December Newsletter- includes Paranormal Investigation

December 2009 Newsletter!

The most exciting part of this month’s newsletter will be found in

Ghost Hunting 101

“This November my coven sister Mare & I, along with some siblings/partners/friends, went on a ghost hunting adventure armed with an EMF detector, Mare’s pendulum, and lot’s of enthusiasm. The house we were investigating had been Mare’s childhood home, and the interesting thing about this house and the hauntings connected to it is that several families who have lived there have all had similar experiences with the same types of entities. These spirits range from a troubled young man in a bomber jacket, a lonesome little boy, a man who haunts the downstairs dining room, a woman who chills the main floor bathroom, and ghosts who make things go bump in the attic.”

You will find a link to the photos we took on this investigation, along with a narrative of our adventures, just go to the newsletter and scroll down—it’s near the bottom.

Tarot Tips

This month we look at the Aces:

“The Aces herald beginnings, beginnings in love, finance, money ventures, or mental endeavors– according to cups, wands, pentacles, and swords. Beginnings may be strong and powerful, overwhelmingly passionate, or rife with potholes and points of contention we should be cautious with. Beginnings are always exciting, often unexpected and lead us on a journey through life, which often winds up at the door of our destiny.”

I’ve also listed new tarot spreads that are available at my site, and you can purchase them right off the newsletter. These spreads include:

Directions & Trends
The Pentagram
The Path of Desires
Gypsy’s Magic Spell
Desires & Fears
Partnership & Relationships

The Magick of Herbs

The topic this month is cleansing:

“We’re coming to the end of another year, and with this ending it’s time to ‘clean house’ in order to begin the new year with a clear slate. We can use the magick of herbs to cleanse our living space of unwanted negative energies that may be causing conflict between family members, physical illnesses, and other energy disruptions within our physical home, or in our lives, or the lives of family members.”

We’re going to take a look at cleansing with candle magick, broom cleansings, cleansing powders, and cleansing through smoke.

I’ve posted photos and narrative of my own candle spell—our house needed good cleaning, and this is how I did it.

Wytchy Wares

The featured item this month is Enchanted Jewelry.

‘Enchanted Jewelry’ is just that, jewelry that has had spells and enchantments placed upon it.

I’ve recently posted a variety of items—rings, necklaces, and earrings—and there will be new items added daily/weekly.

You’ll find more info in the newsletter.

Creations by Isabella

We’re continuing this month with the theme of ‘cleansing’, and you’ll find Purification Candles the featured item this month.

You’ll also find more info in the newsletter.

Coven of Bristolwicks

There is one position open in the coven. You’ll find a brief description of our coven, as well as a link for an application if you think we’re the group for you. If you’d like more information, or if you have any questions, email me:

You’ll find this newsletter at the following url:

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