Tarot Today: Triplicates

Today I’ve done several ‘super-mini’ tarot readings using a three card spread otherwise known as ‘Triplicates’. Some of these readings are for family and friends, and they will find their initial at the beginning of the read, and some of these readings came up anonymously, the cards revealing information that someone out their must need. Are you here? Is one of these readings for you? Do you see your situation in any of these spreads?

Tarot for Today:
Sunday, August 21, 2011

(Deck: Rider/Waite)

1. 3/wands, Temperance, 2/wands: Someone is apparently having quite a time keeping a balance in their lives where partnerships are concerned. I feel that business/financial partnerships are highlighted, but that is not the only kind of partnership portrayed here. Get a grip, a handle, on all these connections. Sort them out, nix the ones that are not beneficial to you, and nurture the ones that you wish to keep.

2. 3/cups, Page/pentacles, 9/swords: A., you seem to be stressing over an occasion or get-together, possibly a celebration of some kind. Where is all the stress coming from? This appears to be a happy occasion, but that’s not going to be what it feels like if you don’t straighten out the issues that are making it stressful.

3. The Moon, 4/cups, The Chariot: Oh, boy. Someone is lying to themselves about an issue that they’d rather not acknowledge or deal with, and this is going to get them no where fast. The truth might be unpleasant to face, but isn’t living with the false impression almost worse? Buck up and get it over with. Life will feel better afterwards, really.

4. Ace/cups, King/wands, Knight/swords: D., you’re still living in the past, hanging onto the memories of a relationship that no longer exists. The future isn’t going to be much brighter when you run into this sword– brace yourself for bad news, really bad news; but as bad it is, it may not come as a surprise. I suspect that you’re expecting it. Best piece of advice to you– stop nurturing your delusions.

5. Judgment, Page/wands, The Lovers: B., you tend to judge others so harshly that it interferes with the normal flow of relationships in your life. My advice to you– lighten up. No one is perfect, including yourself, but until you realize this, you will inadvertently keep sabotaging your connections to people in your life.

6. 10/cups, 4/swords, Wheel of Fortune: A happy family is wonderful, until it becomes suffocating. Everyone needs a time-out once in a while, no matter how much they love each other, or how close they feel they are. The individual needs room to breathe and grow, to create and cultivate…new ideas, plans, goals, decisions. Something is coming full circle, be prepared for changes afoot.

7. 10/pentacles, Knight/wands, Queen/swords: J., there’s a woman involved in your life in some way who’s in a position of authority, and this woman has control of money/financial issues. If this is work related, and I feel it may be, your best bet would be not to tick her off. There’s a pecking order in this situation, and you’d do well to learn your place in it.

8. The Devil, The Hermit, The Hanged Man: Wow, this is a major pity party fed by your own demons and your dogged stubborn nature. It’s time to stop feeling sorry for yourself, get a grip on those things that have dominion over you, and grow a spine. Yes, people might feel sorry for you at the moment, but how long do you think you can keep this up?

9. Ace/swords, 8/pentacles, 9/wands: Someone on the job is feeling a little defensive lately. You might have reason too, you might not; but either way, allowing others to see your true feelings is not going to help your cause in this situation. Best thing to do is keep your head down, don’t confide in anyone– that’s ANYONE– at work, and keep doing your job to the best of your ability.

10. Ace/pentacles, King/pentacles, Strength: Someone from the grave is still trying to run the show, probably through surviving family members, legalities, and pure stubbornness that persists even in the spirit world. Grit your teeth and stand your ground. The heirs don’t have his finesse, they won’t be able to pull off half the shit this King used to get away with when he was alive.

11. 9/cups, 8/wands, 3/pentacles: You’re waiting for news about a job. It’s coming, and it’s coming very soon. Relax, you’ll get what you wish for…thing is, be careful what you wish for.

12. High Priestess, Ace/wands, The Sun: Someone is beginning a new venture, possibly business related. The thing is– listen to your gut instincts on this, including impressions of people you may be hooking up with for this venture. Whether it turns out to be a happy ending or not will depend upon how much you trust yourself and your own ability to make decisions.

13. 6/pentacles, Queen/pentacles, Justice: M., no, your money situation right now isn’t fair and there is no justice in it. But, big ‘but’ here, how much of this did you bring on yourself with poor decisions and an inability to curb your tendency to spend? I hate to say this, but I know you, and you’ve kind of dug your own grave when it comes to this predicament. Now you’re going to have to work to dig your way out.

14. 5/pentacles, 2/swords, Page/pentacles: T., you may have bit off more than you could chew financially and now it’s coming back to bite you in the ass. You’re faced with a lot of decisions because of this, and you’re going to have to sit down and come up with a game plan to keep your head above water and stay one step ahead of creditors. Times are tight– don’t beat yourself up. You couldn’t have seen this coming.

15. 5/wands, 7/pentacles, The Magician: There’s a bickering squabbling group out there all wrapped up in a disagreement over money, might be quite a nice little wad of money, too. Who’s going to come out ahead?…the individual who’s not afraid to wield a little power.

16. The Star, 10/wands, 7/cups: Yes, life is tough right now, but it doesn’t have to be. Whenever you learn to break bad patterns, both from this life and past-lives, and start making better decisions you’ll find light at the end of the tunnel– surprise, surprise.

17. 4/pentacles, The World, 5/cups: Your stubborn miserly attitude is going to come full circle, and you’ll regret it. The thing you find most important, that you’re working so hard to hang onto, is the very thing you’re going to drive away if you don’t straighten up and loosen up– both with your money and your emotions.

18. 9/pentacles, 6/wands, 7/swords: There’s a lady who feels she’s won it all, her heart’s desire. Truth is, she hasn’t won anything. The people around her are leading her on, stealing her blind, taking advantage of her in numerous ways, both financially and emotionally. Don’t be so easily played. Are you really so naïve that you have to believe everything everyone tells you? Time to grow up and take off the rose colored glasses– fast!– before you lose everything, including your dignity.

19. Knight/cups, The Empress, 3/swords: If you’re thinking about having an affair, think again. The swords that pierce the heart on this card can just as easily strike you. If you have this affair, you are most likely going to produce a child– are you ready for this responsibility? Are your ready to face family members with the results of your poor choices?

20. 5/swords, 9/cups, 4/wands: Nope, you’re not going to pull off this plan, and you might as well pack up the balloons and cancel the caterer. Something is amiss here and it has to be straightened out before the decision is made to go forward as planned, or to take a different path. Instead of a celebration on the horizon, there will be a period of deep thinking and introspection. That’s okay, this is where answers are found.

(My cat, Pyewacket)


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