My Astrological Profile

A  few years ago, armed with my birthdate and a book on astrology, I created an astrological profile for myself.  It took me a little while to do this, with my nose to the book, scimming numerous planetary charts found in the back, flipping back and forth for the information I needed in the front, etc. etc.    I had never realized before how absolutely precise a science this is and why it’s so imperative to have not only a date of your birth, but an exact location and time as well.  It is downright spooky how accurate this is, although I’m sure this is nothing in comparison to a profile or chart prepared by a professional.





THE BRIGHT SIDE OF SCORPIO MOON: You are more imaginative, determined, ambitious, emotional, and idealistic

THE DARK SIDE OF SCORPIO MOON: You are more obstinate, secretive, jealous, resentful, domineering

Scorpio is the astrological sign of death and regeneration, also of extremes of emotion. The effect of Scorpio is to underline the Moon’s sensuous power and at the same time bring out its forcefulness. If you have the Moon in Scorpio you have a spiritual nature and intense feelings that motivate your actions.

You are very clever at hiding your true feelings. A Moon in Scorpio is one of the more difficult lunar positions. Though you are driven by strong passions you tend to deny that they are your motivation. You often disapprove of your emotions (for example, your anger or jealousy), and therefore keep your reactions hidden under a calm, agreeable surface.  You can exercise great self-control. If an experience becomes painful, you cut yourself off from your feelings (in effect, kill your pain) rather than continue to suffer. You particularly dread any form of rejection.

Your ability to deaden feelings allows you to feel in control, but it is also the path to slow destruction of the spirit. In Scorpio, the lesson of finding your Moon’s true potential for wisdom and self-mastery is often difficult. Basically, you must learn to let go emotionally and FEEL your pain, and through the experience expand your phenomenal ability to love.

A Moon-in-Scorpio person possesses enormous willpower and acute powers of observation. Your judgments are shrewd and accurate. You are blessed (and/or cursed) with a phenomenal memory. This is usually a great aid to you in your work, but it causes you to brood over an emotional wound or injury. Some Scorpio-Moon types will never forget and will wait years to get revenge. This does not necessarily mean that you are cruel and vengeful, but at any time in life you can instantly recall a slight to your pride—remember exactly what the other person said and how bitterly you felt at the time.

Your persistence and determination enable you to rise above obstacles, and this Moon position unfortunately has more obstacles than others. There is usually a secret sorrow or trouble in the lives of Moon-Scorpios that very often concerns family problems or health. This lunar position creates a need for escape into fantasy, although higher Scorpio-Moon types use the spiritualism that is so much a part of this sign to do work that benefits humanity.

Though passion is always factor with you, your sexuality can be sublimated in other areas, such as creative work or a career that demands self-sacrifice. Work is important to you, for it is through work and effort that you are best able to express yourself. You have high standards, and pride of craftsmanship is visible in all your endeavors. You tend to be ambitious and are endowed with executive ability. 

Without even being aware of it you possess a sensuality that attracts the opposite sex. This is often a source of difficulty in your love life, and many lunar Scorpios marry more than once. A fear of being controlled is at the core of your relationship issues. For you to be in a position of emotional vulnerability puts you in a classic Scorpio deathlike situation, for to be unsafe means you are at the mercy of another person. It is almost impossible for you to put complete trust in someone else, and it takes a long time for you to commit yourself fully. The secret is your great need for emotional security and, in a sense there is no security that is secure enough. However, once you feel unthreatened, you are capable of deep love.  

No matter what your Sun sign may be, the Scorpio-Moon qualities of persistence and intensity run through your personality. If your Sun is in an air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), a Scorpio Moon bestows deep mental powers and an ability to captivate the public.

Whatever your Sun sign, a Moon in Scorpio gives you a strong inner core of self-reliance, an arresting sensuality, and a magnetic flair for influencing others.

Any person born with the Moon in Scorpio is inclined to express feelings in indirect ways which conceal great intensity. At times virtually psychic, the Moon in Scorpio is often gifted with deep instinctive insight into others’ motives. Capable of passionate and enduring attachments, yet proud and unforgiving in the face of hurt or humiliation, a person born with the Moon in Scorpio can be frightened of the potential control loved ones may wield. There is often conflict between the longing for closeness and the fear of being at others’ mercy through feelings of dependency and need.

