Money Magick, what else could it be?

My daughter recently bought a new car.  The price she had to pay for the car was $1800.oo.  She went to her bank and asked the cashier for this amount in a cashier’s check, which the lady immediately made out and my daughter cashed on the spot in order to pay this man in cash.  The cashier counted out the money into my daughter’s hand.

My daughter immediately took this money to the car dealer and paid him for the car, counting out $1800.00 cash to this man.  Three people witnessed this event:  my daughter, the car dealer, and my daughter’s friend Anna.  The dealer handed over the keys to the new car, and the deal was done.

Several days later, my daughter gets her bank statements in the mail.  It was off.  It was off by $1000.00 in her favor.  She had one thousand dollars more in her account that she should have had.  Looking at the statement, we saw that the cashier’s check which was written out to pay for the car was made out as $800.00, not $1800.00.

We went to the bank today to straighten out this error. The bank employee was extremely puzzled and, quite frankly, a little more than amazed.Β 

The facts were ~

1.  The cashier’s check was, indeed, made out for $800.00 instead of $1800.00.  We assumed that the cashier, chatting away with my daughter, had made a mistake in writing out the amount on the check, but she had obviously counted out the right amount of cash into my daughter’s hand.

2.  The cashier’s till-box count and records for that day would have shown an error if she had written a cashier’s check for $800.00, and then handed out $1800.00 in cash.  However, the cashier’s till-box count and records for that day were all correct– showing that an $800.00 check had been written, and $800.00 had been given to the recipient (my daughter).

3.  My daughter swore that the cashier had counted out $1800.00 into her hand, and then she had immediately recounted it in front of the lady.  However, when the bank reviewed the video tape of this transaction, it was evident that the cashier had only counted out $800.00.

No one knows what to think, and no one has a logical explanation for what happened.  What makes it so odd is that my daughter obviously had the correct amount on her for the car ($1800.00), because the car dealer would not have handed the car over to her if she had not paid the correct amount.

So, where did the $1000.00 come from?
The bank employee’s explanation…Money Fairies.


11 thoughts on “Money Magick, what else could it be?

  1. She works hard because she comes from you! I know what and who she has had to put up with at the one job of hers and the money is well deserved! I like the idea of putting it in savings. Not saying that it will but you never know when repair work or maintenance might come up for her car. Trust…car repair issues are in progress for me right now and it ain’t cute!


  2. Well, the trickster Mercury is still Rx, I think that is just as good of an explanation as any! πŸ˜‰ It ain’t over yet though, I would use caution just in case something shows up after the Rx (the 26th). Still – very cool!

  3. I’m all for charity ladies, but I think it’s a bit much when total strangers start telling you what you should do with your money, especially when they have no knowledge concerning our personal finances. We’re talking about an 18 year old kid here who works two jobs at minimum wage. My advice to my daughter– open a savings account.

  4. I sort of agree with Laura. If there was no way that there would be future retribution and the bank was all good with it…it is sort of the time to share. At least by putting a few things in the Food Bank at the grocery store or buying some pet food for the SPCA. When the money faeries come around you must ALWAYS appease the fey as well. An offering to them might be in order.

  5. money magick, miracles , or just a gift for your daughter ….sometimes there is no explanation for such things …when this happens though , I think its a sign to share this gift with someone else in need …a kind of “pay it forward ” sort of thing …she’ll be amazed at how she feels and what will continue to come back around πŸ™‚

    • This appears to be one of those magickal ‘pay it forward’ incidents which has no explanation, and my daughter is certainly in need. I’m glad that she got her checkbook balance straightened out, the discrepency in her monthly checking statements is what got us scratching our heads in the first place. But thank you, anyway.

  6. The bank’s records and balances were all correct and in order. The only thing my daughter wanted to know is what the correct balance would be in her account, and the bank told her to add the $1000 back onto her balance.

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