I’m Receiving Anonymous Correspondence…

I’ve received two pieces of anonymous correspondence in the mail at my home within the last few days. I can’t say that the content was threatening or anything of that nature, but ‘puzzling’ would probably be a good description. The first piece was an obviously photo-copied version of an essay entitled, "I Am Pagan". Well…okay, now I know you’re pagan, even though I have no idea who you are. The second correspondence was a copy of an excerpt from Ly De Angeles’s book, "Witchcraft: Theory & Practice", which I have quoted on my website. This time the anonymous mailer did sign a first name– which I will not reproduce here– which is very androgynous and could apply to either male or female.

I must say that I would prefer anyone mailing correspondence to my home to not only include their full name, but a return address as well. Even if you mean well– and quite frankly, with the anonymity and the lack of explanation, I don’t really know what your intentions are– it is still creepy to receive anonymous mail. If you are trying to make a noble point about Paganism, your message is being lost in your methods.

And if you think I should remember you by a first name, think again. Between my websites and social networks, I have contact with literally thousands of people– some I become familiar with, some I become good friends with, some I love dearly, but others remain an enigma.

And, oh yes, one more thing. You misspelled my name.

It’s A-M-Y-T-H-Y-S-T

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