The moment you’re challenged or provoked, the floodgates of emotion open. Whatever your reaction to a situation—positive or negative, analytical or intuitive—it will definitely be very emotionally expressed. You expect others around you to show the same enthusiasm for life that you have, and you don’t hesitate to express your disapproval when they don’t. Jealousy can be a major problem, on the home front or at work. Remember that your powerful emotionality can be destructive when negatively channeled; but it’s an enormously beneficial asset when used positively.


This position of Mercury gives a fine analytical quality to the mind. You like to deal in facts before you make up your mind you must know all sides to the question and get all the information available in order to analyze it. Once you form a theory, you’re quite convinced it is the truth. Henceforward, you expect reality to conform to your ideas, rather than vice versa. You have an intellectual intolerance for people who are sloppy in their thinking; you don’t really understand human failings. Your emotional detachment makes you an excellent scientist, researcher, teacher, or reporter. You are very quick to learn and can usually memorize long pages of material. A fault is your eagerness to take on too much work or too many projects. You wear yourself down, and at times become nervous and hypercritical. As a mercury-Virgo you have a superb talent for creative crafts.

Any person born with Mercury in Virgo understands life through a complex process of weaving detailed fragments of experience together to form a coherent and orderly whole. The analytic faculty is usually highly developed, and versatility and clarity characterize thinking and expression. Confused or ambiguous statements and events are experienced as threatening, and must be defined and fitted into the overall pattern. Mercury in Virgo learns best when provided with clear information, which can be thoroughly digested independently of others’ interference.

Mercury rules Virgo as well as Gemini, and its influence is strengthened by that fact. The combination encourages an excellent ability to analyze problems and assess every aspect of them with thoughtful insight. Common sense and practicality rule here, and you’re not happy if you feet aren’t planted firmly on the ground. Watch out for a tendency only to feel safe when you know exactly what you have to do and how to do it—in every situation. This may lead to an over preoccupation with detail and a tendency to be short-sighted about larger issues. You may have an excess of highly charged nervous energy. You need to find positive outlets for this to avoid possible stomach upsets and migraines.

Librans who might otherwise suffer from procrastination and indecision will find these tendencies easier to control when Mercury works for them from Virgo. You won’t suffer from typical Libran laziness either.


With your Venus in Scorpio, being in love is an all consuming experience for you. There is a profound intensity to your emotions. Your sex life is passionate and demonstrative, and in a love affair it is the sexual side of the relationship that is emphasized. However, you also put love on a spiritual plane. Your deep need is to possess a lover wholly, to make your partner surrender to you body and soul. This, predictably, leads to stormy scenes; it is not easy for anyone to deal with such possessiveness. You are very sensitive to any rebuff; you can bristle like a porcupine. If someone does not respond to your love, you may even become vindictive. (If you have the Sun in Libra or Sagittarius, however, the jealous drive is lightened.) Venus-Scorpios tend to become involved in lucrative marriages or business partnerships. You have a sweeping compelling imagination, and many of you do highly original artistic work.

Any person born with Venus in Scorpio seeks relationships which provide emotional depth, intensity and the potential for personal transformation. Shallow ties are of little interest, but there is a capacity for total self-sacrifice and devotion toward a deeply loved individual. Venus in Scorpio can be extremely possessive, and the partner’s loyalty must be beyond suspicion. Betrayal and humiliation are rarely forgotten or forgiven, and early painful experiences may produce a proud veneer of detachment which conceals great vulnerability and need.

People with Venus in Scorpio need all the elements of a happy love life if their relationship is gong to be fulfilling and lasting: romance, a satisfying sex life, harmony, friendship, and affection. When all these positive elements are present, you should be able to cope with the almost inevitable (but usually occasional) displays of jealousy and resentfulness. 

Behind the romance which is always a strong presence in Librans, there lies a sexual urge so dynamic that your initial air of romantic mystery lasts but a moment once you’ve made physical contact.


