Saturday’s Magick

Saturday:  the planet- Saturn; the element:  fire and earth/Protective Energy:  this is the get even, in your face, I-can-take-care- of-myself energy that so many people need and so many people are afraid or hesitant to seek and to use.  Gird up your loins, set your boundaries, put your wagons in a circle, stand on a lone hill and howl your independence, show your strength– you might scare the hell out of yourself in the process; but you will also scare the hell out of your enemies/Herbs:  morning glory (binding), skullcap, wolf’s bane, slippery elm (shut their mouth), belladonna, and boneset/Color:  black (negative energy, negative influences, negative people– be gone)

3 thoughts on “Saturday’s Magick

  1. Hey there! GREAT blog! Full-on dig your expression of the Saturn energies in a ballsy, up–front and no-holds-barred way . . . where the I-can-take-care-of-myself strength is also the nucleus of the tiger on its back napping with cubs tugging on its ears, etc. Getntleness. I have not often commented on your blog, but I wante you to know that I definitely read it when each notification arrives. Thank You for ALL you do, and Happy Holidays to You in Your Way!

    Best of Saturnian. . . OH, that sounds So intellectual, energies . .. . when in reality you nailed it. Saturn, not really (enter Loki) the stern teacher, is the staunch one, the deliverer . . . the need minus the hesitancy to express it. Best Saturn straight-ups to Ya.

    Mucho Best Energies to Ya n Yours!,

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