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I spent the greater part of my morning working on a tarot reading– the good old ‘online’ kind that requires a lot of writing and generally leads to some interesting insights.  I particularly enjoyed this reading, as I felt there was the potential for a lot of movement and growth here.  Promise and potential are within everyone’s grasp, but this doesn’t mean we’ll get what we want out of life without putting some effort into it.  Foreknowledge and action combine to produce the desired results.

The Horoscope Spread

August 2010


King/wands ® The Fool 2/pentacles ®


You will find a release from authority or something that you felt was constricting or limiting you in some way. It will mean a lessening of restrictions. This most likely could be in the work/financial area. However, if this King represents someone in your life, this card may represent either a growth in your own self-esteem and identity, as well as a lessening of this man’s grip. The King of wands, though he’s usually a good man, does have some issues with control.


The Fool tells us that you’ll be starting out on a new venture– or adventure. This card often heralds a new journey in the figurative sense, such as a new job, new enterprise or project, etc. I also feel that you have someone backing you up on this, someone who supports your efforts, whether you are aware of them, or they remain more in the background, sort of like a ‘silent admirer’. If you are empathic, you probably feel this energy. Occasionally this card has revealed a literal journey or trip…if so, don’t go alone. With the idea of an actual journey, the figure behind you takes on a different tone, sort of creepy. This does not mean that you altar your plans or must constantly look over your shoulder; it simply means you should be aware.


The final card for this month, the two of pentacles, suggests that you may have financial/business decisions to make. This could very well have something to do with the King above. When restrictions are lifted, when horizons are broadened, it can often mean that whole a new set of responsibilities is coming along with these changes. The fact that this card is reversed tells me that there may be negative issues to deal with in this department, and the decisions you make are going to be crucial to you in the future.


September 2010


The Hermit ® 8/wands 4/swords ®


The Hermit speaks to me of seclusion, solitude, but also of someone trying to find the way– either literally or figuratively…but I feel it’s more literal in this case. Someone is trying to find you. They seem to have something in their hand; I don‘t know if it‘s something physical they want to give you, or if it represents something figurative that they are holding– such as information, a message, etc. “Come to me” seems to be the primary essence of this card. I don’t usually find The Hermit to be an unusual or dark card, but what I’m getting from this card for this reading seems a little strange to me and it wreaks a bit of uneasiness or awkwardness.


The circumstances for this month are going to be expediated in a rash and abrupt fashion. Things tend to happen quickly when the eight of wands appears in a reading. Sometimes this is a good thing, and sometimes it may be a bit too fast and take your breath away, or leave you with a slightly off-kilter feeling that can result in your feeling a bit detached from reality. “Out of the mouths of babes” comes to mind when I look at this card. I feel that whatever course of events takes off this month, it will come from something that someone has said– whether through gossip, deliberately breaking a confidence, or simply someone with a big mouth.


With the four of swords comes a moment to rest and recoup, to regroup and regather. Towards the end of September, I feel that you may find some quiet time, at last, time for rest– both physically and mentally. When this card appears, I usually tell my clients to also be aware of and pay attention to any changes in their health, update physicals, pap smears, mammograms, etc. There’s nothing scary or ominous here, just a gentle tap on the shoulder that reminds us we have to take care of these bodies of ours.


October 2010


2/wands King/cups ® 8/cups


The two of wands brings to mind a wistful pairing, this is my first thought as I turn the card. Also there is the idea of ‘hanging on to what you have’, ‘a good port in the storm’– meaning a safe and quiet place to be in bad times. You might find the beginning of this month to be one of contemplation dealing with finances, money, and circumstances. Now is the time to quietly gather your thoughts, analyze a situation, look at all possible avenues open to you, and make some decisions about which way you’re going to go.


The King of cups is an enigmatic figure, as far as the kings go. This quiet, often sensitive and psychic man can have a surprising strength that most people don’t expect. With this card came a series of perceptions– There may be a Virgo male that is involved in your life somehow. I feel that this man likes to remain ‘below the surface’, which could mean hidden, or on the sidelines– more of an observer than a participant. From this unusual position, he often sees things in a different perspective than those around him. Sometimes this is a good thing, and sometimes it may be a bad thing– giving him the heeby jeebies when people don’t listen to him, because of course, they don’t share his view of the situation.


