Autographed Copies Available (The Gray Witch’s Grimore)

I just received copies of my book (The Gray Witch’s Grimoire), and I’ve added a paypal widget to the home page of my website for those people who have requested an autographed copy.  Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and your support!

Autographed Copy



9 thoughts on “Autographed Copies Available (The Gray Witch’s Grimore)

  1. I’d love to order one if you still have some, but maybe my computer witchy fingers can’t seem to get it right and find the right button.
    Any suggestions:) Thanks

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the book, Shirley. This one is extra special to me. I’ve laid down my own magickal practices, beliefs, and path in this book. I hope it stirs a connection with other like-minded witches and pagans.

    • I think I know why – you can’t do it with a website. However, placing your book and button at the VERY top of your website might help, as I had to scroll down a bit to find it hehe! I will email you too as I have another idea 😉

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