Female Only Gatherings

*This was orignally posted at The Goddess Grove and was written during a transition time for me.  I often wondered why I wasn’t drawn to this concept sooner.  Women cannot really let their hair down in a group where both men and women are present– if they say they can, they’re ‘joshen you– we can’t discuss our periods, how we *really* feel about sex– or about our husbands, we can’t discuss past episodes of lovers gone by, wishful thinking, sometimes even dreams and goals with male ears pricked and listening.  We just can’t– it’s a female thing– and this is what I’ve been trying to say.


How do you feel about this?…Invoking only the Goddess for rituals, holding female only circles, considering the Gods’ main claim to fame as being consort to the Goddess? 

Personally, in 51 years of living– through the Roman Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church, Christian Fundamentalism and the four husbands who drug me through all this, kicking and screaming I might add, I’ve been infused with enough male energy to last me several lifetimes.  I’m still trying to figure out why men think it is thier duty to direct every aspect of a woman’s life, including her spirituality!…And, by the way, it doesn’t work.

For myself, me personally– I’m ready and enthusiastic to embrace female Divinity, to take my place with the “Womyn” of the world, to reclaim power that was taken from women with the creation of the Eve/apple myth.  To quote Z Budapest– “Eve should have eaten a bushel of apples!– It was her tree!"

I know this will bristle some of the male population, but I’ve never kicked about ‘male only domains’– like gentlemen’s clubs and other good ole’ boys’ assemblage places; so I figure they don’t have the option of protesting when we womyn go off on our own little jaunts to the wild places to gather and drum and dance and let loose with our spiritual expression.

And that’s ’bout ’nuff said– for the moment!

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2 thoughts on “Female Only Gatherings

  1. Greetings… 🙂

    No it shouldn’t be controversial, but you wouldn’t believe the flak and fuss this idea has caused in some circles. I’ve been labeled a “Feminist”, which I am– wholeheartedly, but it was given a dirty ‘tone’ and made to sound like something undesirable.

    It shouldn’t be a problem at all, women gathering together. Men have gone off for years to gather for their secret societies, etc., and I don’t think women have ever given it too much thought. But I’ve had men deliberately apply at my online circle, The Goddess Grove, when it is clearly a female only spot. I’ve even had them disguise themselves as women to try to get in. When I first began the Grove (at Myspace), there were men who would come on and publicly leave nasty responses as comments in the blogs. I had to tighten the privacy settings. Why men would behave this way is beyond me, and I can’t really see that they would enjoy themselves all that much at the Grove discussing monthly periods, babies, menopause and other female issues.

    Perhaps this is more controversial in some parts of the country than in others? I think it speaks loudly about male maturity and self-confidence.

  2. I know this is controversial in some trads, but it hasn’t ever been in mine. I don’t really see what the fuss is about having women’s mysteries. Even in ancient times people had all women rituals for certain God/esses and festivals.

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