Enchanted Jewelry– Papa Legba Protection Spell

Moss Agate ring– .925 sterling silver–
size 8.5– large setting, big ring

 Papa Legba Protection Spell

MossAgatering1.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

To this beautiful– and impressive– moss agate ring, I have called upon the hoodoo spirit of Papa Legba in the form of a protection spell.

Papa Legba is the famous, and infamous, spirit of the crossroads, often appearing as an old black man.  He’s a spirit from the West African Voodoo tradtion, and you will find him under the guise of many other names, including:  Elegba, Exu, and Papa La Bas– his New Orleans incarnation.

 Papa Legba is a trickster who delights in practical jokes and word games, but he is also a spirit of amazing generosity and protective care.  He protects infertile women, removing obstacles to motherhood; and he assists the poor, often opening up paths and removing obstacles that hinder their growth towards prosperity.  It is said that Papa Legba stands at the crossroads with his shepherd’s crook, where he opens and closes access to life’s path.

 Papa Legba’s days are Monday & every third day of the month, his colors are red, black and white, his numbers 3 and 23.

The agate in general is used in spells and magickal rituals involving strength, bravery, fertility, strength, courage, longevity, and healing.  It’s energy is receptive (feminine) and it’s element is the earth.

Due to its curious markings, which suggest moss or trees, the moss agate is considered the gardener’s talisman.  It’s worn to relieve a stiff neck, to lend energy to the depleted, and for healing purposes.  It is also used in spells involving riches, happiness, and long life.  Wear this stone to make new friends and to discover ‘treasure’.

MossAgatering3.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

Enchanted Moss Agate Ring

Papa Legba Protection Spell

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