Surviving the Cursed Winter Wonderland

We made it through this last major winter storm, none the worse for wear, but a little frayed where the nerves are concerned– six kids, two adults, and seven cats– all hunkered down while the winds howl and the snow blows and the storm rages outside our humble cottage.

Gawds, I hate winter. I don’t know how/why I’ve managed to stay in the upper mid-west all of my 52 years…insanity or lack of ambition, it must be one of those. Personally, I’d vote for insanity, as lack of ambition would be embarrassing.  Anyway, the sun is shining once more, but the temperature has taken a nose dive, and we woke up this morning to well below zero temps– actual temps, not that crazy wind-chill ‘this-is-what-it-feels-like’ spiel.

In winter, I do believe that Mother Nature is out to kill us– or to weed out the weaklings, that only the strongest may survive. Egads. Survival of the fittest.



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