This Man is Using My Name in a Fake Link:

I googled my name recently and discovered that a website is using my name and video readings to link to thier own website where they are selling/giving away tarot merchandise from another website.

This is the ad that came up with the google:

Watch Video Tarot Readings with Lady Amythyst6 Feb 2010 by Lady Amythyst Raine You might say that a video tarot reading is the next best thing to a live reading.
     · Cached page

    This is the page that actually comes up when I clicked on this link:

    I didn’t see a way to contact these people unless I signed up at their website.  Does anyone here have any suggestions?


    I found this character’s email address on the site:

    When you first go to the page, it tells you that you can get a free tarot book.  Close this offer and you will find out what he’s really up to.  He’s selling very demeaning and deragotory material dealing with tarot reading and tarot readers, calling us all scam artists, etc. etc….and ironically, he’s using what looks like a link to me to bait people.

    I encourage everyone who is interested in free speech and in the art of divination and the freedom to practice this art, to contact this man and tell him what you think.


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