Binding a Gossip

Most of you reading this has, at one time or another, been the victim of malicious and false rumors, innuendos, or flat out bald face lies. This phenomena used to be contained to the narrow crowded hallways of junior and senior high schools, the quiet corridors of office buildings, the loud backrooms of break-rooms, local neighborhood cafes and bars…etc. With the advent of the internet, instant communication, and access that was previously unheard of, this interesting little social oddity is becoming more prevalent than ever, easier to manipulate, to spread, and much more destructive because of the wider audience and the hit and run methods available to anyone with a computer, cell-phone, etc. However, even in the 21st century, gossip still travels the old fashioned way: by word of mouth.

And what makes gossip so popular is our naïve desire to believe what we hear, regardless of the source, whether facts check out, whether it makes sense, or even whether it is believable– the more fantastic and incredible the story, in fact, the quicker we are to accept it, or to eagerly pass it along.

There may not be much the mundane victim of gossip can do about it, other than an expensive and time consuming lawsuit perhaps, if the perpetrator of this brouhaha is sullying a public reputation, damaging a business, or causing serious complications in the victim’s life.

But there is something a Witch can do about a gossip.

She can bind the mouth of the one who is spreading untruths & fantastic stories. She can tie their tongue and still their voice. She can throw the negative energy they are generating back upon the perpetrator, where it will fester and putrefy, to destroy the hooligan from the inside out.

A Binding:

I have used the following spells personally, and I can tell you that they worked for me, often in explosive and unpredictable ways which left me open-mouthed and in awe of this magick. Karma has a way of stepping in to handle any injustice of life, and I have no qualms about stepping into the shadows to grab the light and use this energy to kick-ass. This is one of the benefits of being a gray witch.

If you have the magickal ability, control of your energies, determination and purpose, and if you’ve just plain had enough…you’ll find these spells to be just what you need.

For serious situations, use all three of these methods in tandem:

The Mirror:

Purchase a small hand mirror, one large enough for a small picture to fit within its center. Take a photo of the target and cut it out; lay it in the center of the mirror…vent now at the target, let all the negative energy that you feel for this person roil and boil to the surface, spit in his/her face if that is your inclination.

When you have spent yourself expressing your anger…sprinkle over this picture goofer dust, graveyard dirt, banishing powder. You could also add cayenne pepper, or any other herb/ingredient that you have successfully used in the past or that is linked to hexes/curses.

Now, encircle this picture with it’s mound of maliferous ingredients with a circle of salt– sealing the target within.

Find a safe place to keep this charm, perhaps beneath a dresser; and cover it with a bowl if you have pets in the house so that they won’t stumble upon it. Every once in a while, perhaps in conjunction with a waning moon phase, pull the mirror carefully out of its hiding place and re-sprinkle it with a bit of the powders; check the seal of salt and add to it if need be to keep the circle strong…each time you bring it out– throw your emotions at this individual.

The Poppet:

In addition– you can create a crude poppet, pin a photo of the face of the target on the face of the doll. Carefully, slowly, deliberately– stick straight pins through the mouth in a neat little row…unless the perpetrator is especially disgusting and deceitful– in that case, sew the damn mouth shut, using a strand of the target’s own hair if that is a possibility…rant, rave, spit, pound, stomp, rage. Throw your hatred and anger at this figure, then cover it in a black cloth and place it away in a secret spot.

The Witch’s Bottle:

You can also create a witch’s bottle…fill an empty bottle with pins, razor blades, shards of glass, needles, rusty nails– and a photo of the target. Add your urine to it. Close the bottle and seal it with black wax. Put it in a safe place and every once in a while, again with the waning of the moon, bring it out and shake it up— visualize the sharp objects in the bottle slashing at the target and all they represent…the injustice, the deceit, the vulgarity, the lies.