When the eight of cups shows its face, someone is usually leaving. This can mean either a literal physical act of leaving– someone is going somewhere; or it can mean leaving set of circumstances, a pattern of life, a relationship, etc. In either case, the end of this month will bring changes in this manner. Look to the period of the full moon in October to shed light on a situation, or to be a time of change.


November 2010


The Star Judgment 2/cups


This month will be a month to shine, but also a period of intense concentration and reflection, perhaps leading to an enlightenment involving yourself– who you really are, the core of you, what you want, your wishes and dreams, goals and aspirations. You may also find that during the first part of this month you are more aware of your femininity or your sexuality. With this card came the revelation that your muse will be close by during this dark month leading up to winter. You may find that you are filled with new ideas and your level of creativity rises dramatically. When new ideas hit you during this period, run with them. It’s your time.


The renewed self- confidence that you experience will give you a golden shine, meaning that figurative glow and allure that naturally draws people to you. Be aware of it now, because when the time comes, you may be so busy and involved with your own thoughts and endeavors you won’t notice the change– I believe this is what’s referred to as ‘taking things in stride’.


The focus this month will be on a partnership, a couple. If you are not in a relationship, the opportunity will present itself, and of course the timing is perfect as the cards above have pointed out. If this is referring to an already existing relationship, expect new sparks and an unexpected focus on romance. A new bonding will occur– if you’re not married, there could be a proposal; and if you are married, there may be a reaffirmation of commitment. If not an actual physical ceremony, then a private moment that will bring with it a sense of completion and bonding. Whichever of these scenarios plays out this month, you will find it a rewarding and fulfilling moment in your life.


December 2010


10/pentacles Strength ® The Emperor


With the ten of pentacles money is coming in from an unexpected source. This very well could be from family– such as through inheritance, business, etc., or through an individual and a private transaction. With this card also came the feeling of heritage, of history, of familial ties that are going to be highlight this month and that may be very important to you at this time. I also get the feeling from this card that you stand separate from this group, as though it’s you against them. This might be too strong a perception, but I feel that you are on the outside of this group, and they are all turned towards you, watching you to see what you’ll do next.


Often when Strength comes up reversed, someone is struggling to hang onto something– this could be something literal, like money, possessions, a person, etc., or this could be something figurative, like personal freedom, individuality, sanity, etc. This card speaks of facing something you are afraid of facing, or something that you’ve put off facing. Again, the literal or figurative interpretation is up for grabs, and the possibilities are always interesting. Whether it’s literal, such as family; or whether it’s your own personal demons, this month you’re going to have to buck up, suck it in, and face up to something. And the most surprising thing here is that you will be amazed at how easy it is after all and how much it will strengthen you in the end. We’re all stronger than we think we are; sometimes life tests us just to prove this point.


The Emperor is a very masculine card, filled with over-powering energies and often over bearing in it’s intensity, usually emphasizing the masculine, or even a male individual. However, this time it just seemed different. My perceptions: I got an intense feeling of sadness from this card. I feel this represents an older man, possibly connected to Aries in some way. Other odd impressions were cowboy boots, and horses (but that just might be me). A sense of hopelessness, possible despair, “I just don’t know what to do anymore”, etc. I have to say that it’s very rare that I’ve ever gotten such a defeated and melancholy feeling from the usually powerful figure on this card. If this card represents someone you know, I would suggest that you contact them and reconnect.


January 2011


8/pentacles ® 9/pentacles ® The Sun ®


Work, work, work…that is the essence of the eight of pentacles. And from this card I get the impression of deep concentration and commitment to purpose. Some odd impressions were– the cobbler, remember the old shoemaker in the fairy tale? He couldn’t finish all his work, so he’d do as much as he possibly could, intending to complete the task the next day, but during the course of the night, the fairies and elves would come out and finish his work for him. I feel that this month will find you deep in concentration, involved in a new project, employment, or a creative undertaking. Whatever it is, I feel an overwhelming sense of purpose at this time.


