Tea Time with the Witch: Magick in the Air

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I have been so busy lately that I meet myself coming and going, no kidding.  🙂 

There’s been a sharp rise in letters and emails coming in from total strangers asking for advice, spells, tarot readings, mentoring, and a million other things.  If I haven’t answered your message, it is nothing personal– really!— I just have more coming in than what I can keep up with.  Letters/emails from family, close friends, tarot clients, or customers take top priority; I’ll get to any other letters the best I can and still, I probably won’t be able to answer every piece of correspondence coming in.

But know that your interest and your enthusiasm are both welcome!  Just because I can’t answer everything that comes to me, it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy hearing from you.

I’ve also been straddling a writing project that I feel compelled to pour my efforts into rather than correspondence, since I’ve given myself a deadline that I’ve missed once so far, this snatches away some of my time and creativity for personal letter writing.  I’m attemtping to put my nose to the grindstone harder right now with our home schooling, as I have witchlings transitioning from junior high this year– and math is a major, major priority.  I also have to get my house ready for company at the end of this month– my coven is coming to celebrate Beltaine.  Remember, on my myspace page I said that I was a ‘hit and miss housekeeper’, well this has really come back to bite me in the rear.  I have so much to do in this respect, trying to get things whipped into shape around here, that just knowing where to start sends me into a tizzy.

Despite all this there are some new things up at The Witch’s Corner, and some updates for tarot readings, and what not…

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Bright Idea

Abrightideabottles2.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

These are elemental bottles, geared to the magick of the element of "Air" and contain the herbs used for Air magicks…These bottles deal with communication, ideas, creativity, the breath of life, poetry, music, the muses, the spark of thought, fairie magic, and the sylphs.

Bright Idea Bottles
click  Here

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New Item!

Oriental Pendents

Abrightorientalpendents.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

The four pendents shown above are unique hand-crafted one-of-a-kind items being offered.  The four you see
here are all that is available.

Red Tara Spell

To these beautiful pendents that hold the flavor of the east, I’ve added a Red Tara Spell…

Red Tara is a Tibetan goddess of love and wealth.  She is also known as "The Mother of Perfected Wisdom", and she takes delight in and is drawn to an open mind and a receptive heart.  Tara represents the virtues of success and achievement. She is a tantric deity who will help you develop certain inner qualities and understand deeply ‘compassion’. 

One reason for Tara’s popularity is the fact that she became known as a Buddhist deity who could be invoked directly by the common people.

And to these beautiful pendents I’ve added the Red Tara Spell, invoking this ancient goddess and summoning her power.  From this spell, you will draw upon ancient wisdom and gather insight you never dreamed possible.

Click  Here

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Tarot Readings

I’m now offering telephone readings.  After purchasing a reading at paypal, you may call the number listed to set up an appointment for your reading.

I’ve had several requests for this type of option at my tarot site for some time, we’ll see how it works for everyone. 

The tarot readings at my site come in a wide range of prices to accomodate everyone, from online readings ranging in prices below $20.00 and up to $80.00, as well as video readings for $50.00.  The telephone readings are my most expensive option at $120.00– this was to insure two things for me…1) that I wouldn’t be swamped with so many reading requests I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demand and 2) to insure that the clients contacting me were serious about receiving a tarot reading and not someone who just wanted a chance to chat with me on the phone.

I’ve enjoyed reading tarot for the public, have made some wonderful friends from it, gained some incredible opportunities because of it, and have hopefully helped people through difficult circumstances or added new insight and food for thought to their daily lives.  Your positive responses and feedback have been greatly appreciated.

For more information, or to purchase a reading
click  Here

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