As I’ve said…

I’ve used these spells myself and was quite amazed at how well they work. But the deal is that this is an ‘ongoing’ thing, keep it up. Remember to check the mirror, less the circle of salt somehow get shifted about and create an opening. Don’t let the target sit in the bottle without bothering it now and then. Bring out the poppet, look into the target’s eyes and vent your rage ever so often…don’t let them forget, and don’t let them rest.

The energy will build.

voodoo-dolls-wallpaper.jpg picture by witch_of_endore

*Note:  Although the methods above are aimed at a gossip in this case, these methods will work on anyone who is wreaking havoc in your life in a number of ways– treating you unfairly, deliberately sabatoging your job, your life, your marriage, etc.  This type of magic is not for everyone; it’s not for the squeamish, or for those who hesitate to use the gray side of witchcraft for whatever reasons.

Also, remember that justice and karma walk hand in hand.  If you use this type of magic on an innocent victim for revenge/control, on a target who has been wrongly accused, to gain power over someone for your own benefit or ulterior motives, etc., it will come back round to bite you in a terrific and terrible way.

20 thoughts on “Binding a Gossip

  1. Lissa, I’ve personally used these binding spells and speaking from experiecne, no, using these magickal bindings did not bind the person to me in any way, on the contrary, they worked exactly as they were intended.

  2. Lady Amethyst, will doing any of these bindings bind the person to you? I’ve been very hesitant in the past to do a binding on a couple of family members who are causing me great pain (emotionally, financially and mentally) because of the possibility of them being bound to me and not being able to get them out of my life. Will these spells, or any binding spell, cause this?

    • Indeed, Lissa – I have never had any of mine inadvertently bind me, but just so we can see how this might work, if you engage in the same energy as the person you are binding, it could. In other words, ALL gossip would be quashed. If you are not participating in this, you may not have much to worry about. However, if you want to make sure, before binding the gossiping person(s), place much healing, loving energy into their binding along with them – then they have a chance to learn love while at the same time being contained to not harm more. Then, you can create the binding to dissolve automatically if they do in fact learn love and start to practice that. This way there is no harm done. However, I must admit in my experience, most of the time, even with the gift of love in their binding, this gift is refused – so I would intend binding stays intact until this gift is accepted and integrated. Does this help? 🙂

  3. @kathleen it has been a few months since you were here but perhaps you will see this. l can help with your computer. all of the software l advise is free. firstinsatll a good firewall: Comodo which also includes antivirus, then get malwarebytes anti malware and superantispyware.use firefox browser instead of others esp internet explorer. Now clean out your history from the browsers you’ve used. also do disk cleanup under systm tools . run the superanti spyware then when done run the antimalwarebytes following instructions on them. this should take care of getting the hacker out keep the firewall on all times.use secure passwords using a combination of lettrs and numbers. for example your fav channel: 630fish. hope this helps.

  4. Thank you for your response L.A.R. ~ I wish I could afford someone to come in to clean up my computer, but the problem is money ~ We can’t afford anything other than to pay our bills and that’s even hard on most months~ I think I am going to try your binding suggestion, but I”m wondering if there are other things I need to know too, since I am not a practioner ~ As for browsing, we both mainly just check our mail and that’s it, besides FB and MSpace, or something we see on the headlines of our browser. Thank you so much for taking your time to respond ~~
    Love and Blessings~

  5. Hi, Kathleen…It looks like Lisa has already covered some excellent points. I’d have to agree with her, that along with magickal methods you need to get a computer savvy tech in here to clean up your computer, and then you may have to change some of your browsing habits. I can completely understand your frustration. What this man is doing to you is such a violation of your privacy.

    Lisa is nicer than I am– 🙂 (Really, you are.) I’d bind him without batting an eye. For one thing, you have to wonder if you are the only victim. Odds are this person has dabbled in this tpe of behavior before, and when he moves on from you, he will probably choose another target.

  6. Thank you for replying Lisa. I don’t care who responds, just anyone that could help is fine w/me. I forgot to mention that he has also said untrue things about me to my friends, so that’s why I responded on this particular post.