When Mars is in Libra the power of this planet seems to fluctuate. You are impulsive and sensuous in your sex drive. A great deal of your energy is spent forming emotional relationships. Yet you have a languid attitude toward sex and often must be sought after rather than be the aggressor. You are idealistic and esthetic; crudeness of any kind turns you off. You prefer liaisons with cultivated, sophisticated lovers, but tend to become involved in unhappy sex relationships. This position of Mars is excellent for a unique artistic or literary talent. There is a great beauty and balance in your work. You have an enviable ability to make a pleasing impression on the public. Mars-Librans believe passionately in fair play. Your actions are always preceded by a careful weighing of the pros and cons.

Any people born with Mars in Libra expresses will apersonal desire in a refined and gracious way which accommodates others’ wishes. The pursuit of goals is civilized and cooperative, but there may be difficulty in expressing anger or engaging in open competition. Ethics temper self-assertiveness to the point where a backlog of frustration may suddenly surface in extreme anger, which in turn leads to anxiety if others are offended. Initiative is inspired by approval and feedback, and Mars in Libra works best when involved in partnership or group activities.

The romantic Libran approach to life, delightful as far as it goes, is spiced up in a welcome way by Mars. You still crave romance, love, and harmony in a relationship, but you’re also more sexually active than the typical Libran. On the other hand, Mars will find it difficult work indeed to exert any authority from its placement in Libra. Even Mar’s considerable energy can be drained by the Libran “I can’t-be-bothered” attitude. One of the planet’s effects will be to encourage you to fall in love at first sight, which often leads to heartbreak. You may be troubled by headaches (perhaps caused by slight kidney upsets), and you tend to quarrel over nothing. You aren’t keen on exercise, either, though you enjoy the social side of a good health club, which may tempt you into action.


Jupiter in this sign bestows a magnetic and charming personality. Luck comes to you through your artistic talents and your eye for beauty and harmony. Many of you are talented musicians, painters, interior decorators, fashion designers, and art collectors. You have a knack for getting your relent on display and winning friends in high places. You like to entertain, and many o your allies are won n the relaxed and genial atmosphere you are able to create. More than natives of any other Jupiter position, you benefit from marriage. Marriage often brings social position and wealth, and sometimes an entree into the business world. Jupiter- Librans are most successful in partnerships; you should never start a business completely on your own. Your finely balanced reason and impartiality would make you an excellent judge, lawyer, or diplomat. Your luckiest times of the year are when the Sun is in the sings of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

Any person born with Jupiter n Libra renews faith in life through the transformative potentials of relationship. Hope and inspiration are triggered by sharing ideas and ideals with sympathetic companions and each new experience of beauty and harmony with another individual increases confidence and trust in life. A partner who stimulates and is stimulated by the individual’s creative efforts is essential for feelings of well-being. Life is perceived as a journey on which the most meaningful experiences are found in the company of others.

This placement of Jupiter makes for a really attractive character—laid-back, sympathetic, charming, and friendly. But…you can be so laid-back that nothing ever gets done until tomorrow (which, of course, never comes!). You may also love the luxuries of life so much that whenever you have a little money everything stops—including work—so that you can take your time enjoying a plate of something good and a glass of something even better. Nor will you be especially keen on stretching your mind or accepting challenges. A partner may be able to help you be more grounded. Your need for a partner, by the way, will be great: you hate to be alone and you need to share. Be careful about relying too much on a partner, however, though he or she will certainly get ample love and affection in return.


In Sagittarius, Saturn has the effect of delaying success until the lessons of patience and perseverance are learned. You may encounter adversity and setbacks early in life, and often must work hard and long to receive what is due you. However, as you get older you acquire wisdom, vision, and a depth of understanding that fashions you into a leader. Saturn gives your mind a philosophical bent;; you can usually face up to what life offers because you put your faith in the long-term outcome. This is an excellent position for success in law, politics, writing, and foreign affairs. Saturn, however, emphasizes Sagittarius’s tactlessness and cynical point of view. It is possible you may suffer a blow to your reputation because of something heedless you have said. As a Saturn-Sagittarian you experience inner conflict between your need for order and security and your desire to seek adventure and challenge. Natives of this Saturn position are susceptible to accidents involving the hips and thighs.

