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I’ve been psychic ever since I can remember. My earliest days of childhood are filled with what the general population would consider ‘unusual experiences’. My grandmother, the woman who raised me, viewed this phenomenon as completely natural. Thus, as a small child– so did I. Then, in 1969, a psychic experience was to change my life forever…



Easter Sunday, 1969, I was 12 years old.

It had been a horrendous winter. My Aunt & Uncle had been snowed in for months. We were only able to have Easter dinner with them by driving a long route and coming in from the east as opposed to the more direct west route. Even then, we had to park our car on top of a hill and walk part of the way to their farmhouse, down a hill, across a small valley and up over the next hill.

It was after dinner. The women were still in the kitchen chatting. My uncle and grandfather were sitting in the living room listening to music, along with my sister and me. We were both perched on the edge of a long piano stool.

I looked across the room at my Uncle, who was stretched out on the sofa, one arm behind his head. As I watched, I was startled and fascinated to see the back of the sofa suddenly swing forward and close over him. I realized that I was seeing my uncle in a coffin with the lid being closed. I shook my head and blinked my eyes to rid myself of this vision.

Later in the afternoon, he left to go outside and check the water levels in the driveway, where the melting snow was beginning to cause flooding. My sister and I were standing in the dining room window, watching him walk up to the house.

We turned away.

A second later we heard a muffled noise, and my Aunt came hysterically screaming from the kitchen doorway, “Mom! Mom!”…calling my grandmother.

My Uncle had stepped into the entryway off the kitchen and collapsed.

They called for an ambulance—which came in the wrong way, the way that was still blocked with deep snow banks, and they had to turn around to come in the same way we did. They also had to walk a gurney the same path we took, across the valley. It took so long for help to get there.

My uncle died that day.

For years afterward, I thought that by seeing that vision I had caused it to happen. I spent a great many years deliberately attempting to squelch any psychic thoughts. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I finally told my grandmother about that day and what I saw. She reassured me that what I had seen had been a premonition and had nothing to do with causing the event.

It was then that I really began to understand.

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Paranormal State, Medium, and Ghost Hunters are three of my family’s favorite programs. Perhaps the reason for this is that paranormal experiences are not unusual occurrences for us, and we enjoy nothing better than a good ghost hunt or viewing some documented paranormal activity:

Growing up in my grandmother’s house prepared me for the paranormal occurrences that I would experience in this, my own house. My grandmother’s house was very active and anyone with an ounce of sensitivity to such things was always very aware of it…the feeling of being “watched” when no one else was near you, the hair suddenly standing up on the back of your neck and the sensation that “someone” was standing behind you, unintelligible whisperings in the dark of the night, a blanket being pulled from you by something you couldn’t see, lights going off and on with no explanation—and stove burners doing the same unnerving thing, objects occasionally moving, etc.

Growing up with these occurrences, I thought it was natural—wasn’t everyone’s house like this? Apparently not, I was to learn as I became older. That enlightenment helped me to appreciate, study, and cope with paranormal activities on a very basic level. It also taught me to conquer any fear.


During the night, my youngest daughter called out to me in distress from her bedroom. When I went to her, she was thrashing around in her covers, upset and frightened. I asked her what was the matter.

“There’s ‘A Lady’ bothering me,” my daughter told me.

After a few more questions, this is what I got: “The Lady” had been standing beside her bed off and on during the night. The Lady was angry or upset or sad.

Unlike the majority of parents, when my children describe unseen entities and paranormal activity to me, I believe them. Also, while standing by my daughter’s bed talking to her, I had a rush of tingling goose flesh run from the bottom of my feet up my legs. I knew that some kind of presence was in the room.

In order to clear my daughter’s room of this “Lady”; I lit a white candle and some incense, tossed a handful of salt about—including under her bed, and left a small bowl of salt on her night stand. I told my daughter that if “The Lady” came to bother her again, she could just take a pinch of salt and toss it at the entity and it would go away.

Reassured, my child—and I—went back to sleep.

The next day came the daily local newspaper: Yesterday evening a pregnant young woman, along with her year old baby, was killed in a head on collision with a semi-trailer truck just a few miles north of our home. This young woman had been the daughter of the people we had bought this house from several years ago.

My daughter was sleeping in what had been this young woman’s bedroom.

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The following is an example of an online tarot reading. This single card spread was drawn for myself within the past two weeks and has no connection with any of my clients or readings done for them.

The events hinted at within this reading have already come to pass.

The 10 of Pentacles– Reversed..

Ten of Pentacles card reversed Pictures, Images and Photos

10/Pentacles (R)…The ten of coins (or pentacles) usually represents money that is somehow connected to family in some way, either through business ventures or inheritance, etc. Since the card is reversed, it points to a problem in this area– something that is not fair, or perhaps someone is not being honest, or there is some sort of legal obstruction tying this money up.

