Using Psychics to Solve Criminal Cases

Psychic ability is not something that’s looked upon with favor, belief, or respect in our modern culture. Shame. It’s a gift, and it should be used as such to the benefit of anyone it can reach in moments of crisis. I have heard of one psychic who was arrested and spent a couple days in jail because she came forward with information that the authorities claimed ‘only someone connected to the crime could know’. Incidents like this don’t give gifted psychics much impetus to come forward.

I have for years honed my divination skills, particularly tarot, by doing private readings– just for my eyes– on missing person cases. I did this until a case in Florida a few years ago involving a 10 year old girl. The information I got was so clear and so shattering– she was still alive at the time I did the reading and shockingly close to her own home– and I knew this, and I couldn’t tell anyone. And if I had told anyone, they would’ve thought that I was some crackpot. Other images and disturbing information were revealed to me as well, and it turned out to be one of the most accurate readings I’ve ever done on a case like this. It gave me such a helpless feeling, and the case became so personal– I’m a mother with children of my own– that I decided to stop doing these readings.

Until this year.

There just seems to be an explosive wave of abductions and murders lately of children. It rankles the soul and shakes my faith in human nature. I feel like anyone who can should do something– anything– to help find these victims, or the perpetrators– to keep them from committing these crimes again.

Will I hand over my readings and information to authorities for their benefit and scrutiny? I don’t know. Someday I hope I have enough confidence in myself, and in our legal system, to do so. There’s going to have to be a huge adjustment in attitude in our society where psychism and clairvoyance are concerned. Yes, we can ‘get it wrong’ sometimes…but what about all those times we are right?

(reposted from one of my other sites)

© Amythyst Raine 2009

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