    My husband and I are both disabled, so we live on a very low income and he knows we don’t have money for jack! LOL! I have thought of several of things you have suggested, believe it or not. Oh, and Lady Amythest Raine is a friend on MySpace. I saw her tonight for the first time and decided I wanted to look at her site ~ I am into metaphysics and I’m also an empath ~ I have a lot of natural abilities that have come quite easily to me, but I’m stumpped on this one. Well, it’s very late here, 1:30 a.m.
    so I’ll come backsometime Thursday to see if I can come up with more ~
    Thanks so much for you help! Blessings and Love ~ Kathleen ~*~<3~*~

  7. Hello,
    I am not a practioner, but I was just wondering if there is something that you or I could do about a hacker. It is someone that I know and he is pretty psycho. He changes my passwords every single day on my emails and Facebook/MySpace, etc. I can’t begin to tell you how irriating it is! In fact he’ll proabably delete your answer if you write to me, personally, but I’ll give it a try anyway ~ If you don’t hear back from me than you’ll know I didn’t get your message or a follow up. It would be great if you could help me. Thanks so much. Blessings,

    • Lady Amythyst Raine, I hope you don’t mind me hopping in responding to Kathleen hehe! It sounds to me that you need more than just magickal work, as magickal work often needs to be followed up with proper action.
      Hire a reliable computer person that has experience with this – whether it is blocking access through a router, using programs like Avast (viruses) or Spybot (spyware), using a different browser, and basically learning how to use your computer without accidentally running into this type of stuff that can allow him in. Perhaps you need a new computer, but it is all moot if you have automatic passwords and a bunch of stuff running in the background. Don’t download toolbars, block popup windows – stuff like that. Not all computer peeps are reliable this way, so shop around.
      Before discussing the magickal issue, why in the world does this guy want to waste this type of time on you? What is the obsession? If you can figure this out, you can figure a way out of it. If he likes you in a way that you don’t reciprocate (as an example) and he can’t let go of you, visualize yourself cutting cords that he may have subconsciously placed on you (usually in the lower chakras, but cut all of them just to be sure), and since he is a computer guy, from your computer too. Then visualize him suddenly being aware that he can move on with his life, and finding the right person for him, which is the most loving thing to do. See him happy and moving on in your vision. See him using his hacking talents for more loving, constructive purposes, rather than destructive. If it is another reason (i.e. he thinks you have money and is trying to rob you), put protection on your bank account and computer, and have them cloaked with energy emitting which allows him to feel “discouraged” somehow (oh, she probably doesn’t have any money anyway), and perhaps let it “slip” that the police is monitoring all activities in your home, including your internet and computer use. While you mention you are not a practitioner, how did you find this page? Perhaps you ought to learn, and there are indeed many resources toward this end. Good luck!

  8. Wow, you got some nice ones here hehe! If you don’t have a photo or something personal (a piece of hair), it can still work by writing their name on paper. I usually use black ink if it is a purpose like this. In my case, I just bound the paper with the name with black yarn, then burned it in my cauldron with the flame of a reversing candle, though you could also use a black, grey, brown, burgundy or red one likely as easily (and you can engrave on them – my favorite engraving device? One of those turkey lacers in the cooking utensils at the grocery or even the dollar store – best I ever used!). You could also use a leaf and have it represent a “tongue” to be tied – I once used it from the Hound’s Tongue weed growing in our yard, but pretty much any leaf will do. Also, if you don’t wish it to be that “harsh” (i.e. the person isn’t deliberately hurting you but just being stupid), use purple or white instead of black – that way, they only say spiritually-correct things and may not even know why 😉 Thanks for this post, I know this is something that happens to many of us!

  9. Harrassing someone at work about religion is just as illegal as sexual harrassment– contact the upper level management, supervisor, or owner of the business/company you’re working with and lay out your complaints.

