August Newsletter: The Theme is “Family”

Witchy Cat Graphics & Comments

The theme this month is ‘Family’, & this includes a slideshow of vintage photos of mine, as well as spells for reconciliation & a few other issues.

I’ve posted an anonymous tarot reading for a client, and I may continue to include this practice in future newsletters. if you’re interested in receiving a free reading, you’ll find more information here.

In the witch’s kitchen- Scott Cunningham had listed magickal correspondences for *Fast Food*, I kid you not, and I can assure you it will be very easy for me to put this into practice.

You’ll find the usual sections…herbs, stones, updates from my website & wytchy shops, videos of the psychic/medium Lisa Williams in action, etc.


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  1. roxanne says:

    Greetings, Lady Amythest,
    Visited your website (from which I got this site link) and the slide show therein & wish to add some information &/or point out a few errors… That photo of your corner labeled “Magical Corner” shows Virginia creeper and dame’s rocket– each of which are pictured separately labeled “wild vine” and “fairy realm,” respectively. And the lovely pink flowers labeled “primroses” are NOT–they actually are ROSES!
    At this site, the pink flowering plants you call “astors” (properly spelled “asters”) actually are chrysanthemums. The “grapevine” in another photo is, once again, Virginia creeper. While this native vine’s fruits are not toxic, you certainly would not want to use them in place of grapes; the two plants are NOT interchangeable!
    A witch who wishes to use plants for spells must have a much greater, more accurate knowledge of plants than you are demonstrating–especially one endeavoring to teach others!

    1. Greetings Roxanne

      I’m sure we all appreciate the knowledge you’ve shared with us about the plants shown in my slide-show. The “wild vine” is just that, taken from a sprig of vine that my grandmother had growing on her own grounds; thank you so much for putting a name to it. I don’t recall making any association between that vine and wild grapes. The term “Fairy Realm” was describing my special spot; it was not naming the plant shown– “Where flowers grow, fairies go”, and indeed they do. In my neck of the woods, what I labeled as ‘asters’ are just that. What we buy in the greenhouses here as ‘chrysanthemums’ are a much larger plant with a heftier blossom, different than the small plants that we refer to as ‘asters’. The primroses, dear, are primroses and were bought as such from a local greenhouse. The confusing reference to different folk names for various plants is probably one reason it’s a good idea to use the Latin botanical name when discussing plants.

      As far as measuring someone else’s knowledge on anything, I don’t know that you’re qualified to do so; and if you are, you really should work on improving your tone. It’s possible to pass on knowledge and to offer information without being condescending or rude. Tone is everything and how people accept or reject your opinion weighs heavily on how you present it.

      After 34 years of practicing green witchcraft, which includes growing my own herbs, as well as drying and processing them in preparation for their varied magickal destinies, I’m quite comfortable with the knowledge I’ve attained, and I’m more than satisfied with the results of my spells. The slide-show you were referring to is a happy conglomeration of whimsical and beautiful personal photos that I felt like sharing with the public.

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