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Sunday Brunch, in a Magickal Garden


We were invited by a friend, a sweet lady, to have Sunday brunch in her garden. We accepted, and the photos that follow were taken at her home. This lady is a talented artist who works with metal, creating magickal pieces of metal sculpture for her garden space. Since she does not create art to sell to the public, we decided to keep her anonymous for now, until/unless there comes the day she decides to share her creations.

We arrived for brunch beneath a darkened sky and ominous clouds, and just as we were getting ready to set things ’round the patio table, the skies opened up and a gentle shower began. Instead of retreating to the house, we gathered brunch from the table and scurried to the cozy protection of her gazebo, surrounded by heavy grapevines. It was perfect.

Click on the following link and it will take you to a photo album. Once there, click on the arrow found at the edge of the album page to turn the pages. I do believe you also have the option of browsing this photo album on “Full Screen”.

Blessed Be,

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Author: Amythyst Raine

Witchy, Pagan, Personal Stuff Amythyst Raine is an author; a professional tarot reader; the mother to 7 magickal individuals; a major procrastinator; Crazy-Cat-Lady; and chocoholic. She writes books on witchcraft, the tarot, and Feminine Spirituality (published by Labyrinth House, Moon Books, and Dodona Books). She's an avid blogger; a pagan activist; a holistic healer through crystals and stones-- by means of crystal grids and chakra balancing. Amythyst offers Spiritual Psychic Consultations using tarot cards and the art of intuitive reading. If you'd like a personal reading with her, visit her tarot website at: "Every Cat Has a Tale" is her Personal-Blog-Spot, which includes everyday life and its dilemmas, as well as victories, memoirs, opinions, along with inspiration for mundane life, with personal photos and videos. "Magickal Connections" is her witchy, pagan, booky BlogSpot. "The Witch's Corner" is her very popular witchy pagan website full of witchy pagan stuff.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Brunch, in a Magickal Garden

  1. These are sooooo gorgeous:)

  2. Beautiful pictures Amythyst, I very much enjoyed looking at these – I could feel your sense of serenity 🙂

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