The Life & Times of a Witch…photos


The following photos and narrative were originally posted at my website,
The Witch’s Corner

The contents of this page at my website are going to
be deleted and new information added.


photogallerywitchscorner2.jpg picture by Amythyst1

 This is a set of shelves that I have, embossed with elephants and framed…with bamboo.  Besides my Buddahs, it contains my cyrstal ball– held aloft in the trunks of three elephants, and a statuette that I bought in Old Market, Omaha, of a couple perched in a Kama Sutra position.

photogallerywitchscorner.jpg picture by Amythyst1

The back deck of our house is full of morning glories.  This is one of the hand rails on the stairs, buried in the brilliant blooms.  We love to sit at the round glass top table out here and have coffee, do schoolwork, write, bring out the ouija board, or whatever else we have a hankering to do.

 photogallerywitchscorner3.jpg picture by Amythyst1

 My messy ‘working’ corner, now open for the world to see.  Actually, it’s much neater in this picture than it usually is.  I had just finished up working on some candles and thought– here’s a moment of pure realism, let’s go with it.

photogallerywitchscorner4.jpg picture by Amythyst1

This is a photo of the moon that I took last night (Monday, August 11, 08), while standing on the back stairs to our deck.  I zoomed in as close as I could and then I juggled around, shooting the moon between a small opening where our apple and maple trees meet, framing the moon in leaves.

gardenmylavender.jpg picture by Amythyst1

This is a cauldron of lavender growing in my garden.  Remember the movie “Practical Magic” and Aunt Franny’s voice in narration:  “Plant lavender by the garden gate for luck”…and I do.  I’ll be harvesting this lavender soon to use in my oils and to dry for use in my own spell crafting.

signincandyshop.jpg picture by Amythyst1

 I took this photo in a candy shop in Old Market, Omaha, Nebraska…right before my daughter-in-law bought us some yummy chocolate truffles. 

spider.jpg picture by Amythyst1

This August (’08), I sat on one of the stepping stones in my rock garden and watched a spider building a web as twilight descended.  I glanced down as I put my camera down and saw a small green toad sitting quietly beside me.  Life doesn’t get much better than this.

OldMarketstreet.jpg picture by Amythyst1

 This is one of the many quaint turn-of-the 19th century buildings that can be seen in Old Market, Omaha.

signcatsgatherhere-1.jpg picture by Amythyst1

This is the post at the top of my back porch steps…and they most certainly do!

cletusdoingmath.jpg picture by Amythyst1

 Cletus, doing math.   🙂

witchlingemma.jpg picture by Amythyst1

Our youngest witchling doing school on the back deck, illuminated by the sun shining through the skylight.  We practically live on this deck certain times of the year.  The wall you see with the elephant mural does not go all the way to the top and the south and east sides have a wooden porch railing around it– which are covered in morning glories.  Since there is a roof on this deck, it is a wonderful place to sit and sip coffee and enjoy gentle summer rains.

witchlingsara-1.jpg picture by Amythyst1

Another Witchling, doing school at the opposite end of the porch from her sibling, shielded from the bright afternoon sunlight. 

tarotcards.jpg picture by Amythyst1

These are some of my own tarot decks.  I do believe that I’ve added a couple decks since this pic was taken– and I’ll try, someday, to take a clearer picture. 

knickknackssandfrommarthasvineyard.jpg picture by Amythyst1

This is a shelf on our entertainment center, and the sand and stones you see in that vase were sent to my by my friend, Z, all the way from the shores of Martha’s Vineyard.  I thought this was really cool!

herbs.jpg picture by Amythyst1

Herbs hanging to dry from the kitchen ceiling:  lilac, mint, wormwood, lemon balm and lavendar.

mushroom.jpg picture by Amythyst1

A mushroom growing in Iowa.  I snapped this photo during a recent trip that we made back for a family funeral.  It’s growing in my step-son’s backyard.

wytchatwork.jpg picture by Amythyst1

Wytch at Work…I was sitting in my corner in the livingroom, sewing on a red poppet, when my husband snapped this picture.

 art.jpg picture by Amythyst1

This is actually a large framed picture hanging on my daughter-in-law’s dining room wall.  It was created by the artist to promote the arts festival at Cedar Falls.  I love the vibrant colors.

basket1.jpg picture by Amythyst1

This is a lovely basket given to me by a new friend.  She carved the owl onto a mushroom picked from a tree; the mushroom then dries naturally.  I’ve seen other beautiful pieces that she’s done.

kitty.jpg picture by Amythyst1

Our Home School mascot…Mistress Pixie Paws.

garden2.jpg picture by Amythyst1

Moonflowers blossoming in my magickal garden.

garden3.jpg picture by Amythyst1

 Impatience growing beneath the treehouse deck.

gardenone.jpg picture by Amythyst1

These are shamrocks that I bought in March, transplanted in my garden around May, and then I thought they had died off.  Not only didn’t they die off, they spread out to become several new clumps.

Loopiness232.jpg picture by Amythyst1

These are astors blossoming in my herb garden.  I’m going to plant lots, lots more of these hardy little plants next spring.  I love this unexpected burst of color in the fall.

I took this picture through a black windowscreen while this fat little squirrel went through acrobatics to raid the bird feeder in the front yard.

 My messy dresser top…sitting here are two magickal boxes that I created, swords and a dagger, a deck of tarot cards, a scattered batch of sterling silver jewelry, a buddah and a chi dog, lavendar oil, a glow in the dark ouija board, a black scrying ball, a dish of oriental soap– Jasmine, I believe, a box of bracelets, green mottled candle sticks, and notes to myself.  At the far right is an antique candy dish that my grandmother gave me.  She said that it was brought over from Germany by my great-great grandfather on my father’s side.  It’s clear glass, but I filled it with silk roses and greenery.

This is a wild grape vine that grows around the stump of a cottonwood tree in the flowerbed in our front yard.

Birdz…on the top shelf of my antique desk.  Ravens are my friends, as you can see, and I consider this one very special for magickal reasons known only to me.  That’s the small white skull of a real bird on the left, below the cardinal.  The kerosene lamp belonged to my Great-Grandmother Lu Raine.  The boxes are not empty…the small black one on top of the elephant box holds an enormous dragonfly that I found on our back porch.  The elephant box is full of small brown bottles filled with items of a wytchy nature.

This box is one of the most unique items ever given to my by a very generous friend.  It never ceases to amaze me, and it generally gets a comment out of visitors.

 My elephants lay eggs…even the pink ones:

Actually, when I went through a divorce several years ago, coming out of a very controlling relationship, I was inexplicably drawn to elephants and began collecting them like crazy, from statuary, to jewelry, to artwork.  It was only later that I learned that elephants are representative of Feminine Power.

Katz…Upon our entertainment center I have cat statuary, and among them sits our own gray huntress.

Mistress Pixie Paws…the ultimate Witch’s familiar.

Yes, my dresser top is still messy; and it harbored a visitor from the beginning of last December until the end of February…a small spider made her home between the front legs of the Chi dog.  I was careful not to disturb the dresser top while it housed the pretty lady.  She has since disappeared, either living out her life span or moving on to new and bigger things.


2 thoughts on “The Life & Times of a Witch…photos

  1. I would love to become a friend on here. I grew up in Iowa and miss it a lot sometimes….and Omaha held a good friend of my mothers, but it has been many many years and I dont remember her name…. wonderful place tho

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