A Unique Lesson in Spite

I’m going to post a very personal story today, going public with a very unique experience.  It involves a neighbor lady whom I’ve lived a couple doors down from for over 14 years.  This woman and I have never  ‘neighbored’.  For some reason, which I cannot fathom, she has chosen to dislike us…the ‘us’ being myself, my six children, and my husband– I was divorced and remarried during the course of my time in this neighborhood.  The only  conversation I’ve had with “M.M.” was when we had an issue with her son breaking off a limb from one of our trees. During the course of this entire discussion, this woman insisted on continuously referring to my new husband as “the gentleman who lives at your house”.  Her children and mine, just for the record, have also never friended each other.  Her son did take me back one day, when I was in the front yard, with an unexpected question:  “My mom wants to know why you don’t have a real job.”— I’ve been a stay-at-home homeschooling mother for about 20 years now, whereas this woman is very career oriented.  I gather that she doesn’t approve of my lifestyle.

Anyway, this pretty much sets the stage and gives some explanation for 14 years of aloofness, glaring stares, and really inexcusable behavior that me and my family have put up with.

Flash forward to the present time:

“M. M.” ordered a pizza from Papa Murphy’s Pizza here in town.  A girl named Katlyn took her order over the phone.  This woman arrives at Papa Murphy’s to pick up her pizzas.  The order slip had been lost, thus her order was not ready.  Another employee, my 17 year old daughter, took things in hand and made up this lady’s pizzas.  “M. M.” had to wait about 15 minutes.

When my daughter went to work the next day, the manager called her into the office.  “I think this is about you,” he said. The company had received a very negative reveiw about the lost order the night before, with very derogatory things said about my daughter– who is a new employee at this shop.  My daughter went on to explain the situation between our families, and she described this woman’s behavior to the manager.

The scenario became even more interesting when the manager discovered that this woman’s 17 year old daughter, “P. M.”,  had left a negative reveiew some time before about another Papa Murphy’s employee– a young woman who just happened to be dating “P. M.’s” old boyfriend, and with whom “P. M.” had an altercation. 

I find it incredible that the women in this family would use a business reveiw board as a means of satisfying a personal vendetta.  I’m not as surprised at her daughter’s backstabbing, because it sounds like a petty immature teenage thing to do, especially when a boy was the topic.  I am, however, very taken aback that a supposedly mature business woman would take out her angst on a seventeen year old girl who did nothing but make up her pizzas.  It has sinced dawned on me that this was not only an attack on my daughter; it was the passive/aggessive action of a very insecure person.  My grandmother would call it a ‘mean streak’.

I was mulling over this incident in my mind as I was working on my second book– a book of magick for the gray witch– and I came up with a delicious little spell to use when “Spite” rears it’s ugly head.  I included this spell in my December newsletter, and I’m going to share it with you as well.  If you find yourself the victim of people with a spiteful mean ugly mentality, don’t give up, cast this spell instead.

Little does this woman know that she was my inspiration!  It’s good to be a witch. 🙂

To Spite Your Face

One of the most frustrating foes to deal with is a person who is jealous and spiteful. This spell will deal with their energy, while most importantly, it will protect you from the fallout of their actions and their spitefulness.

Items needed:

1. A cauldron with a nice little pile of burning herbs (slippery elm and sage would be nice, but sage will do), creating a respectable sized flame– you might want to use a small charcoal tablet also, just to keep things going

2. A black votive candle

3. A photo of the target– if this is not available, their signature or a name paper will have to do

4. A red flannel bag

5. Three blossoms from a thorny plant, preferably a thistle; or three thorns– which are just as effective

Carve the target’s name on the black spell candle, and sit it on your altar, near your cauldron. Light it– with glee and delight, knowing that you are lighting a flame beneath your enemy’s ass.

You will take their photo and, with the focused emotions you feel at this person and their actions, you will mark it, slash it, spit on it, stomp on it…or do something else even more dastardly to it, all the while maintaining the focus and intent of your actions. It’s imperative that you do not loose sight of your intentions.

Burn this image in your cauldron, amidst the herbs and flames.

When the fire has burned down, the black candle has burned itself out and everything has cooled down– except your emotions and will– deposit the ashes and remnants of the spell into the red flannel bag.

Then add the three blossoms or thorns to the bag, one at a time.

With the first blossom/thorn, say:

“The first I add to freeze your speech.”

With the second blossom/thorn, say:

“The second I add to halt your reach.”

With the third blossom/thorn, say:

“The third I add to spite your face,

That you may wallow in disgrace.”


Keep this bag in a safe and secret place, allowing the magic time to mature and ripen, that the target will feel the full effects.

