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Some people believe in angels…I prefer to cast my chips with the Fairies. I never was comfortable with angels, even as a child. I didn’t perceive them to be the soft and cuddly, feel good, guiding, watchful creatures that the PR people in the Land of Christendom claimed them to be. Of course, not all fairies play on the white side either—but they’ve never pretended to. You know where you stand with a fairy.

As much as I adore Fairies, I choose not to work with their energy. I have found them to be masters of guile, quick-silvered, hot-fingered little kermunchigans. I got tired of my car keys, house keys, and *especially* my earrings disappearing. Granted, they have helped me retrieve (or given back to me) some missing jewelry at times, but they like to play ‘light fingered Louie’ too often for my taste. Their energy is often unpredictable and scattered.

For those of you who want to work with fairies, you might note that they do not like iron. As a matter of fact, iron is used to keep fairies at bay because it interferes with their energy. That means you don’t want ritual tools, like your iron cauldron, sitting about your cast circle when you’re trying to invoke these sprites. (You are invoking them from within a cast circle, I hope.) You might also notice that when your invocation is successful, some people actually experience a physical sensation as fairies make their presence felt. You may feel a tingling sensation on your arms or other exposed skin, kind of like the sensation you feel when little bugs are crawling on you. (Have you cast that circle yet?)

Below you’ll find a couple of links to sites with more information about these whimsical, sly, and elusive creatures:

Faerie Central



Irish Fairies


Faires…The Legend


2 thoughts on “Fairies

  1. Children believe and are able to see because they haven’t been taught not to. That comes with time, as well as cultural and religious pressure. This is one reason children also lose the natural ability to communicate with spirits by the time they’re four or five years old.

  2. My kids say they have seen fairies in the yard. I”m a skeptic. Why is it kids believe in that stuff but we feel weird about it as adults?

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