Any person born with Saturn in Sagittarius urgently needs to develop religious or philosophical views which give purpose to life.   The individual may experience a deep fear of the meaninglessness of mortal existence. Defense mechanisms often include a tendency to distill everyday situations into rigid moral or spiritual generalizations which provide a sense of personal destiny. Although aspirations toward divinity may be controlled or even repressed, Saturn in Sagittarius secretly longs to be “chosen” and exempt from the lot of ordinary mortals.

In Sagittarius, Saturn insists that you develop your full intellectual potential—and encourages you to study until you’ve done so. This pattern of learning goes on throughout your life, not just at school. The planet also encourages you to speak your mind decisively and sometimes bravely, because your ideas and opinions won’t necessarily be those of the majority. You want to act on your opinions, without delay; but you often find yourself hesitating (and then are puzzled about that hesitation). The fact is that a part of you is instinctively aware of the difficulties and drawbacks in many situations, and Sagittarian enthusiasm will be restrained by the cautious influence of Saturn. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A measure of caution— a quality that one side of you despises—may well save your hide in situations where there’s just too much gong against you.


Uranus exerts a formidable influence in the expansive sign of Leo. As a native of this position, you have a forceful personality and express yourself through leadership. You have a desire to be a hero or heroine. Your creative mind constantly spins new idea, but you are not content merely to see your concepts carried out. YOU must be on display as well; you want the credit and the attention. Uranus in this position often brings sudden opportunity through romantic relationships. Uranus also takes youfar a field in your sea4rch for new and different pleasures. You tend to have luck in gambling, especially on sporting events. At times you give an impression of being too defiant and independent.

Uranus in Leo describes a need to break free of conventional behavior and unlock creative potentials through greater self-involvement. Although the individual may not willingly undertake actions which are deemed egocentric by partners, family or society, life will sooner or later offer the challenge of remaining loyal to one’s own unique vision, talents, and personal destiny. There may be a reaction against the overly dutiful ethos of the previous generation. Self-expression, for Uranus in Leo, is the key to a sense of inner freedom.

You can be stubborn, and you’ll certainly be self-confident. Dynamic energy coupled with a desire for power can spell trouble, but you have a definite, and enormously positive, talent for leadership.


In the powerful sign of Scorpio, Neptune’s influence is shown in depth and intensity of feeling. Neptune-Scorpios are drawn to what is hidden from public view and want to uncover the truth. In years to come, this generation will continue to fight for more open government and to rectify the probable secret damage done to our environment by ruthless profit seekers. Neptune-Scorpios have a true capacity for innovation and invention and are attracted to science, medicine, and genetics. While Neptune traveled through this sign off sex and mysticism, there was a breakdown of sexual taboos in society and a revival of interest in the supernatural. On a personal level, in this sing of spiritual regeneration Neptune brings an extraordinary psychic awareness and interest in the occult.

The generation born with Neptune in Scorpio idealizes intensity, depth and emotional confrontation. This group seeks a sense of redemption through dramatic expressions of personal transformation and the revelation of powerful and often primitive feelings. Although the individual may consciously adopt more detached views which reflect other factors in the birth horoscope, nevertheless Neptune in Scorpio embodies a secret passion which is reflected in the fashion, films and music popular among those born in this age group.

If Neptune is a personal planet in your birth chart, it will build your emotional intensity; if it’s well aspected, it will encourage natural talent and be a great help in achieving your ambitions. But it won’t have a strong effect unless either Scorpio is stressed elsewhere in the chart, or your emotions and talents are also encouraged by other factors.


During Pluto’s transit of Virgo, the sign of service to others, the Kennedy and Johnson administrations were committed to social programs. This was the era of the Great Society, of achievement in the fith5 for civil rights and, in the mid 1960s, a growing feminist movement. In this sign of health, some of Pluto’s influences on its generation are a new awareness of toxic food additives, an emphasis on holistic medicine, and concern over pollution of the environment. Virgo is also the sing of practicality, of putting facts to useful work. During Pluto’s transit of this sign, the two world superpowers were actively involved in space exploration. In 1969 a human being first walked on the Moon. The dark side of Pluto’s power was shown as the United States was plunged into turmoil by the assassinations of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and martin Luther King, Jr. Southeast Asia was torn by an unending was in Vietnam, which not only took its toll in lives and misery but also divided the nation emotionally.