This spell is an excerpt  from:

“The Gray Witch’s Grimoire”

by Amythyst Raine

© Amythyst Raine 2010

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  1. Debbie Jeffers says:

    I read your story, and I love the spell that you included with it……there have been several times when I wish I’d known of something I could do, or a spell I could use….because of unkind and negative deeds that were thrown my way…Thankyou for your ideas and inspiration…..they made me smile!
    Many Bright Blessings to You…

  2. Sandra says:

    I love this spell and I think it very necessary in certain times. Sometimes people throw their negativity on you so much that you must return it to them, if for anything, just to get rid of it to cleanse yourself. That is the return: from them to you, then back to them. No one should be a dumping ground for anyone else’s negativity. Even Madame Blavatsky said that evil is evil and it can’t be changed. Yea, I’m gray witch. And I want your next book.

  3. Erik Brann a/k/a Erik Bloodeagle says:

    Lady Amythyst,

    If anything about myself, I subscribe to the Golden Rule moreso than Christian principles. Christ himself had a point which I do adhere to: “Love one another.” Much of Christian dogma and theology doesn’t come from Christ, which is a topic better saved for another day.

    Regarding magick and its uses, I am more a Hermetic mage/Taoist, in terms of how I utilize energy and abide the Laws of Magick. One of those Laws is Law of Return, from which the Wiccan Rede is derived. I have learned to differentiate this Law from the Hindu law of Karma thusly. The Law of Return/Rede applies in this life, Karma to the next. Again, that may be a great subject for a separate discussion. The Laws I refer to, I came upon via Isaac Bonewits, and other sources.

    Regarding being a white/gray/black witch, energy is energy. How you use it is how you use it. Intent defines outcome. You get back what you put out. I am willing to use force and negative energy myself, in certain situations, such as the specific defense of myself, family or friends if they are in immediate danger of harm or death. Otherwise, the price of using such isn’t worth the outcomes.

    I certainly respect your choices, and your explanations. You’re a Gray Witch. For you, the ends can justify the means. After years of self-examination, and being a non-submissive male in a society largely populated by women, (The neo-pagan society, not mundane.) I have found myself to be within the Jungian archetype of Warrior-Mage aspected Teacher. In terms of neo-pagan definitions, I am an eclectic, drawn from many traditions and schools of thought, ranging from Zen and Taoism, to Old Celtic traditions as I have researched. Yes, I included Pelagian Christian and Gnostic teachings in my body of knowledge. I do reject modern Christianity, but not because of Christ.

    As such, I do understand your stance and view. I was concerned and still am, that fledgling neo-pagans will see your example and take it out of context. I’m certainly something of a rebel myself. I’m not a huge fan of Gardnerian derived systems, after researching the man and how he cribbed much of what he conglomerated into Wicca from other sources. It gets me into much trouble around here, but I can stand it.

    In Light and Love,


  4. Amythyst Raine says:

    Greetings, Erik…Ahh– you don’t have the spirit of the gray witch about you. A situation like this calls for a little gray magick. Karma has indeed come back to bite this woman– her 17 year old daughter is pregnant. However, the gray witch can give Karma a little nudge in the right direction and has no qualms about doing so. She isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty with a little dark mojo– it’s a natural part of her wild spirit.

    I don’t follow the Wiccan Rede. You might say I’m a rebel even in some Pagan circles– which also includes issues like self-initiation, hexing, etc. The book I’m working on now makes no bones about this fact; and it explores the world of the gray witch head on.

    I did find a couple things puzzling about your post: “…forgiveness and tolerance would be more appropriate here. Reaching out the olive branch…” I consider these very Christian principles, and I’ve found that many modern-day pagans are still tied in many ways to the Christian teachings that they grew up with. This isn’t a cricicism, just an observation.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post and leave a comment. You might want to look into a book by Dorothy Morrison which I hardily recommend: “Utterly Wicked”…if anyone would understand the spirit of the gray witch and gray magic, it would be Dorothy.

  5. Erik Bloodeagle says:

    Bright Blessings to you!

    I’m a little bit confused here. It really looks like this neighbor is a nexus of negative energy. Do you really need to cast a spell to do anything to them which they aren’t doing to themselves? Doesn’t the Law of Return apply here? They are sending out waves of negativity into the Universe, and I am certain it is returning to them, e.g. the ex-boyfriend troubles, the lost pizza order, probably other things unseen. Do you really need to incur some of your own negative energy in dropping this spell? The Law of Return cuts both ways. What you send out, comes back. Even if it is especially delicious, revenge ultimately bites you in your own behind. In this case, simply observing the implosion of your neighbor as the negativity they send out comes home to roost should be satisfying. If anything, forgiveness and tolerance would be more appropriate here. Reaching out the olive branch and making the initial overture may bring some blessed light and positivity to them. Then the Law of Return smiles upon you, instead of crapping on your head.

    Then again, I am not a militant anything anymore. I’d rather be tolerant and peaceful than meet spite and maliciousness with spite and maliciousness.

    Light and love unto you and yours.

    Blessed be.

    Erik Bloodeagle

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