What you read above is the general meaning of this card.

Now I’ll look at it again. This time with the intention of an intuitive reading:

Upon this deck (the Universal Rider/Waite), at the bottom of the card, which is now the top of the card, there are two white hounds standing close together at their master’s feet. The white-haired master’s hand rests on the head of one of the hounds, telling me that whether this person is present or not, he still carries great influence in this matter.

There is a man and woman pictured on this card standing apart from the old man and his hounds. This group is divided, which tells me that there are divisions among family members, sides chosen with lines drawn in the sand, loyalties laid out, etc.

The image of the child hiding behind the couple leaps out at me in a blaring revelation. This ‘child’ is reaching out, from behind the couple, laying his hand on the rump of one of the white hounds. This ‘child’ represents a person who is orchestrating these events and manipulating the outcome of this legal matter from behind the scenes.

All in all, this seems to be a pretty sordid story derived from today’s card. “Dysfunctional’ probably does not begin to describe the family or group of people involved in this situation.

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Bad News…How much do you reveal?

I will never predict a death. In the first place, I don’t think human beings in general are meant to handle news of this nature, this magnitude. Allison Dubois has stated that “our guides/guardians will never give us more information than we can handle”– and the tarot reader shouldn’t either. Of all the beings on the face of the earth, humans are the only creatures who are intellectually aware of their mortality. Was this suppose to be a blessing, or more of a curse? I wonder. And besides, your future– your destiny– is not set in stone. Remember?

At the last minute someone may change the route they are taking. Another might make a spur of the moment decision to set up a complete physical with their doctor. And yet, someone else might miss a plane, lose a train ticket, or make a sudden and unexpected change of plans that is totally against their usual nature.

As your reader, it is my responsibility to plant a gentle seed of warning, to encourage extra precaution where the cards indicate it is warranted. It is not my job to flood a querent’s existence with fear and anxiety– we face enough of that in our modern world without adding to it unnecessarily.

Cheating lovers…This is one of those decisions best made on an individual basis. Are we talking about a deceased spouse/lover and newly revealed information about what has been, or does this information deal with the present and an affair that’s in progress? Will the querent benefit by this information, or will it only serve to hurt them? It’s my opinion, in the first scenario, that there would be no purpose served. Why not let the querent remember the deceased loved one and the good times for what they were. Revealing information about an affair posthumously would not be beneficial to the living partner and would only taint the memories they hold dear. As for revealing an infidelity in progress, I would have to weigh the pros and cons for each situation and each querent on a case by case basis. Would this information benefit them legally? Financially? Emotionally?

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Chilling is the only way I can describe this dream:

I see this dream through a woman’s eyes. I’m there, inside her body, but I’m not her; and in this dream I realize that. I’m ‘along for the ride’, so to speak.

Her husband is a man with serious emotional problems. He has a ‘good’ side and a ‘bad’ side. The bad side will try to talk the good side into performing acts of deviance, including murder. The victims are children, little girls. This wife is aware of her husband’s actions, sickened by them; but she does not go to the police—which I found perplexing. I think she’s afraid.

In my dream, the couple is at home with their children. I didn’t see their faces clearly, but I believe they are little girls, two or three of them, from six to ten years old. The man had been arguing between his two selves and the ‘bad’ side had won.

His daughters were having one of their friends coming over to play, and he prepared for this little girl’s visit. All the while the wife is watching, knowing what’s going to happen. I’m inside her body and I’m aware of her thoughts: she doesn’t want this to touch her children and affect their lives, she feels empathy for the child who will be her husband’s next victim, and she’s struggling within herself to gain control.

Finally, the doorbell rings and the young visitor is let into the house.

The man sits on a large overstuffed chair. He’s calm and unperturbed; and in his lap he holds a dark cloth folded into a square, on top of which are a blindfold and a long silver chain—like the kind you would see in the dog section of pet supplies.

The couple’s daughters greet their guest and then the man says in a very casual, friendly tone, “Why don’t you come over here and sit next to me?” And the little girl bounces over and perches on the arm of the chair, smiling and completely oblivious to the danger so close at hand.

She’s about 6-8 years old. She has on pink slacks and a light grey jacket; very sandy blond/brown hair to her shoulders, with the top part pulled back and held with a pink ribbon.

The man’s wife watches from another chair and suddenly she rises, breaching the small gap between herself and her husband. She reaches down for the pile of cloth and chain that he holds in his hands and she takes a hold of it, looking him in the eye, she says with a very distinctive voice, ripe with warning in it: “We’re just going to have a nice, quiet visit today.”

It was at this point that my youngest daughter woke me out of this dream by knocking on my bedroom door.

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