Magick in the Air

I am having *so much fun* with Enchanted Jewelry…I’ve always done this for myself and never dreamed I’d be doing it for the public. When that day comes in the future, and my daughters inherit my jewelry, I’m going to have to keep a notebook of what spells are on which pieces. Won’t that make for some slap-happy magickal energy!

In the meantime, these are two new pieces I’ve added to the shop, complete with two new enchantments, of course..

Mystic Topaz Ring– double band design– .925 sterling silver– cubic zirconia accents–
size 6 petite

Red Tara Spell

MysticTopazRing1.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Red Tara is a Tibeten goddess of love and wealth. She is also known as "The Mother of Perfected Wisdom", and she takes delight in and is drawn to an open mind and a receptive heart. Tara represents the virtues of success and achievment. She is a tantric deity who will help you develop certain inner qualities and understand deeply ‘compassion’. One reason for Tara’s popularity is the fact that she became known as a Buddist deity who could be invoked directly by the common people.

And to this ring I’ve added the Red Tara Spell, invoking this ancient goddess and summoning her power. From this spell, you will draw upon ancient wisdom and gather insight you never dreamed possible.

Enchanted Mystic Topaz Ring

Red Tara Spell

fairie.gif star image by Aquanuan

Mystic Topaz Drop Earrings– .925 silver–
French Hook Design

Jezebel Seduction Spell

MysticTopazEarrings1.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

These are absolutely gorgeous earrings, the stones are dazzling and come alive in the light. I can tell you, between myself & my girls, you’re lucky to have an opportunity to purchase these earrings! I was tempted to hang on to these fabulous stones.

But I decided instead to enchant these earrings with the powerful spirit of the greatest seductress in history…Jezebel. Using herbs and roots in the hoodoo tradition, I empowered these earrings with the quivering enticements of the ancient seductress. These earrings are dripping with Jezebel’s sensual charms and feminine magnetism..and now you can possess the sexual mystique that will draw lovers helplessly under your spell.

MysticTopazEarrings2.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Enchanted Mystic Topaz Earrings

Jezebel Seduction Spell

To purchase Enchanted Jewelry, or just to see what other magick might be waiting for you, follow this link:


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