From the lady on the nine of pentacles I have the impression of coins galore, which may indicate a windfall, an unexpected bonus of cash from somewhere, and a sense of security that may not have previously been there. I feel that you should take your time making any financial decisions this month, and– this sounds so selfish, but there’s a lot to be said about self-preservation– consider your own financial well-being before anyone else’s. I don’t know how easy it will be for you to do this, but if you don’t, you might regret it. Don’t let anyone rush you into financial decisions before you feel you’re ready.


The Sun generally wreaks of happiness and success, but when reversed it often means this comes at a price, whether that price is simply a baptism by fire, or something even more ominous, remains to be seen. Other impressions– ‘Isis’…I feel there is a connection in some way to this goddess. If you are not aware of Isis, I would suggest that you acquaint yourself with her. Personally, I don’t ignore things like this. Divinity has a way of tapping us on the shoulder and stepping into our lives when we least expect it and often when we don’t want it. I don’t know what religion you are, and I don’t wish to offend you, but a little knowledge never hurt anyone, and I’m sure that Isis has something interesting, enlightening, or helpful to offer you. I also get the impression from this card of the Phoenix rising from the flames…triumph this month in your endeavors, rise from the ashes, tempered and stronger because of your ordeals.

February 2011


6/swords ® 5/swords 3/pentacles ®


The six of swords often speaks of someone going away, the finality of it though is more tempered than with the eight of cups. This represents a more gentle leaving, perhaps for a specific purpose, a quiet– maybe melancholy– trip that must be made with reverence and in solitude. He can’t go with you, you have to go this one alone. I got the impression of a ghost floating along beside you, near your shoulder, discreetly keeping it’s distance, yet observing. With this card also came the impressions of– dark water/dark thoughts, swords on guard– not swords in a threatening way, but in a more ceremonial way, as though standing at attention, an air of the military about it.


Conflicts, or a conflict is highlighted this month. Impressions: “One man among them all”, skirmishes– and there are always winners and losers here, victory at a price, bravery, diligence, duty. I don’t know if you have someone in the military, but that’s the essence I’m getting from this card. These skirmishes and this fight are not personal, but aimed at larger forces, outside forces. With the defeat of the enemy comes freedom from fear, which is the great emancipator of all. I’ve gotten very odd impressions from this card, and for this month. I feel this is going to be an usual time for you and perhaps a time of deep introspection and personal growth.


You will be highlighted in some way this month, the spotlight will shine on you. I feel that people will turn to you– for support, for confirmation, for answers. I don’t know if this will make you uncomfortable, but I feel it will be one of those strengthening experiences, the kind where we learn once more just what we’re made of and find ourselves amazed in spite of it, or maybe because of it. Other impressions are– three elements that will come together, a self-initiation, personal growth on new levels, solidity, “all the world’s a stage”.


March 2011


Knight/wands 4/pentacles 7/swords


The month of March will be highlighted by a message or information which deals with finances/business, and that’s generally what this Knight brings to the table. His messages are more tempered than the Knight of swords, yet require more urgent and timely response than his Page. Also, with this Knight comes the idea of the intellectual and intellectual pursuits. This may be a good month for you to delve into something that interests you and possibly has for some time– either through formal classes, or through your own study and exploration. Learning is learning, whether you’ve paid an establishment to direct you with this endeavor, or you’ve chosen to learn on your own. How you acquire the knowledge is not nearly so important as the fact that you do. This month you may find that there is a Sagittarius male involved in your life in some way. Don’t be thrown off guard by his outspokenness, that’s just part of the personality for this sign. He may mean well, but he’ll step all over his tongue and your feelings trying to express himself. He also has a tendency to be self-righteous, which is annoying for the rest of us who are not.


When the four of pentacles pops up, it almost always tells me that you should be hanging onto your money, watching it more closely than usual, and not trusting someone else with your finances. It also warns of going off on binge spending at this time, may very well herald penny pinching times ahead– or points out the fact that someone around you, or you yourself, have this tendency. Aside from these very traditional aspects, this card leaves the impression of– gardens, flowers, hanging baskets, perhaps containing red flowers (geraniums or petunias); being seated too solidly on something– ideas, plans, philosophies, etc. It warns of someone being too set in their ways; someone who needs to comprise and isn’t; someone who can’t get passed a rigidity of the brain, has boxed themselves into a narrow-mindedness that’s going to be hard to break out of, etc. Be prepared to deal with this. It will require patience, possibly a little foot stomping and screaming, and then more patience. That’s usually the way it goes.


