Tea Time with the Witch: Chatboxes & Rude Awakenings

Cafe-du-Matin-Print-C102639061.jpg tea time 1 picture by witch_of_endore

I’ve run into a recent and most unique experience where chat boxes are concerned.  I thought I would pass it on to you, along with my opinion of course, and a few new rules and boundaries that I think are necessary.

First, I have had the unique experience of people becoming extremely rude or angry with me if I 1) say a quick hello when they pop up, and then disappear to finish my work  2) do not acknowledge the chat box or their message at all or if I 3) don’t acknowledge the chatbox and their message soon enough.

Excuse me?

I have reasons for my behavior, I really do, I’m not so sure I can say the same thing for the outbursts that have come from the other side.

1)  If a say a quick hello and then disappear, I was obviously busy and was in the middle of a task when you interrupted me.  My brain is not the kind of brain that does well at multi-tasking, just ask my kids.  And when I’m on the computer, at least 95% of the time, it’s probably work related– not recreational.  I acknowledged you, as if I gave you a quick wave as we passed each other on the street.  Sorry, when I’m busy, this is as good as it gets.

2)  If I don’t acknowledge you at all, it could be for several reasons– one being that I didn’t notice the chatbox because I may have another window open and I might be off somewhere in a completely different world; or it could be that I recognize your profile pic and simply don’t want to talk to you, having received a stream of ‘hi, baby– how ya’ doin’ or ‘it is my problem that I am not marreed to yu’ messages from you before and I don’t care to repeat it (and yes, I really did receive this); or I’m simply busy/tired/having down time/lazy…yep, sometimes.

3)  If I answer you, but not fast enough, it could be for any of the above and a million other reasons.  The last time this happened it was because my computer froze up on Facebook.  By the time it thawed out and I could click on the chatbox to respond, the visiting chatter had left a nasty message and stormed off in a wounded huff.  I gather that I was suppose to remember a) who she was b) a message she had left me, but I’m not sure where that message was left at and there’s a hell of a lot of possibilities and c) I was ‘obviously not interested in helping her’– whatever that help may pertain to, darned if I know, and it will probably remain a mystery now.

I can tell you that, for starters, if anyone ever…*Ever*,  yes *Ever*… leaves me a rude, obscene, or downright nasty message in a chatbox, you will never…*Never*, yes that’s *Never*… get the chance to do it again.  You will also be wiped/blocked/and otherwise deleted from any connection I may find you on.

There’s enough screwballs, rude people, and hoodlums running around making people’s lives miserable– we don’t need to be verbally assaulted/scolded/belitted while sitting in our own cozy family room with the computer wearing our comfy (and very ratty) old black robe and favorite pair of socks while enjoying a solitary cup of coco before bed.

My rules are pretty simple:

1)  Be nice

2)  If we’re not close friends, don’t expect instant recognition

3)  If you need to contact me for business purposes relating to tarot readings, spells, magickal sales items, etc., do so in my regular yahoo email, which is found on my website– and type something relevent in the subject line so I know what it’s about, or you could get skipped over

4)  If I don’t respond, or if I disappear abruptly, I have my reasons.  And if I decide not to respond at all, that’s my perogative– so accept it gracefully and maybe next time we’ll have more of an opportunity to chat.


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