Psychics & Their Clients

I receive a lot of email from a lot of people. Some of it is predictable and mundane, some of it is feedback from my clients, and some of it is completely unexpected and totally out in left field. And let’s get one thing straight here before I continue…It’s okay to be out in left field, everyone has to be somewhere.

The most troublesome messages for me come from people who admit to being under psychiatric care and on medications. Red flags go up, not because I feel anything negative or threatening from these individuals, but because I’m immediately aware of the fact that I may be dealing with a very fragile human being. This means that I should be very careful of what I say, very careful of the types of choices and actions that I present to them, and very cautious about any statements that could lead them to stop the mundane medical/psychological care they are receiving. However, this does not mean that I should not be truthful with them, while at the same time giving them as positive a reading as I can, and leaving them with something to go forward and to build on.

The most unusual messages and requests I receive are from transsexuals, almost always men, all of them wanting to know if there is some magic spell to make them a woman, or to give them the power to go back and forth between being male or female. First, no, I tell them that I’ve never heard of this type of spell; and if there was one, it would most likely involve some sort of ‘shape-shifting’, rather than any solid permanent ‘in-the-real-world’ physical change. I also encourage these individuals to seek counseling, to get in touch with clinics who specialize in surgery for transsexuals, and to spend time examining their inner feelings and motives about this issue.

The most difficult messages and clients to deal with are people having mundane problems in their life, usually involving love or money, and they expect that a reading from me will solve these problems. I try to emphasize that I can give them an idea, and usually an amazingly accurate idea, of what the future will hold, what the road blocks will include, and which routes will be to their advantage. In almost all of these types of readings, any self-imposed stumbling blocks are usually exposed as well, and it’s very difficult to know when to reveal this information and just how much to emphasize it. It can be a very sensitive area for some people.

A woman hopelessly in love with the wrong man would rather have all her teeth pulled with no anesthetic than to be told that her true love is a scum bag and if she doesn’t ditch him and heal from the negative contact and abuse she’s suffered through his hands, she will continue to decline both physically and emotionally, and happiness will be something that everyone else gets to experience, but not her. Sometimes a reader can point out the obvious, but someone blinded by the strength of their emotions may not be willing to look at it. These people usually have to learn the hard way– and many of them have drug me along as their psychic, giving me a front row seat to this process.

People caught up in financial difficulties can be heart wrenchingly desperate. And unless you have experienced this predicament in life, you will not understand the depth and gravity of it. Johnny Carson was speaking on his show one time about wealth. He said,“The only thing that being rich does is to alleviate the worry about not having enough money.” Of course, what he was trying to emphasize is that all of the other usual human problems are still there. However, my thought was that he had been wealthy so long he had forgotten what a horrible burden it is to worry about money. All other human problems pale in comparison if you can’t pay your rent or buy food.

In situations like this, as with any other, the ups and downs, the possibilities and the pitfalls, will come through a reading. What will not come through a reading is a magical and instant fix to your financial situation. The tarot cards give us a picture of what was, what is, and what may be coming for the future– but we will still have to stumble along and live through this human condition one day at a time, and sometimes it’s a damn long rough road.

I’ve met some incredible people through my work, often people who have no idea how frustrating– or how inspiring– they are. As I continue to use my gift to enlighten and to enrich lives; I whole-heartedly accept the gift of enlightenment and enrichment that I receive back.

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  1. A very thoughtful post, I’m sure that your clients appreciate your kindness and your honesty. It’s true, we do have a responsibility to others and have to be more careful with some dear souls than others. :o)

  2. Very insightful..most of us are much more fragile than we let on..Love the little shed..hope you get one..for Yule??? hint hint???

  3. Note: The photo above is one of those little ‘garden sheds’; they’re very small. I took a photo of this quaint shed at a lady’s outdoor boutique that my friend, Jamie, and I went to this fall. These sheds are just large enough for a small table and chairs and would make a wonderful little spot for writing– or for doing tarot readings. Jamie bought one of these sheds, and I’ve been working on my husband to get us one too.

  4. Lisa says:

    Amythyst, what a timely and needed post. I have a few friends who are also intuitive readers and healers of many paths and have had the same issues arise.

    And sometimes I am in chat groups on a paranormal radio podcast when I catch someone seeking help magically and yet something is “off” with some of the stuff they say – and soonafter discover they have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and are on medication! While I realize in ancient times that folks with this apparent disorder (and autism-type conditions, like Asberger’s) would be perhaps pulled aside and trained to be a village shaman, this does not happen in our society today. In the past, they were just put away in a “crazy home” and today, these walls are instead chemically provided by the medication. I do realize our society really cannot handle untrained individuals with these conditions, but there is a part of me that also feels so bad that if they had understanding parents, perhaps their abilities could be put to use in a better fashion and they can learn to navigate this world as well as the otherworld. However, once they are an adult and on medication, training would be more difficult indeed. It is so sad when a spiritual message comes into my conscious mind that I can’t help. The only thing I could do is to reinforce this individual to stay on medication until at such a time he would meet an adequate spiritual trainer – and I realize that hardly ever happens, if at all.

    As for a few of the Transgender variety, allow them to investigate if they had during their lifetime taken any medications, particularly for depression. Some of these medications have well-documented side-effects of gender identity confusion, and a quick look at the professional series of the Merck Manual is in order. While it is true that some spirits who feel female and had chosen a male body in this incarnation may have a particular path to traverse, it is a good idea to rule out artificial chemical signals that would send false information to the individual. Then, these people may need to consult with an herbalist, homeopath, naturopath or other professional to get their physical/hormonal balance back – and only then could they discern if the feelings of being the opposite gender are genuine.

    I find a tarot reading reveals often what is the beginning of a journey in healing, and while it can be wonderful for confirmation that one is on the right path, it is good to have other tools (or referrals) if additional healing guidance is needed. You are quite correct that it is not a “snap your fingers and all your problems go away” thing – and truly, nothing is (or if it says it is, be suspicious)! Thanks once again for your post!

  5. Jewel says:

    A lovely, insightful post showing the depth of care psychics have to take with anyone seeking a Reading, despite their background or situation. How serious a psychic has to be, and how every word and action needs to be so carefully thought out.

    Like Joanie, I loved the graphic. So warm and welcoming. 🙂

    Jewel x

  6. Very thoughtful post. I’ve had similar feelings when I do readings. People can be so very fragile that it’s heart breaking and takes a psychic toll.

    PS – LOVE the graphic at the top of this post. Is that your place, by any chance?

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