The seven of swords warns of a thief, and this card is seldom off base on this point. “A fox in the chicken coop” comes to mind. This card stinks of thievery, underhandedness, but also of a manipulator. He doesn’t get it all, they almost always don’t. What’s left behind needs to be gathered up and more carefully guarded. From this card I also got the impression of a conspiracy– be careful of those around you, especially if you your intuition has plucked at your consciousness on this point. Listen to that little voice in your head when it tells you not to trust someone, or not to say something, or not to let someone into your inner circle. That little voice is almost always right.


April 2010


Death ® 10/swords The Tower ®


I can see that this month is going to be the most disruptive we’ve come to so far. There’s nothing gentle about any of the cards that came up for April. It’s going to be a whopping month of incredible, in-your-face changes and transformations, and it looks like the major arcana has its hand in here big time, so you might as well sit back and hang on for the ride. The Death card represents those kind of changes that come at you without giving you time to change your mind or voice your opinion. You won’t really have much of a say on this point, so you might as well figure out the best options available to you, how you can incorporate this change into your life and keep your sanity, and ways in which you can grow and learn– and possibly advance– because of it. This type of change is not always bad, but it is always disruptive. And even though you could wind up better in the end, none of us like this big in-your-face type of change and we usually are drug into it kicking and screaming all the way.


The ten of swords does not add to the allure of the cards this month and generally points to the fact that if you can get stuck, you will– either literally, as in actually ‘stuck’, or cut in some way– a literal cutting, or facing some sort of surgery, etc.; or figuratively– as in back biting, back stabbing, or being drug over the coals. The best you can do with this card is to realize that it represents a low spot and that the only way you ca go from here is up.


The Tower is a great instigator of monumental events on its own, coupled with the two cards above, I’d call it ‘explosive’. Again, change is not always bad, although many of us tend to perceive it this way, or to dislike the way in which it comes around. And then there are people who simply don’t like change, period, no matter how it transpires. This month could well be a turning point in your life, one of those moments that you will always remember– kind of like most people know what they were doing when Elvis died– it’s that type of ‘memorable’. The planet Mars seems significant here, which points to controversy, a warlike atmosphere which would be conducive to arguments or very strong disagreements, and last of all– marriage– I kid you not. And can you think of anything as life-changing, as irreversibly altering as getting married? The Kabala also came to mind– a lifelong journey, pathways to enlightenment, initiations, reaching plateaus. I feel that this month will culminate a path that you’ve been on, or that you’ve been trudging towards for some time now. Perhaps that point you’ve worked so hard to arrive at will finally be reached.


May 2010


4/wands ® 9/cups The Magician ®


May is going to settle down, more or less, at least it will not be as tumultuous and overbearing as April…but that does not mean that it’s going to be uneventful. When the four of wands and the wish card (9/cups) show up together in my readings, it usually suggests that someone is getting married, having a baby, or has some other very good reason for a very big party. The four of wands sings…“Celebrations, celebrations, celebrations“. So get ready to party big time. Something significant is coming up this month, if not for you, then for someone very close to you– *Very* close to you– and I had to emphasize this because my first instinct is that it’s aimed at you. One thing about this card in this reading is it’s reversed nature, which means that everything may not go as planned, there might be glitches here or there, not everyone is thrilled– they rarely are, or it’s going to rain at an inconvenient time…no kidding.


As for the nine of cups– considering the cards that came up for you the previous month, I’d get down on my knees and kiss this one if I were you. The nine of cups is traditionally known as ‘The Wish Card’, and it is the most advantageous card in the deck. Basically, it’s telling you you’re going to get what you want– so play it for all it’s worth. And then I have to add– *Be careful what you wish for*– because not everything we want is always good for us. But with that said, I’d run with it if I were you, and I wouldn’t look back.


The Magician is a card of power, of magic, and promise. I hold this card in high esteem and with it usually comes a flowering of potential. It wreaks of the four elements: earth, air, fire, & water. It speaks of taking ones future into ones own hands, of divination with great clarity, of magic connected with honor, of stalwart individualism and a high level of creativity. This is a wonderful card to complete this group. I have a feeling that you will find May to be a very magical month on many levels.