  10. I am being harassed at work and discriminated against.i have it all on tape from one confessing how they planned out the prayer circle and told me i would burn in hell for being a witch and to accept jesus christ and be saved.they did this at work and on the clock. I work for a type of group home helping the handicapped in alabama. And they came in yelling and screaming waving a red bible like on youtube The WICCACHANNEL

    • To Wicca Channel, if you do not get results from your owner or human resources like Lady Amythyst Raine suggests, consider reporting them to the Labor Board or other governmental agency – and if possible, find another job where it is more accepting, or just don’t share what you are about – whatever is more appropriate. I am aware of a handful of folks who live in the Bible Belt of the US with very good jobs where they do not expose in any way their alternative faith, and only use their magical names in the community, not using their legal names there at all. Sometimes, it just isn’t worth the hassle – and the bright side is that at least they don’t know how to cast work on you! With the right protection cloak at work, you may not even notice any issues ever hehe! 😉

  11. My partner & I are having some huge problems with some1 in the family,she insists on throwing her vile negative energies at us and it manifests itself in a number of ways.On some occasions I have started 2 act like her,sort of an empathy thing,it was like I wasn’t me anymore.I have felt negative energies in every home we’ve had since my partner & I have been 2gether (14 yrs! so we’ve suffered a long time ) and sometimes it makes us argue or affects us physically.I am very aware of karma believe me,it is the only thing that has stopped me from doing anything apart from sending the energy back like an unwanted birthday pressie!She has children & I am so scared that they will be affected by the outcome of anything I do,on the other hand I have a very sensitive daughter who IS being affected right now & I need 2 protect her and my pets who also get freaked out anytime she decides 2 throw out her crap at us.I wouldn’t mind but we’ve never done anything 2 harm her,I’ve tried 2 empathise with her & get 2 know her 2 understand why this keeps happening but it just seems 2 us that we don’t actually have 2 do anything wrong.Please give me some advice because I actually feel like commiting murder ( without witchcraft )

      • Lady Amythyst Raine, do you mind sharing a simple magic protection shield that I can use for my family or myself alone? We need protection for when we go out into this horrible world or going to my brothers house. It is just filled with so much negative energy and it sticks on use and give us headaches for two days and makes us so very weak. They are like vampires sucking the life out of us!


        • Carol– while cleaning out my own car, which means smudging it with an incense, re-charging and cleansing my protective stones, and perhaps adding a pinch of a new herb to the protective mojo bag that hangs on my rear view mirror, I thought of you and your situation.

          If you’re picking up this much negative energy from being at your brother’s house, you need to think ahead– you know before hand what it’s going to be like. When leaving his house, I assume that you get into your car. Take advantage of this space and turn your ride home into a cleansing experience.

          Keep a little bag of incense cones and a fire-proof container in the glove compartment with a cigarette lighter, perhaps a small bag of salt, and make a protective mojo bag filled with herbs and stones to deflect negative energy. Enjoy your ride home, knowing that you’ll leave all the psychic crud behind.

          Hope this helps.

          • Any suggestions on the herbs and stones that I should use for my in car mojo bag? I am thinking of course perhaps some sage and clear quartz and maybe amtheyst or I could use some random stones that I keep on my altar that I have collected whenever I go out. Stones call to me whenever I see a lot of them. They will call out their name and these speacial ones will go home with me. So you suggest incense burning on the ride home is that correct?

  12. Blessings sister, I have not practiced any grey magic but I am going to do either one or more of these spells. I have been wronged with a horrible person who has cost me my job. She wagged her evil tongue the whole time that I was employeed there. I have been wronged and now it has affected not just me but my family as well. I don’t know where I will get the goofer powder and banishing powder at for now. The grave yard dirt is easy to obtain any suggestions or any thing else that can be used instead? As for the doll I am thinking of buying some plain white fabric and hand making the doll myself or do you know of a cheap place in which I can get one? I am a practicing Wiccan never tried grey magic before but damn well need to take action. Will there be any sort of backlash from doing this? if so how to prevent it? I am a dear friend of Juliana and Lady E and seeking help.


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