Enchanted Peruvian Earrings

I have several pairs of enchanted Peruvian earrings up and ready for sale.  They come in a variety of spells and stones…They are all the dangly style, 1.5– 2 inches in length, set in detailed silver settings.  Yet these earrings are very light and airy, easy to wear.  The enchantments include:

Good Health & Healing Spell
Personal Power Spell
Burning Passions & Flaming Love Spell
Spiritual Reconnection with the Mother Goddess
Reconnecting with the Spirit of a Loved One
Protection from the Negative Energies of Enemies
Chameleon Spell:  You are what they need to see.
Irresistiblity Spell:  You are irresistible to the one you desire.
Third Eye Spell:  Open Your Psychic Center

To view/purchase these earrings, or other Enchanted Jewelry, follow the url:




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    красиво 🙂

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