June 2011


Ace/wands ® Wheel of Fortune Knight/cups ®


The Ace of swords usually points towards mental endeavors, communication, thought put into action, movement of air in interpretation. Also with this card I get the sense of someone behind the scenes, someone perhaps pulling strings, or someone who is observing. If this brings to mind a specific individual for you, make sure the lines of communication are clear, make sure that there are no misunderstandings, if necessary make sure that there are boundaries set and that these boundaries are respected. This may also indicate someone who will learn something important from you, or someone you will learn something important from. Don’t discount messages from this person, or disregard information supplied by this person. On the other hand, don’t take anything that this person may reveal to you at face value. Verify the facts.


The “Lady Luck” card, the Wheel of fortune, this card stoops everyone. People immediately think of winning the lottery or hitting a jackpot. There’s much more to this card, and I find that sometimes it’s positive and sometimes it’s negative, so I’m always careful not to jump the gun. Impressions I received from this card are: three women, or three individuals that are connected in some way, involved in some way, and solidly linked because of circumstances. The “maiden, mother, crone”…watch for the goddess in her three aspects to impact your life this month. “No ending and no beginning”…which speaks of the eternal, something that can’t progress because it’s always been; something that can take you in one direction only because there’s only one way for it to go. Also, ‘being caught in the middle’, a well or pool of water, paths or roads linked and connected through time and space, rutty and undeveloped, all gravel and dirt.


The Knight of cups is our “Knight in Shining Armor”, of course. I foresee a romantic get-a-way for you this month, possibly to a location where there is water, water sports, or fishing. Other things this card brought to mind…frogs– and the fairy tale of the princess who kissed the toad and wound up with a hunk; Lancelot and tortured unrelenting passion that finally couldn’t be denied; romance in it’s purest form– damn the poets.


July 2011


6/wands 9/swords Ace/pentacles ®


And we’ve come full circle…a year has passed. The highlight of this month is the card that wreaks of *Victory*…unadulterated, unapologetic, in-your-face, sticking out its tongue– *Victory*. You win, girl, whatever it was you were trying so hard to achieve, you got it. Bask in it, roll in it, swim in it, and absorb every ounce of this energy, because there are people who work a lifetime to reach their goals, to achieve their dreams, to revel in their success. This is not a moment that lasts forever– it‘s not meant to, we couldn’t stand the intensity of it, but it’s a moment that’s to be relished forever. Gather up your memories, take pictures (if it’s a physical event), save mementos, write it in your journal, tell it to your children, record it on a video. This moment is meant to be preserved as a shrine, so that we retain the essence of it when things have calmed down, when life has returned to normal, and our biggest drama of the day is morning coffee and the evening paper.


And the nine of swords rears it’s ugly head…In spite of what we win, what we achieve, there may always be– in the back of our puny brains– that little demon that never gets enough. No matter how good our luck is, he may whisper warnings in our ear; no matter how good things are, he will point out all the possible pitfalls to come. No matter how good our life is, sometimes we can’t get past old worries, old hang-ups, anxieties, nightmares, and the bogeymen we met when we were five. They remain in the shadows of our mind just waiting for a chance to jump out into the light and yell, “boo!” At least now you can be prepared to deal with them on a reasonable and adult basis– you will never stop worrying about everything, it’s not in human nature. The biggest lesson here is that you learn to put things in perspective. The bogeyman isn’t as tall as you thought he was, and his ‘boo’ is as effective as a fart in the wind.


The Ace of pentacles is a lovely card to end this reading on…it is connected with the element of Earth, and thus with the Goddess and creation, with rebirth and regeneration, with the four elements and spirit, with grounding and solidity. It represents the forest through the trees, fertility where there was a barren landscape, and nature at her best. For you this card may represent those physical things of this world. When this card shows in a reading, it usually means that my client is finally grounded, which can be a long drawn out process for some of us. It represents beauty around you that you can take the time to see, virtues you didn’t realize you had, and a new maturity and awareness of who you are, both as a woman and as an individual.


Good luck on this continued journey, for we both know that this reading represents only a small portion of it.


©  Amythyst Raine  2010

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