Tarot Mysteries: Ghost Reading

I decided, one snowy afternoon in February, to try something new with my tarot cards.  I set myself up with The Goddess tarot deck and a ouija board as my table and invited a spirit who had passed over to come forward and communicate with me through the cards.  The idea of doing this had come to me after I used a pendulum earlier that day to ask if there was a spirit in the room with me…the pendulum had said ‘yes’; and I wanted to know more. 

Ghost Reading

Prince/swords     7/cups ®     Oppression

The first card, the Prince, gives the impression of sharp objects– perhaps someone who worked with knives or some other sharp cutting tools, or machinery of this nature; a difficult life– a string of bad luck; a series of unfortunate events/messages/relationships.  Also…something that is held close to the heart– whatever this might be, this individual, even in death, feels affection or love for someone or something that is intense.  Whatever this bond was in life, it is so strong that death can’t break it. 

Decisions to make, several of them, leading to a period of confusion, possible mental overload, or an individual suffering from mental issues.  This person may have been in an unconscious state, a coma, or a state of mental dementia for some time before they passed. 

Death for this individual came as a welcome release from mental anguish.  At death, this individual experienced the sensation of ‘awakening’ upon passing over, finding themselves in a totally unfamiliar place on the other side, although initially confusing, I don’t feel it was a negative experience.

I’m also picking up a ‘mirror image’.  A double– perhaps a twin.  The energy of this spirit feels male, and I don’t believe that this person was into their elderly years when they passed.  I feel that they were probably middle-aged when they crossed over.

Do you recognize this spirit?

(This is a photo of my ouija board, pendulum, and tarot deck.)

3 thoughts on “Tarot Mysteries: Ghost Reading

  1. I hope someone recognizes the spirit, or who the spirit was in life…middle-aged male; divorced at least once– but more likely two or more times; the mental issues he had probably contributed to his inability to maintain a stable relationship; his work-life centered around manufacturing and machinery of some type that had blades & was used for cutting; he was either a twin, or he had a sibling that was very close to his age, and they were very tight– at least at some stage of their lives; he may have been ill for quite some time before he passed away, because the dream-like unconscious state came through very strongly. Medium build, heavy and stocky, but not overweight, balding, ruddy complexion…You know, this is an amazing process. The more I write about this spirit, the more real he becomes, and the more details are revealed.

  2. Interesting I have had different spirits come through before using my Spiral tarot deck but never one I did not know who it was. I avoid the spirit board though for personal reasons. Should be interesting if you get any one who does know this spirit though. Good luck.

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