What is An Online Psychic Tarot Reading Really Like?


I am a professional tarot reader, psychic, and clairvoyant. I use the intuitve method of reading the cards, and I’m currently working on a manuscript for a tarot book based on this practice. I give online tarot readings at my website, as well as live in-house readings at various local new-age shops. I also post video readings on Youtube and Myspace; this is an option I offer my clients at my tarot site. Although the tarot is my favored form of divination, I also use the pendulum for dowsing.

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Following is an actual online reading done for one of my clients, posted anonymously of course:


Tarot Reading

12 card spread


1.    Will “Roger” and I get back together?



9/Pentacles          Page/wands          Queen/swords ®


Death…the great transformation, tremendous change, a complete turn around, endings and beginnings.

 Will you and “Roger” get back together?…At first glance, the answer would be ‘no’.  On second reflection, in order for this to happen—a reconciliation—1)  You must go through a major transformation; 2)  “Roger” must go through a major transformation; or 3)  the circumstances surrounding each of you must go through a major transformation.

 Tremendous life change is not something to fear, it is the doorway for new beginnings and new adventures.

 9/pentacles…This card represents a woman who is in a good place in her life.  She’s not only comfortable in the material sense of the word, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

 She has self-confidence, a solid idea of who she is, where she’s going in life, and what her ultimate goals will be.  This lady is also in control…more so than some people around her who have not yet reached this peak in life.

 This card either represent you, the essence of who you are; or it represents a phase of life/state of mind that you should make a conscious effort to achieve.

 Page/pentacles…The Pages are usually messengers, and this Page deals with business/financial/employment issues.  He heralds a message that may 1) change your financial position, 2) offer you an opportunity for growth in your career, or a new job, 3) bring to the table financial/business/employment issues that have been put off, perhaps shoved into the background.

 As figures on a checkerboard, this Page’s appearance may be giving you an opportunity to make the first move regarding these issues.  If this is the case, be sure to think things through carefully, thinking ahead to future results from a decision that you may make now.

 Queen/swords ®…This card, in its own way, seems to be reinforcing the key card to this group—Death. 

 The Queen of swords is most often a solitary woman.  In her solitude she often develops a sense of self-confidence and personal strength.  She generally achieves her goals through diligence, determination, and the ability not to be thrown off course by the issues of life around her.

 As a whole, this group of cards seems to be telling you to focus on “You”, on your career/employment, on your personal goals and ambitions, and less on your relationship with this man.


2.    Is he the right person for me?


The Lovers ®

The Moon ®          Ace/wands ®          King/pentacles


The Lovers ®…Since this card came up reversed for this very specific question, my first response would be a quiet ‘no’.  With that being said, I would expand on the meaning of this card in this position to say that 1) there may be too many conflicting issues, 2) there may be too much conflict between your personalities, and 3) there may be too wide a discrepancy in what each of you wanted from this relationship and how each of you sees the outcome.

 The Moon ®…This is perhaps the one card that I find most disconcerting when it shows its face in a reading regarding relationships.

 The Moon is generally telling me that someone is being deceitful.  This could mean several things—1) you are not being totally honest with “Roger”, 2) “Roger” is not being totally honest with you, 3) you are looking at this man or this relationship through rose colored glasses and not acknowledging certain negative or even destructive aspects of it.

 (*Side Note:  I feel that “Time” seems to be an issue here for some reason.)

 Ace/wands ®…The most important thing this card seems to be telling us is that, for some reason, this relationship is hampering your growth and success in career, business, or employment.

 The reversed wands also points to a lack of power, or loss of power.  You may be feeling right now that you have no control over your life or its outcome, as though everything is out of your hands.

 It’s very important that you lose this attitude and regain your own personal power and control over your life and the decisions you make.

 King/pentacles…This King may very well represent the man in question, “Roger” himself.  This gives me a clear impression of the situation regarding his personality and the situation you are facing.

 I’m going to list both the light and dark aspects of this card, though by coming up in an upright position, it is the light—or positive—aspects that are highlighted.

 The King of pentacles has a very ‘strong’ personality; even the quiet ones tend to maintain control of their surroundings and the people in it.  He’s cunning, often a good businessman, though he is able to cut throats to get ahead without batting an eye.  He takes competition very seriously.  He’s usually honest and fair when it comes to doing business with others, though he will take any advantage he can to succeed.

 The downside to this King is his need to have absolute control of everything and everyone around him.  And he often finds round-a-bout ways of accomplishing this.  He holds grudges big time.  Once you’ve offended him, he’s not apt to forgive quickly, or at all.  He also is very vindictive and may seek his own personal type of revenge against anyone he feels has wronged him—and he can be very creative in this endeavor.


3.    What is my direction in life meant to be?



5/swords          8/swords          7/wands


10/wands…Whichever direction you’re going, you are going to be shouldering a lot of responsibility, and this may put great weight upon you.  It’s something that, because you are aware of it now,  you can prepare for.

 This card may also be telling me that the directions you choose, as so many things in life really are a ‘choice’, may involve a lot of uphill moments, a lot of work and determination to complete or achieve.

 You should remember that, as so often is the case, the really important things in life require effort.

 5/swords…The direction that you choose may involve some conflict at some point. Though you may very well come out as the victor here.  If you allow yourself to constantly be drug into every squabble and confrontation, it will eventually wear you down.  This card is basically telling you to choose your battles wisely, and conserve your energy where you can in order to put it to better use.  Also, you may have to fight to succeed, to reach your goals, to find your place and purpose in life.

 8/swords…The direction you choose in life may, at times, leave you feeling ‘trapped’.  If this is the case remember:  You can always change your direction.  Sometimes where we end up is not where we meant to go, it’s not how we expected it to be, but that’s alright.  The future is not set in stone, but is faceted and formed by a series of events and decisions, some of these random—and this idea tends to rattle some people.

 Never settle for anything in life that makes you feel bound, or may restrict your freedom of thought, expression, or movement.  Always make decisions only after clearly looking at all the alternatives and consequences.  Making a decision in any other way would be like stepping off a cliff, having not been looking to see where you were going.

 7/wands…The direction you may take in life may not meet with the approval of all friends and family.  This might leave you feeling a bit defensive about the decisions you have made.

 By being aware of this, you can be prepared to defend these decisions if need be.


Also, know that when you have your back to the wall and really don’t see any way out, there is an opening, a means of escape, very close to you, you just won’t be feeling aware of it at the time because it won’t be blaringly obvious.



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