, vision where there was blindness. This card often tells us that now is a good time to take chances, accept challenges, aspire to that which you’ve always dreamed of.

March ‘10

Queen/swords 4/cups ® Knight/wands ®

The Queen of swords may be an actual person showcased for this month, or she may be aspects of your own personality, which can be brought to the forefront. This Queen tends to be very intelligent, often a professional. She is no man’s fool, and you are better off having her as a friend rather than a foe, for she can be a formidable one. In a tight situation, she is the one you want in your corner. Her character is the kind that will defend to the death the principle of the matter. This Queen’s aura is that of a solitary woman. This may be so, or it can be that her personality overshadows any partner she may have. The Queen of swords often represents the single or divorced woman.

The four of cups shoves into our face that which we’ve been trying to avoid. Sine this cup is reversed, you may find that whatever this is, it’s not as bad as you thought it would be, but that’s not to say that it won’t be unpleasant. The month of March may find you facing something that you’ve put off for a long time.

The Knight of wands is often a messenger. His message may not be as sharp and brutal as the Knight of swords often is; yet this Knight pulls no punches. He may bring you a message or information that you might not like hearing, yet you must not dismiss it. This Knight does not usually give you more than you can handle.

April ‘10

7/pentacles Justice 6/cups

The seven of pentacles generally indicates that we are saving our money, working on new employment endeavors, or having some sort of issues with our wages—often positive issues, such as raises and bonuses, etc. This card tells us that you are carefully minding your pennies and are doing a darn good job of it.

The card of Justice in my readings can sometimes refer to an issue involving the legal system—it has heralded everything from a parking ticket to child custody cases. This card also speaks of balance, fairness, honesty, and fortitude within our daily lives. There may be an issue around you on which you need to spread more light, so as to make a fair and informed decision.

The six of cups is a card that often brings up someone from our past. Sometime this card indicates that someone we haven’t seen in a long, long time is suddenly going to step back into our lives.

(As a side-note: Is a gold striped tabby cat significant to you?)

The cards for April seem to speak of well-rounded financial decisions and situations. These cards also suggest that someone from your past may wish to step back into your life, and you re going to have to make the decision—fair or not—whether you want to reestablish contact.

May ‘10

8/wands 3/cups The Star

The eight of wands tells me that this month is going to go fast, activities are going to abound. You’re going to be preoccupied with group activities and a somewhat hectic schedule. Things are going to be moving right along, and it’s wise to try and stay grounded and well rested. Don’t be afraid to turn down a social engagement now and then for some quiet down time. You’ll need it.

The three of cups may very well herald celebrations for the month of May—weddings, receptions, graduations, anniversaries. There will be a reason to celebrate, and you certainly will. Be careful about tipping too much bubbly at these events. It’s to your advantage to maintain clear thinking.

The Star, even reversed, retains its positive aura. As a side note—this card tells me that something may occur now that will not come into final fruition until next autumn. The pace seems to keep up for May, both hands are busy; you may begin to wonder if you’re coming or going. A germ of an idea takes root…listen to it, allow it to expand, and grow. Something good/unexpected/profitable may come from it.

June ‘10

The Devil The Lovers The Hanging Man

The Devil is the card of addictions. In my readings this has meant the usual and run the gamut—alcohol, drugs, food…chocolate! It has also meant addictions to negative patterns in our lives, to people who may not be good for us, and addictions to destructive behavior. At any rate, this tricky character is going to ensnare you this month and it’s better if you are aware of it; it will make it that much easier for you to resist, to break the chains this card carries, to find a new sense of freedom within yourself.

The Lovers…romance may rear its head this month. Because of your own intuitive nature, this may not come as a complete surprise. And because of the previous card, look carefully at this suitor with as keen and clear a view as you can muster.

The Hanging Man is a card that I have very seldom had come up in any of my readings. First—don’t sacrifice yourself, your dreams, and your ambitions for the sake of this man—unless you can look objectively at the situation and KNOW that you are being objective! Second—choices that you make this month will determine how bound up in future circumstances you will be. If personal freedom is important to you—choose carefully.

July ‘10

7/wands The Hermit ® 2/pentacles ®

July may find you a bit on the defensive side, or called upon to defend yourself, possibly against a group as opposed to an individual. You may feel that your back is against the wall and there’s nothing you can do…but look again. There is an opening, a way out of this situation. You just have to remain calm and think clearly.

The Hermit…In the month of July you will suddenly have more quiet time, more solitude. Embrace it. We all need these periods to gather our thoughts, restore our equilibrium, and ground ourselves. Because this card is reversed, I feel this period of quiet and solitude will either be brief, or will come about unexpectedly. Within this period, you may be awed at the revelations you discover in this time of stillness.

The two of pentacles is often interpreted as a card of balance. This often has to do with money (pentacles), but not necessarily. This card can point out balances or imbalances in many areas of our life. Because the two of pentacles came up reversed, it tells us that the issue here is imbalance. Take the time of solitude The Hermit brings you this month to focus on your life and restore necessary balance.

August ‘10

The Fool ® 8/pentacles 5/cups ®

The Fool represents journeys. A journey we’re about to undertake, a path we must explore, a new direction we’re headed. These journeys may be literal travels and trips, or inward journeys of the mind and heart.

Note—Don’t jump through hoops to please people that may never be pleased no matter what you do, or people who are just not worth the effort.

Back to journeys…If this card is showing us a literal trip or vacation, don’t be surprised if you get off to a slow start, if the trip is delayed or postponed, of if you experience complications with tickets, reservations, etc. This card is, after all, reversed.

The eight of pentacles involves your employment. It’s sometimes shows us a period of opportunities and can often herald new job responsibilities or a period of training, school courses related to work etc. You will find yourself immersed this month in your work, and even though this period may be intense, it will also be absorbing.

Note—Grandmother Spider, considered an ancient wise woman by Native Americans and a version of the Wiccan Crone, may weave her web of magick around you at this time. Listen and learn from her.

The five of cups is a card of sorrow and mourning. Reversed, it may mean that this period of mourning will be brief and you will come through it all the stronger. This card has come up in my readings to herald the loss of not only a loved one, but also pets, opportunities, material items, and spiritual graces. Remember that all is not lost, there is always a new day. Perseverance is within all of us, we’ve only to reach deep for it and raise our head to the sky and the future.

September ‘10

Queen/cups 10/pentacles The Chariot

The Queen of cups may represent an individual highlighted in this month, or she may represent aspects of your own personality. This Queen is highly intuitive, gentle, usually quiet and introspective. She has strong maternal instincts. An interesting side note—She is associated with the element of Water and her strengths and strong points are dreams emotions, those ethereal subjects of the astral plane, paranormal activities, and divination. The word most descriptive of this Queen is…Mother.

The ten of pentacles is a card dealing almost exclusively with money, and most generally family money, such as an inheritance. Since the card is upright, I don’t foresee problems arising with it. At any rate, in this month, you may unexpectedly be the recipient of some funds from a source that may be close to or connected to your family.

The Chariot…I’ve always viewed this as a rather strange enigmatic card. They say that it can mean anything from actual travel opportunities to a new vehicle, which, I’m sorry to say, it has yet to ever mean in any of my readings. This card is generally pointing out the fact that a direction must be chosen, and in choosing correctly, you will go far. This card also represents extraordinary balance—ying/yang, male/female, strength/weakness, light/dark, ad infinitum. Carry yourself upon this Chariot in confidence. Remember that life is an eternal learning experience, and that all we absorb, we take with us.


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Just a sidenote:  The striped gold tabby cat was, indeed, signifigant to this client.  She had owned one for years, and he had passed away.


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