Magickal Connections: Spell Bag Instructions

Mojo Bags

At my online shop, found at my website, I offer a variety of spell bags– bags filled with the items that you need to cast specific spells. The ones I offer include: Make Him Love Me; Money Flow; Make Him Go; Shut Your Mouth.

I’ve had several people order these spell bags and then email me, unsure as to what exactly they should do with the magickal items enclosed, so I’ve decided to post some instructions. Later I may even make small instructional videos, but I like taping these videos outdoors better than anywhere else, so the weather is going to have to warm up.

The following instructions are pretty basic and will be used with any of the spell bags.

First, let’s look at the items included in these bags:  1 small taper candle, 1 bottle of magickal oil, 1 small bag of herbs, 3 incense cones, a stone, and a small porcelain candle holder*  (*not shown).

After you’ve situated yourself in a comfortable spot to work– some of you casting a circle to work in, and other’s probably opting not to do this– go ahead and light one of the incense cones.

If the herbs enclosed  are not all powdered, but include leaves and whole blossoms or petals, you’ll want to begin by crushing or pulverizing them.  I use a mortar and pestle for this, but if you don’t have a mortar and pestle, crush them up with your fingers.  If the herbs are a bit coarser than herbs ground with a mortar and pestle, that’s okay.

Next, shake up your bottle of magickal oil and open it.  You’re going to dress (anoint) your candle with the oil and then roll it in the crushed herbs.  Tip the bottle up and get some oil on your fingertips.   If you’re working magick to draw something to you, you will hold the candle in one hand while you stroke the oil onto the candle in gentle sweeping motions towards your body.  If you’re working magick to send something away, you will hold the candle in one hand while you stroke the oil on the candle in gentle sweeping motions away from your body.

After the candle is oiled, have the herbs sprinkled out on the surface you’re working on in a long pile.  Put the candle on it’s side and roll it through the herbs, several times if need be, until all or most of the herbs adhere to the candle.  Place the candle in the candle holder.

Keeping your intentions in mind, light the spell candle.  Allow the candle to burn down.  Make sure not to leave it unattended and to keep all flammable materials out of reach of the flame. 

Once this candle has burned down and the wax has cooled, you can use the large bag all of these ingredients came in to make a mojo bag.  To this bag you will add the remains of the candle wax and any of the herbs which might be left over, the stone, as well as personal items/effects that will make this magick more individualized and add to the energy of your spell.  These items could include hair, fingernails, or a photo of your target, a name paper, a small slip of paper upon which you’ve written affirmations, an item belonging to the target– such as a button, an earring, etc.

Keep this bag in a safe and secret place, giving the magickal energy time to build and work.


7 thoughts on “Magickal Connections: Spell Bag Instructions

  1. Hello Amethyst Raine. I have to communicate with a an ex because he still has my older kids -they’re niw 16 &(nearly) 18-. He’s dangerous violent has harmed my children in every way. Im sure that hus hold & control will wither to dust & i still have photos at my disposal. … I struggle to maintain a strong mental shield against his poisons radiation but i still get fear when I call my kids on the phone since he answers the phone: he really is a psychopath in every meaning a real narsacists. My kids & him are 3000 miles away from my location. Now ive dine every legal action psychological therapy. : I am still afraid to even call up.-he answers the phone I get strong & block then he dies something & I’m back to the rage or shaking.
    My request is can I contact you or advice …
    I am working on disintegrating his influence & control on them, to get them Both to come down to me & stay. Its a torrid battle & i know hes the “dark man who will persye a matter to ruination”. Long i fight back because i have had to, as i indicated the character of this male above. I cannot describe him as a man.
    Please contact me or reply. I joined the e-mailing list (WordPress), if that helps.
    Fiona Day

    • I sense so much going on in your letter, so much negative energy and so many negative emotions. The biggest thing that I think is needed, not only for everyone involved in this situation, but especially for yourself, is healing. I can’t imagine being separated from my children, and I can’t imagine everything that you’re going through. However, when people contact me with situations like this, I’m only getting one side of the story and there are details and probably so much more that I’m not privy to. I don’t want to pass judgment on anyone when I’m not in a position to do so.

      Fiona, before you can connect with your children on a level of peace and harmony, you need to find your center, find balance in body, soul, and spirit. You need to banish negative energy from yourself and your living space. You have to find harmony within yourself in order to bring this positive energy to your children when you contact them. When you attempt to contact your children it must be done in a halo of positive happy harmonic energy. You want to open the door to communication. This means, and this may be hard to understand or to accomplish, but this means that you will also have to change the way you approach your ex-husband on the initial contact. Positive energy will bring positive results. Learn to control your thoughts, learn to control your emotions, learn to control your tongue. learn how to emote calm centered energy. Everyone you come in contact with will be positively affected by this.

  2. i love your site. i want to know if thes oils,powdersor mojo bags will work on children. i think that your website is awesome. please email me back and give me some insight for spells on children thanks and GOD bless. hope to hear from you soon. tell me what signs to look for in children.

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