When Pluto is in Virgo, the planet’s personal influence bestows a profound analytical quality to the personality. People under this influence seek perfection but are also suspicious and ready to find fault with the world around them.

Any person born with Pluto in Virgo belongs to a generation whose sense of collective survival depends upon transforming the material environment and healing the wounds of past abuses of the earth’s resources. The social issues challenging this group involve a major shift in attitudes toward work, ecology and heath. New technology and scientific knowledge may require radical changes in everyday habits, routines and relationship to the environment. Although the individual may be reluctant to allow such changes, it is likely that life will require them.

Are you an obsessive? It’s possible, especially if there are hints of this tendency elsewhere in your birth chart. Look at the influence of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo, and its house placing. If the two planets are negatively aspected, you may find it difficult to express yourself openly.


The first impression others receive of you is of someone in constant motion: your hands gesticulate, your eyes dart here and there, and your body does not sit still in a chair. Restlessness underlies your personality; it is the symptom of your yearning for something that is just beyond your reach. You need change and variety and are often discontent with your present lot. Gemini is the sign of duality and this is evident in the lives of Gemini Ascendants. You can be happy and unhappy at the same time, satisfied yet dissatisfied. Of course, this can be said of many people, but in your case you are discontent for a specific reason; you feel you have not lived up to your potential. You sense that there is an experience just over the horizon that will make you feel truly fulfilled, and you resent the strictures that you may think keep you from venturing out to find it.

A striking characteristic of Gemini-Rising people is their ability to use words to say exactly what is meant. To you, clarity is a tribute that words pay to ideas. You are well informed, witty, and mentally quick. Gemini-rising people tend to move into positions of prominence by force of will bet by their facile way of handling people. You adore having an audience. Many of you become actors and writers and are successful in the entertainment industry, TV, journalism, and the literary world.

As a Gemini-Rising person you have an excitable nature that is quick to react to any stimulus, to come up with an answer to any question—and also to get upset easily. You throw yourself into a project with verve and enthusiasm, then worry and fret (usually quite audibly) about this thing goingwrong or that person not liking you, about how LONG everything is taking. However, you have a marvelous mercurial quality, and your high spirits and interest are quickly revived. You go out of your way to keep busy, if not at your vocation then at your avocation. You love puzzles, games books, and the computer—anything that will amuse and occupy the mind.

There is a basic coolness to the Gemini-Rising personality. Even though you love to be with people and appear to have charming warmth, yours is a mental rather than emotional outlook. You deal with feelings and relationships exactly as you do with facts and figures—as things that can be analyzed. There is also a tendency to be egotistical, for fundamentally you know that you know better than others.

You like to encounter many different situations and people. You travel, change residences and occupations, and often marry more than once. Blessed with a natural sense of drams, you know how to heighten and brighten any experience.

As a Gemini Ascendant, you tend to have small sharp features, twinkling eyes that are filled with humor, a friendly smile, and graceful arms and hands that you use to great effect. You move with quickness and agility and hold on to your youthful looks well into old age.

The planet Mercury, which rules Gemini, is very prominent in your horoscope. The influence o Mercury bestows a high intellect, acute perceptions, cleverness, adroitness in speaking and writing, and a flair for foreign languages. It also encourages arrogance, sarcasm, snobbishness, cynicism, and disorganization.

Any person with the Ascendant in Gemini approaches life with great curiosity and a desire to learn everything about everything. Communicative, versatile and often physically and mentally restless, those with Gemini on the Ascendant need constant feedback, and as broad a range of contacts as possible with whom to share ideas and ideals. Like a child in a toy shop, Gemini rising receives the world as an endless array of fascinating people and things to be explored—even if this means regularly leaving earlier enthusiasm behind.






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