You said What?!…Let Your Psychic Read

One of the things on my mind are tarot readings and people’s often unexpected reactions to what they hear. I’ve been informed that a lady I did a reading for was ‘offended’ by something I said. To tell you the truth, I remember the gist of the reading, but not absolutely everything that I said as I interpreted the cards. Let me explain how this process works for those who don’t know– for me, as I turn the cards and view the images, thoughts, perceptions, and pictures begin flooding my mind. You will get the best reading from me if I just open my mouth and start talking as I turn the cards and before the thought or image vanishes. This means that I can’t stop to weigh and measure every word that comes from my mouth during every minute of the reading. If I would do this, the process would not work, the rythm would be lost. I can’t pause and break my chain of thought to ask myself, “Would this person be offended if I tell them that they have a tendency to procrastinate to the point of ruining their own chance of success?”…Nope, can’t do it– if I read for someone, I will open my mouth and let it roll, whatever comes up with the cards will just have to come up. I wouldn’t be doing justice to the reading– or my client– if I have to weigh and measure how sensitive every stranger that sits across from me may be.

That’s just the way it is, and that’s just the way it works. Will you be offended by anything said in a reading? Odds are, no. But I won’t guarantee that this won’t happen. And here’s just a little food for thought…If someone is offended by something that’s said in a reading– what would they think about all of the things that go unsaid? (If only they knew!!)

A psychic reading is a very intimate thing, it allows the reader a peek at your psyche– all bare and pink and fresh, with every pimple and imperfection laid out in plain site. Just remember that your reader is on your side; your reader is not there to pass judgement. And just like a doctor in a war zone, most psychics can say ‘we’ve seen it all’.

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  1. I use Google voice to take and record calls, very easy but there are other options available. Also have a digital recorder as well. Many of my clients tell me they get a lot from going back and listening to the recordings.

  2. Lily says:

    Too true! …There’s also the issue of people coming to readings knowing what they *want* to hear.

  3. Stacey says:

    I’ve been fairly lucky when I’ve given readings to people, they’ve not had anything negative to say and generally love them even if they’re not all happiness and wonder.

    I’m of the belief that if you don’t want to know don’t ask.

  4. Linda, maybe I should think about recording an ‘audio’ version of my readings– I’m not sure what I’d use. Does anyone have any suggestions? Being able to go back over a reading is one of the perks of getting an ‘online’ reading, one that’s typed out and emailed to you.

  5. Linda maue says:

    Small minded people have their pre-conceived ideas about stuff and expect you to confirm their own beliefs–you don’t have to be reading tarot to uncover that! My only “complaint” with my reading was that I didn’t have a tape recorder so I could go back and hear what you said again and again. It went too fast and was way too much to absorb! LOL I am, however, so thankful for the insight I remember. I wish I could have remember it all!

  6. Robin says:

    Thats why I don’t often do readings. People are astonished when your right, or blame you when they don’t follow your advice. Or they scoff at you when they are told something they don’t want to hear. It gets irritating.

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