Photos from our Samhain Party & Oak Trail Hike

…November newsletter from The Witch’s Corner:  I finally processed all our Halloween pictures and the video and have everything up and posted.  Thanks to my coven sister, Mare, there are over 30 Samhain pictures for you to browse through.

Also, I posted photos from our hike through Oak Trail in Hormel Park this autumn.  We had a blast, and even found a teepee-like shelter that someone had built. 

You’re invited.

The Magick of Herbs

This month the topic is Beauty…

We all use mundane lotions, oils, concoctions, and potions from the department store without a second thought.  But have you ever wondered what you can do magickally to enhance your appearance, revitalize your skin, and give off the essence of youth and timelessness.

Well, this month, you’ll find out.

Spells of the Month

We continue along with our beauty theme and actually put into practice all those herbs listed for this purpose.  My favorite spell is ‘Snow Queen Water’.

Wytchy Wares

It’s time to order magickal oils, potions, and powders; and I have several varieties available at my online shop, along with a brief paragraph about each that will tell you just what they are for and how to use them. 

You can follow the link.

Creations by Isabella

The beautiful skull mirror that she created is still available, though it may not be for long.  You can follow the link to her page.

Tarot Tips

The card of the month is :  Four of Cups

I’ve also posted an actual online reading, with permission from one of my tarot clients.  There are new spreads available, and you can follow the links provided for more information.

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