Hex-breaker Curse Removal Spell & Happy Hearth Spell

From The Witch’s Corner:

Enchanted Jewelry

amber earrings– silver– stud design–
3/4" length

Hex-breaker Curse Removal Spell

AmberEarrings1.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

These amber stones are so brilliant and golden, called ‘Butter Cream Amber’, that it was actually difficult for me to get a clear photo of them.  They shine bright, like the sun, which is the planet amber is associated with.  Amber’s energy is projective (male), its elements are Fire and Akasha (Spirit).  The Deity connected to this stone is The Great Mother.  Amber is often referred to as ‘The Witch’s Stone’, and you will see it used widely in combination with jet.  It’s magick energy is often used in spells for luck, healing, strength, protection, beauty, and love.

Amber is often worn as protection against negative magick and is used to dispell negative energy.  It’s worn by witches and shamans to strengthen their spells, worn by women to enhance their beauty and natural sexuality, and has long been used to combat infertility, to attractthe right mate, and to battle impotency.

To these beautiful amber earrings I have added a spell to break hexes or curses cast your way– either purposefully by the magickally crafted, or unwittingly by those who may be jealous, petty, have ulterior motives, or are just plain mean-spirited.

With the help of this spell and these earrings, you will now be able to bounce any negative energy sent your way back to the sender and seal it there. 

AmberEarrings3.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

 Amber Earrings

Hex-breaker Curse Removal Spell


To purchase these earrings, or to view other available items, follow this link:


 fairie.gif star image by Aquanuan

moonstone earrings– .925 silver– french hook, drop design

Happy Hearth Spell

MoonstoneEarrings1.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

The wonderful feeling of warmth, contentment, and security that you feel seated around the kitchen table with your family, or gathered in the backyard for a summer’s barbecue can be enhanced and maintained with the help of a Happy Hearth Spell.  This spell acts as a protective barrier against negative energy and influences that may cause friction and upheaval in your home.  It binds the positive energy of the occupants to create a stronger alliance and loyalty.

To these elegant moonstone earrings, I have cast a Happy Hearth Spell.  The essence of the Goddess and the female energy of the homemaker and hearth keeper have been instilled within this enchanted piece of jewelry.  This is a spell/blessing that can be passed down from mother to daughter, for generations to come.

Moonstone is a blue, white, or pink feldspar and has long been connected to the moon, the Goddess, and magick. Moonstone’s energy is receptive; it’s planet the Moon.  It corresponds to the element of Water, and particularly to the deities– Diana, Selene, Isis, and all lunar goddesses. 

MoonstoneEarrings2.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

 Moonstone Earrings

Happy Hearth Spell


To purchase these earrings, or to view other available items, follow this link:



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